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Bags That Every Girl Must Own

Do you think you have enough and basic bag types? Start your research from here...

by : Paromita. On 05/04/16. 0 Comments.

Take a moment silence for those bags which are not seen anymore in your wardrobe anymore! Do you remember why and where they are dumped!? C'mmon cuddle your modesty.

Some are peeping behind diwan, or may be under piles of old rags, or kept hidden in the store room. Because the ones which you actually use are placed in the easily accessible places to lend them in a jiffy.

Don't go sad. You actually need only four types of bags for every occasion and flaunt.

Sling Bag
Sling bags are girl's BFF due to their small size and easy to carry feature. These small bags come with a long strap and generally have roomy pockets.

Though spacious from inside, handbags feature shorter and compact handles. They are quite elegant in looking and perfect for evening attentions or showoff glare.

Tote Bag
Shopper's Call!!!
Tote Bags are generally V shaped bag with wider top and comfortable base. Due to their capacious inside, they are also called shopper bags, meant to stuff products.

My name is Justified!
Clutches are compact yet long bags (think of small rectangle) just like a long wallet with long strap. It can be handled with your single palm even, hence named as 'clutch'.

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