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9 Stylish Tips for a Taller Illusion!

Every girl dreams of having a height like those of super models that she watches on her television screen everyday.

by : Garima. On 02/02/16. 0 Comments.

Every girl dreams of having a height like those of super models that she watches on her television screen everyday. And with the following 9 tricks you too can easily create an illusion of possessing a height like them:-

1. Stand and Sit Straight
The most important factor that enhances your overall height is the way you stand and sit! If you have a habit of stooping and slouching then correct it as soon as possible, because wrong posture cuts down your actual height and makes you look even shorter.

2. Avoid Ill-Fitted Clothes
Ill-fitted or over-sized clothes are a big no-no for girls with short height. These add on to the illusion of a heavy body weight and make you look very wide in breadth.

3. Go for Vertical Lines
Vertical lines on your clothes act as a major factor that contributes in adding a few inches to your original height. Vertical lines print forces up and down eyes movement, which ultimately gives the delusion of depth.

4. Wear Small Prints
If you are given a choice between big and small prints, then without even thinking once pick up small prints for yourself. Wearing big prints supresses real height and will even make you appear dwarf.

5. Choose Thin Belts
Apart from embellishing your waist, belts also help in highlighting the joint where your upper body meets the lower one. So, try using a thin belt that enhances your waistline rather than using heavy belts that clearly divides you in two halves, which will make you look short.

6. Wear Heels
When nothing seems to work out, put on your lovely pair of heels and go on touching the sky with your height!

7. Avoid Over-Sized Bags
The more bulkiness you will add around your waist by hanging a big handbag, the more it will go on broadening your size. So, prefer carrying cluthes or sleek shoulder bags.

8. Go Monochrome Way
The best way to increase your height effortlessly is by putting across the magic of monochromes. It's one of the oldest ways that is still put into use!

9. Put on Short Skirts
When your skirt ends above your knees, it gives a wide view and an illusion of taller legs. So, the shorter your skirt will be, the longer your legs will appear to be!

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