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Best 10 Places to Buy Designer Sarees in India

Which place is your most fave to buy sarees??? If ever you would like to know the top 10 places to buy best sarees in India, just stick to the post and follow the guidelines to experience the life's most thrilling saree shopping ever. Remember, always shop from the best in town. There you go!!!

by : Manisha. On 13/05/17. 1 Comments.

I can never imagine an Indian woman without being in terms with India’s most fascinating weave ‘sari’. Being the most possessed traditional staple and glory of Indian culture, saree has always been the ultimate fave of every woman irrespective of their age, bode shape, size, skin tone and height. Everyone just love this enchanting long nine yard weave. Also, men too crave to see the love of their life being slipped into this beautiful Indian attire and looking like a diva. We know that saree is found everywhere in India. But whoever has ever researched on the staple or have got some serious deep love for the graceful appeal of this Indian women wear specifically knows about the most authentic places for best saree shopping in India. These beautiful towns of India will never let you down or ditch you when it comes to shopping saree. Don’t you think that you need an amazing ride to explore the most enthralling women wear of Indian culture??? You better do if you are much willing to reinvent your classic ethnic avatar and hidden elegance. There you go, gorgeous!!!

If ever you found yourself in some genuine connection with this ethereal silhouette, get ready to discover the top 10 places in India which are simply unbeatable and matchless for saree shopping. Dig deep into your wallet and start reshaping your wardrobe with some of the finest weaves of the country. Unfold the fashion fad!!!



These following points make Gujarat the best place in India for buying sarees
• First and the foremost, it has got the finest quality of silks and thus bagged the title of ‘queen of silks’
• Second, Gujarat is knowing for its weaving and tying & dyeing technique which makes it the most preferred choice for shopping sarees
• Everyone in the state wears this beautiful attire as their traditional dressing and puts it on the topmost priority for any occasion or gala. So, it’s
better if you go and visit the place to find some of the most ravishing Indian sarees and buy them to dazzle like a pro


Did you ever hear the name ‘Kota Silk’??? I am sure you would have. Let’s see what Kota has got to offer us
– • The beautiful city in the state of Rajasthan is not only known for its spicy food but for its amazing quality of garments and women dresses
• What is unique about the city is the quality and texture of its silk. Kota silk is vividly famous all across the country due to its spellbinding charm and smooth texture
• The city is absolutely one of the best places to buy sarees in India and you just don’t skip it from your list if you want stunning Kota silk saree


I don’t think so that the place needs much of recognition or explanation for being in the list of ‘best places for saree shopping in India’. But I still managed to sum few thrilling points –
• If the agenda is wedding shopping and you have got a pile of designer sarees on list, your one stop destination is Banaras The city if full of the best and bewitching stuff only (specifically in the saree department)
• If anywhere you can find the most luxurious and rich sarees in India, this is the place especially go straight to places like Godoulia market and Vishwanath gali for the most memorable saree shopping


Not only the Rashgulla of the place is mouth watering, but the sarees can also entice you instantly. Know how –
• Kolkata has got much more than the white and red cotton saree only which is also extremely captivating and beautiful
• The most famous and fascinating drapes of the city are tant and baluchari silk which are the best to redefine your style statement and ethnic fashion. Buy them now
• I recommend to your visit Dakshinapan Shopping complex and other markets in Gariahat for best saree shopping ever. Hurry up & grab the best before the prices reach sky!!!



If you didn’t think of South while thinking about saree, you are much behind. Chennai is definitely one amazing place to sneak in for some lavish Indian sarees.
• Make a space for Chennai silk saree in your wardrobe and slip into it to make an everlasting impression on onlookers
• The quality of the silk and royal appeal of the drape is just unparalleled and will not ditch you for years. You can also hand it over to your next generation, if you yourself get over with it. Chances are less!?
• These are one of the most lavish and attractive sarees in India which can do wonders to your complete personality in an instant


The off white or ivory hued saree with bright golden border is the trademark of Kerala sarees. Mark the place on your list of saree shopping due to these reasons –
• If your ultimate goal is to look stand apart and make a statement, buy traditional Kerala kasavu sarees and bring the best out of your gorgeous personality instantly
• The beautiful Indian saree in off white shade along with wide golden border has got everything you are looking for and can bring you into the spotlight of any occasion or celebration
• Visit local known markets of Kerala to get the best quality and prices and enhance your shopping experience like never before


Karnataka is known to be the hub of silk producers especially mulberry silk. Most of which grows in Mysore, making it one of the most searched destinations for ravishing Indian sarees. You should visit the place because –
• If you are the one who never gets satisfied with one kind of hue or pattern, you should quickly head to Mysore to explore the massive range of stunning silk saree in variety of shades and styles
• Your ultimate destinations should be these extraordinary places for saree shopping in this city – Menaka silks, Sukri’s silks, The State Emporium and Bhojayya Shilpa Silks
• Don’t forget to buy exquisite silk sarees from these places in India and stay beautiful forever


Jaipur is also not behind when it comes to traditional Indian wears for women. The city has got its own unique taste and suave. Find it out –
• If you are on a hunt to buy typical Indian sarees with some symmetric kind of pattern and vibrant shades, close your eyes and pick dazzling bandhani sarees from the city
• Known to be the most favoured and gorgeous traditional drape of the state, these adorable women wears are the best for Indian weddings and other traditional events
• Moreover, these sarees come in very affordable price range and discounts to give you the best shopping experience without burning a hole in your darling pocket

Madhya Pradesh

Have you ever heard about Chanderi silk in your entire life??? May be from your mom or grandma!? The place has got this one –
• The Indian state ‘Madhya Pradesh’ is also one place to look for sarees in India. It has got variety of finest quality of silks and other fabrics to give you utmost comfort and satisfaction
• Places like Indore, Jabalpur are good spots to explore beautiful Indian sarees and discover your individual style to strut like a beauty goddess
• Plus, the classic sarees in the state are not going to be heavy on your pocket but will surely make heads turn around at any point of time or gala


How can you skip Bihar when you are hunting for the most gorgeous and perhaps the only existing weave from past??? You just can’t because the state has got lot to offer you. Check here –
• The place called Bhagalpur in Bihar is best known for its ravishing silk sarees which are also popularly known as Bhagalpuri silk sarees. Now, you can imagine the allure and fascination of these lavish regional staples
• The great combination of colours and glistening appeal of silk are the most appealing features of these traditional Indian sarees
• Get ready to head to Bhagalpur to bring some of the best silk sarees to your wardrobe and flaunt your endearing fashion appeal to everyone

Which place is on top of your list??? I recommend you to follow mine to elate your soul and body as well. It’s time to shop, shop & just shop!!!

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