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Best Spring-Summer Fabrics Of 2017 To Beat The Heat

Your skin can't compromise on fabric during harsh weathers which are mostly seen in the tropical regions like India. And to beat the furious waves of the sun in summer, we have brought you best summer fabrics which can be styled into various fashionable clothes such as designer sarees, quirky maxi dresses, chic kurtis and awesome salwar suits.

by : Paromita. On 02/03/17. 0 Comments.

‘Iss saal garmi kuch zyada nahi padi!?’
A very common phrase that we used to say every year but never get bored of! Summer season comes with a bang and it gives us really tough time which doesn’t go quickly as we wish for it to. And every year it kisses our cheeks with a promise to shine brightly this time. What would you call it – a satire from heaven or shower of love? Well, if this is a shower of love then we really need to cover ourselves properly because some kisses are hazardous to skin ;)

Just recall, what we get in this season which endeared summer to everyone? Must be Beaches, chilled drinks, short dresses, and of course fashionable summer hues and clothes. To keep your foul mood due to sweat at bay, you need to become choosy while selecting your stylish clothes and mind the type of fabrics as well. Be the nonchalant soul around by getting sweat-free moments during summer and enjoying the tropical weather of India.
Start your inspirational journey of fabrics right now...


Whenever in doubt, just go with cotton apparels and clothes because it is one of the most versatile fabric which beats ever kind of harsh weather. Be it summer, winter or breezy, cotton apparels never bother you much and stay light in weight on your skin.

• Breathable to skin and helps in perspiration
• Wicks away sweat and dries quickly
• Soft, light in weight and feels comfortable round the clock

Style Facts:
1. Every type of ethnic salwar suits, sarees, kurtis are famous all around the globe and can be found in various prints and colours.
2. Try light colours such as yellow, orange, pastel, coral hues and etc.
3. The fabric gives you a fuller look, so there is no mandatory point to wear jewellery or other accessories.


Chiffon fabric is the twin sister-fabric of georgette and the main reason behind this is their flawless beauty, sheer adhere and ultra light in weight structure. So, if in any summer day, you wish to beat the furious sunny blues, chiffon can be your saviour.

• Light in weight and balanced plain-woven sheer fabric
• Provides slight stretching effect and has a grainy texture
• Chiffon dresses have a sheer resemblance

Style Facts:
1. Floral is quite famous in this type of fabric.
2. Chiffon made sarees and salwar suits are widely available in online shopping space. Try them with catchy pendants and sleek style statement bangles or bracelets.
3. Finish off your look with chic pumps.
4. For a happy day – check chiffon capes!


A common favourite of most of the designers, crepe is a lightweight fabric to chill out with in summers. Most important reason behind the preference of this fabric is its class defining nature while balancing the comfort zone for the wearer.

• The fabric is somewhat akin to silk.
• It is light in weight and made with high twisted yarns.
• The best feature of this fabric – wrinkle free nature.

Style Facts:
1. Wear crepe dresses, sarees, kurtis and salwar suits with nude makeup.
2. Kitten heels make your whole appeal cuter.
3. Typical types of summer prints can be seen on this fabric because it is easy to dye on it.


Do you know that georgette is traditionally made of silk fabric? Well, this is where they got their lustrous and smooth texture. In India, georgette sarees have gained wide popularity and the flawless beauty of floral, abstract and other kinds of prints and colour combinations have made it a surreal piece in the textile world. Let know more about it;

• Light in weight and great to carry all day long
• Provides freedom of movement with 24 hours perspiration to the skin
• Easy to maintain and care and dries quickly

Style Facts:
1. Wear semi formal cotton or khadi pants with easy-breezy georgette top or blouse.
2. Finish off your complete look with non-embellished footwear.
3. Light makeup is preferable.


It reminds me of Swadeshi Movement and Gandhi’s prachar of embracing Khadi over western mixed fabric(s). And since its inception, it has never looked back an inch even! An interesting fact beside this type of fabric is that it is a coarse and heavy fabric yet keeps the wearer cool and calm during hot and humid weather! Girls, you just can’t miss it, if the gala demands sophistication and you need to flaunt your high class.

• Coarse texture and generally come in light beige, off white and crème hues.
• Most renowned soothing and eco friendly fabric till date.
• The natural making procedure makes it highly skin friendly as well.

Style Facts:
1. Get a quick boho chic look with a single khadi dress in a sunny summer day!
2. Do not forget to take out a stole or scarf to carry with.
3. Khadi sarees, salwar suits and even khadi kurtis make an extremely stylish intrusion in your ethnic wardrobe.


Rayon can be called a silent skin-lover during summers and humid weather. Although a man made fabric, crepe gives a great deal in making you feel comfortable throughout the sunny season. The glossy look of this fabric and its respective clothes makes it highly demanding among girls and stylish women. But it is a witty pick for women who wish to have silk at an affordable or cheap range.

• It absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly
• Leaves you dry throughout the day, making you feel comfortable
• The easy breezy look is another advantage and thus they make a great affair in the making of stoles, maxi dresses and kurtis.

