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6 Cute Moments When you need to Give him a Tight Hug!

Hugs form the cutest part of every love story! So, go on filling the warmth of more hugs in your relationship in return of six cute things that your guy does for you!

by : Garima. On 12/02/16. 0 Comments.

It happens with most of the girls that their beaus do a lot of sweet things for them, but unknowingly they are just not able to understand that they need to thank them back with a warm hug! On the occasion of Hug Day, presented below are six cute moments when you should not miss on giving your man the hug that he requires:-

1. Comes all the way to see you
If you find him waiting outside your office or home, then do not wait and just run straight into his arms. After all he has come all the way leaving everything aside, just to see you once!


2. Takes you for coffee when most required
A coffee can solve anything and everything with its rich taste and aroma! If he takes you on a coffee date whenever you need it the most, then he definitely deserves a tight hug girl!


3. Helps you in your chores
Lending a helping hand in your household chores without even been asked for it clearly shows that he truly cares for you! Keep giving hugs to such a gentleman!


4. Is by your side always
Giving even infinite hugs to a guy who stands by you in everything you do and everything you face in your life is not enough! He deserves more!


5. Puts you first in everything
Whenever anything comes down to you both, he will always keep you first and then only will go on thinking about himself. Do not ever miss on hugging a sensitive man like this!


6. Makes you smile when you are upset
If he can sense the sadness in your voice even without seeing you and then do anything to make you smile again, then he is the perfect guy for you! Give him hugs and more hugs!


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