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8 Essential Pieces That A Woman Must Have In Her Bag

Head up and walk straight off the door is not enough! Do you have all your essentials in your stylish handbag!? Check the list.

by : Paromita. On 06/04/16. 0 Comments.

Heading for a outdoor venture? Whether it is formal, casual or party, do you think you're completely ready!? Well, women have a more complex life than men. Agree? Thus, one must take special measurements while heading out the door. You never know when you strive for the same and there is no possibility to reach up to that thing.

With this checklist of 8 essentials that a woman must have in her bag, you will be ready for any kind of trotting. Let's check out and tick them one by one...

Mini Wallet


A woman handbag is nil without an organized wallet. This comes under the top most essential things which is like a savior of times. You can arrange your important debit or credit cards, liquid cash or coins, nitty-gritty make-up items in this. If you are a creative buff, choose quirky prints and if grayish world fantasize you, click on woody shades.

Elegant Perfume


“A woman perfume tells more about her than her writing.”
Not the least, but the second most grab in product is your body spray. Of course your busy bee hours gives a lot of sweating which may discard your scent after sometime. So, it's better to carry one and apply at the time of urgency or decent meeting.
Remember, your perfume can swing on your mood!!!

Soft N Classy Tissues


If there is that mousy thing that will always find corners in a woman's bag, it ought to be tissues. Though extremely seems unattractive and useless, but during your emotional times, this thing is the only one which wipes off your cry. During those untimed blow, sneezing or wiping sweaty face, these are the ultimate resorts.

Skin Food - Lotion


For holding, writing, laboring or even loving, your hands or palms go through excessive stress. Then why don't you spare little bit extra efforts for them!?
Your hands need something more than just attention. Carry a light lotion in your bag so that you can provide proper nutrition to your hands and skin. After all, besides your face, your hands are also naked and thus competes with polluting dusts and harmful sun-rays.

Smart Sunglasses


When protection comes before just style!
A lady must have a pair of sunglasses in her pocket. They protect you from harmful sun-rays, pollution and irritating dusts. Opt for UV protected sunglasses, which are little above than just providing shades. They are now available in vivid shades and types. Click according to face shape and occasion.

Actual BFF - Portable Charger


Think of day without your phone! OMG, I got goosebumps!!!
Obviously, no one can even dream without their mobile phones. So how can you take risks with its battery life? Because you know your usage time, tight!?
Always keep a portable charger or power-bank for all your electronic gadgets. You never know your situation and their dying time... Better take precaution.

Daily Dose - Snacks


Well those untimed hunger cramps break when no-one even thinks about them!!!
It is always better to carry some snacks, wafers, chocolates or candies in your bag. It is also proportional to your busy and blank situations, when you find nothing around to drool over but getting strong waves of hunger. At-least click on the items which can give you sudden boost of energy.

Lill Bottle


It doesn't matter, whether it is winter or summer! Main mantra to look ever beautiful is to keep yourself fresh and hydrated.
Always carry a portable water bottle inside your bag corner. Because water intake is the top most thing which every beautician and dietitian also recommends. Further more, regular drinking of water will help you look fresh round the clock.

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