Style Facts:
1. Abstract and tribal printed rayon dresses are quite in hot list of rayon made summer dresses
2. Stuff your dear ethnic wardrobe with rayon dresses, tunics and stylish kurtis
3. Pair up your non-saree dresses with sneakers or boat shoes and sarees with easy slip-ons


Good news – Linen is crafted out of natural fiber which is ideated to make you feel calm and comfortable under the blazing heat. It is a perfect summer wear which maintains your princess like appeal while your skin is relaxing 24X7. Check out the benefits to start up your summer flaunts;

1. It absorbs heat and the porosity balances to keep your body cool and calm
2. It wrinkles which can be smoothen down with the simple use of hands.

Style Facts:
1. Ethnic palazzo pants will look fabulous made of linen
2. Catch up the trend with solid rusty colours
3. You can also wear linen palazzo with tank top, designer sarees, linen maxi skirts, casual blouses

Silk Blends

How can you define royal touch while playing fabric games? Well, the easiest name pick is silk and the reasons are quite guess-able. Silk is the most absorbing fabric and also promotes perspiration through its silky and glossy pores but when the same original silk blends with other kind of fabric such as cotton, khadi and etc, it gives phenomenal benefits and appeal as well.

• Most hypo-allergic fabric and thus stays fit on skin as well
• Will stay for years to come
• The lustrous feature is everything to grab attentions from all sides

Style Facts:
1. Border works are more demanding in saree blouses
2. Great for 9 to 5 hours, wedding occasions as well as casual meet ups
3. An elite combo - silk salwar suits, silk skirt with plain cotton top or shirt, button down shirt or dress


Summer is the most tiring season in which sweating becomes the basic reason of such exhausted faces. At those times, we always entertain our laid back attitude and ironing (meaning a work related to heat) becomes so tiresome.
While solving all your problems, textile industry has come with seersucker fabric which splendidly beautiful during summers and doesn’t need ironing or special care as well.

• The fabric showcases a puckered and grainy texture
• It is light in weight and thus stays great during those furious times
• You can feel both smooth and granule texture
• Promotes air circulations and helps to do perspire as well
• Sweating doesn’t make your fabric to stick on your skin

Style Facts:
1. Great to adore with summer hues such as navy blue, sea green, turquoise, patel pink, coral orange and related
2. Shirts are already famous in this fabric, so try out striped collared midi dress for Sunday brunch parties.


As the name suggests, Chennai or Madras, India is the main inspiration behind this. We all know that the southern region like Madras is known for its hot and tropical climate and this fabric is a perfect solution for the dilemma. The yarns of this fabric are made out of hand woven yarn obtained from the tip skin of ancient trees.

• Most exuberant thing to notice in them is their magical and colourful plaids
• Most common fashion followed by them is ‘checks’
• Light fabric that allows air circulation and perspiration

Style Facts:
1. Become extremely popular during 1960s
2. Make sure; if you are wearing this type of fabricated dress then, always try to break the monotony of the plaids with something solid hue palette. Adore other patterns to make it an interesting combo


Chambray is made to showcase uber cool personality of every belle of the town and does it do so? Well now this question is quite tricky! Chambray fabric gives an illusion of denim and some people fortunately go for chambray under the heat of sun. And the aftermath is really impressive. The chambray made salwar suits, dresses, kurtis and other apparels give you comfort as well as make you look fashionable. And for more benefits just scroll on;

• It soaks all your sweaty and moisture adhere of the body
• They are light in weight as compared with denim
• They are rough and tough ones and stay long for years
• It helps your skin to perspire

Style Facts:
Just think and then do; do you need any suggestion for a denim look like fabric? I am giving you anyways;
1. Button downs will look cool when paired with palazzos or formal trousers
2. Shirt dresses and midis are so comfortable during hot sunny days
3. Off shoulder tops will look great when paired with ripped hot pants
4. Just pair your entire attire with a jute hat and long pendant chain


What else can teach you better then Cannes or red carpet shows that satin is made for royal events to capture all envious stares at once. Here we go through the benefits and style tips;

• The luxurious sheen look pretty at all times
• It’s a classic lightweight fabric which suits your modern as well as vintage makeover
• It features has one smooth and one textured side
• Satin can be taken as twin sis of silk

Style Facts:
1. Whatever you make out of satin fabric always catches the limelight. So, you don’t need to be extra-cautious while choosing satin dress
2. Except gowns or sarees or salwar suits or lehengas, don’t adopt complete satin look. For instance, a satin button down shirt with satin culottes, it will make your finishing appeal messy. Go with fabric contrasts. For a satin like fabric, choose something starchy or hard to complement with.


Frescos is basically a preferred fabric by men around the globe because most of the coats and pants are made of this fabric. They provide you a serious glam quotient and make your skin and mind stay cool on a sunny day. Let catch out their benefits and pretty fashion theories;

• The fabric is extremely light in weight yet tough
• Helps your skin to breathe properly though the pores
• The name fresco also comes from ‘fresh’ word

Style Facts:
1. Great for formal coats
2. Midis and calf length dresses will look fabulous when paired with boat shoes or loafers
3. Light accessorizing will be great

Net Combination

Though not preferred by most of the women yet a favourite pick for all fashionistas! The transparency is the main USP of this type of fabric and is mostly chosen for parties and club nights. Let’s catch out their advantages;

• Breathable, airy, comfortable to wear
• Easy to pull on

Style Facts:
1. If it is your top or blouse or shirt then go with a simple covered bottom wear. Avoid opting for shorts or ripped bottom wears.
2. If it is your dress, then avoid embellished or studded or stone containing jewellery.

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