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8 Fashionable Tips On How To Wear Leggings

Have you ever listened leggings doing the talking!? We have some cool tips to keep these essentials do the complete make over of your fashion look. Be it ethnic wear or designer...

by : Paromita. On 29/09/16. 0 Comments.

Take a drink extra in the name of leggings and treggings. For they are here, ladies can flaunt out everywhere! Don’t you think guys!? No offence to pretty women!

What else any woman can wish out of the clothes; be it ethnic wear or western dress? Utter comfort and outstanding style all at the same time! Well if this is your wish too then leggings must be your favourite pick. Although leggings are not the new demand of this world and have been cherished its life in women’s wardrobe since ages, in markets there are different types of leggings are now available. And doesn’t seem any chance to fade up any soon! However, due to their number of styles and pattern, many girls wonder about how to style their legging in a unique way. It’s in vogue babe! You do not have to put them in unique way to do the talking but simply add on little accessories and watch the magic happen. So, welcome lazy girls and fashionistas, here is the world where you can spruce up your ethnic look as well as your western appeal according to your mood. And this will cost nothing at all!

Check out 5 unique ways to wear leggings and doll up your days in a fashionable manner...

Printed Leggings With Matte Tops

Get the craft and painting and all from the aesthetic world on your knees with printed leggings. Aren’t they wonders? Well, they are loaded with patterns and designs and thus it is recommended that the top should be in matte or little in hue. Be it floral, abstract, Aztec, chevron, geometric, animal, contemporary, tribal print or anything else, prints ooze up the charming effect on your appeal. Slip on espadrilles and a long chain or pendant to make the look a hit.

Dresses With Bandaged Leggings

Matching and style of leggings totally depend upon your confidence and willing to carry over. So, are you ready?

There must be dresses in your wardrobe which are so short that you have never liked to put them on. The time has come. Wear those mini dresses with bandaged leggings and pin up a scarf like a pro. Pin up high bun and opt for mule heels. There are printed bandage leggings as well. So you can always mix and match your dresses according to the dress you are going to club with it. Stud earrings and charm bracelets will do the rest ;)

Summer & Winter Dress Combo

It happens mostly when we love summer and winter so much that we wish to have them both at the same time. Does it happen to you?
If yes, then this is your category for sure! Check out contemporary captivating leggings which can do wonders with your fave summer dress (which you don’t wanna give up on!) and if it is winter then layer a denim jacket or acrylic long coat over them. One can even pair them with traditional printed tunics, floral kurtis and designer tops. Pause a minute with feather earrings and that’s it babe. You don’t need anything else.

Loose Tank Tops, Boots & Leggings

We all love baggy clothes because you don’t need to think time on and on about how to manage the dress while sitting or standing or running. No!?

Fashion gagas who love to be in freedom can the join the team here. On a sunny day, opt for loose tank tops and comfy lycra leggings and finish off the look by slipping into stylish boots. Ankle, calf or thigh length is your choice!

Leather Leggings For That Adventure Spirit

After the very first thought that ‘this is it!?’ designers gave us leather leggings as a bliss. These leggings are perfect for any event. Be it formal course or night out at club, these leggings will go well with élan. So, your inner confidence is the main thing which will make you stand out. Wear this pair of leggings with denim jacket and white top. They have a lustrous sheen texture which awesomely oozes up wearer’s appeal automatically.

Cardigans With Pop Coloured Leggings

At first, it looks at me like a really frantic idea of wearing cardigan with leggings. But when I see some Hollywood celebrities adorning the combination, it finally tricked me. Adore pop coloured leggings with matte hued cardigan and opt for knee length boots for that diva reflection. Choose a cardigan of hip length and such long boots will make you look ultra voguish during winters. Chequered scarf will be a perfect accessory to finish off the charisma. You do not need to carry any jewel for sure!

Ripped Leggings Are In Vogue

If you have ripped leggings then it will be a sheer luck. But if you do not have this one, we have some really cool DIY tips. Take your any regular style of leggings and cut it like stripes from mid thigh side till the end. Stretch the cuttings a little. The cutting will fold inward like a thin strip and you will get your own ripped leggings. I’m sure; you will definitely fall for this unique design of leggings.

Wear it with crop tops, tank tops or loose shirts. Do not try any backless or ripped top with it! Metallic watch and Manhattan boots will perfectly complement your look.

Yoga Pants Are Way WoW

Some days are just made for your laid-back moods. Isn’t it? (Especially Monday!)

For those special days, get into the yoga pants of full lengths and club them with polo T-shirts or baggy T-shirts. Sneakers will be the wittiest partner in this vogue crime.

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