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8 Gifts that Every Bridesmaid Shall Gift a Bride!

If you are given the honour of becoming sombody's bridesmaid, then this much needed guide to your responsibilities will help you a lot!

by : Garima. On 29/01/16. 0 Comments.

Being a bridesmaid is not at all a cake walk! It involves the most crucial responsibility of gifting the most important gifts to a bride, which are given below:-

1. Surprise Hen Party
Fulfil the most important duty of an ideal bridesmaid by throwing up a surprise bachelorette party for the would-be bride, as she has always wished it to be. Choose a nice place, give it a nice party theme, decide a stricking decor & dress code and enjoy all the night long!

2. Coffee Mugs
Let the new bride start each of her morning in her husband's room, while sipping coffee or tea from the coffee mugs that you will put into her trousseau secretly. Make your warm presence felt to her like this!

3. Spa Treat
After undergoing all the tiring rituals and ceremonies, the much needed thing by every bride is a refreshing spa. Be the best bridesmade ever by gifitng her a spa treat when she requires it the most and spread smile to her whole body!

4. Bangle Box
To reduce the hassles of a newly wedded bride at her new home, give her the best present of a bangle box! This will help her keep bangles in an organized manner and reduce wastage of time in choosing bangles from neat sections.

5. Light Weight Earrings
Everybody gifts the new bride a pair of heavy earings. But, being the specially chosen bridesmaid, relieve her with a set of light weight earrings that she can very comfortably wear with any of the outfit.

6. Scented Candles
Fill the fragrance of freshness and romance in the newly wedded couple's life by presenting the goodness of scented candles to the bride!

7. Gardening Kit
The best gift you can give somebody is the present of nature! Gift the bride a gardening kit that she can utilize to connect with nature and bring to life, a beautiful garden for herself in her free time.

8. Presence
Last but not the least required thing of all is your presence around the bride! Be it fixing her smudged lipstick or help her walk in heavy lehenga; it's the bridesmaid who has to take care of everything on the wedding day. So, just stand by her everytime!

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