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7 Popular Hairstyles That are Adorning Modern Men!

Hairstyle forms an important aspect of your personality, hence, pick up the trendiest one for yourself!

by : Garima. On 23/02/16. 0 Comments.

Wearing good looks is no big deal if you have got the perfect hairstyle to carry each day! Listed below are top 7 hairstyles that men must ask their stylists for:-

1. Side Parting
Side parting hairstyle gives you the most clean and handsome look effortlessly. Additional innocence and cuteness also comes complimentary!

2. Undercut
Keeping the hair length short at the sides and long at top is the real essence of an undercut style. A good maintenance is required to keep up this hairstyle well!

3. Man bun
Collecting hair in a high bun has become a popular hairstyle among men of modern era. Today, men with long hair are very commonly found in this super cool look!

4. Caesar Cut
Caesar cut is the most ideal hairstyle for men having a broad forehead or frontal balding, as it tactfully conceals both things under the hair thrown up in front portion.

5. Top Knot
Carrying a top knot style is only meant for men with a bold personality and dead sure confidence to rock this look! It's a jazzy combination of undercut and man bun style.

6. Induction Cut
Induction cut is a little more than a clean shave and a lot less than the decent growth of hair. This hairstyle can give you brownie points, as not all men can carry it!

7. Short Spikes
Short spikes can go well with both formal and informal apparels, if put up nicely! So, go on spiking it up and experience a new look with the help of a good hair gel.

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