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8 Shirts That Closet of Every Man must Consist!

Dress up in style every day with the classic range of shirts available for men of vibrant and varied tastes!

by : Garima. On 25/02/16. 0 Comments.

Who says that men do not have many options of everyday clothing, unlike women? Listed below is the variety of shirts that men can choose to wear on different days and chisel up their dashing personality:-
1. Plain Shirt
The specialty of a plain shirt is that it can meet up the needs of every occasion, irrespective of anything. So, be it some formal event or a casual party, you can rock your look even in a plain shirt!
2. Denim Shirt
Denim shirts find an extra special space in men's hearts and closets in almost every season. A denim shirt over your denims is one of the trends that will never turn old with the passage of time.
3. Checked Shirt
Checked shirts own the most striking and attractive features among all the other types of shirts that are present there for men. Its mesmerizing charm can woo anybody around!
4. Striped Shirt
Introduce the crispness and perfection of smart stripes to your life with the ready availability of beautiful collection of striped shirts on online men apparel stores.
5. Half Sleeves Shirt
Half sleeves shirts are super cool for summers and can be very handsomely paired up with casual cargos, capris and shorts for a summer ready look. You will have the pleasure and comfort in it!
6. Floral Shirt
Not all men are bold enough to move out of their safe zone and try putting on the beauty of floral shirts. But, the ones who actually do are called the men of high courage and confidence.
7. Chinese Collar Shirt
To get a nice break from regular collared shirts that you wear almost everywhere, you can go on choosing Chinese collar shirts and yourself experience the change in your clothing!
8. Printed Shirt
If you wish to put forward a peppy edge of your personality, then quirky solid prints on your shirt will work best for you! Be outrageous, be bold to button up the charm of prints!

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