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5 Trendy Tips To Wear Fashionable Wide Leg Trousers

Are you getting bored of same-lame styles with wide leg trousers. Here are some interesting DIYs.

by : Paromita. On 18/04/16. 0 Comments.

Cruel summer won’t wait till your shopping date! It’s better to do early researches and try flooded options. Urbane women understand the code of fashion and self-made statements. Today, comfort is the prior choice of any fair sex and that’s what they are in dire need of. Because summer never kisses you back girl!!!

Today we have something from vintage era, where bell bottoms or wide leg trousers were ruling the front stages. Our designers brought back this trend of loose & wide leg trousers with most opted styling tips. Trust me; it is not boring or out-dated but real flattering under sunlight. Here are 5 trendy tips to wear loose wide leg trousers.


High Waist


With a grand return of wide leg trousers, high waist forms are also saying hello. These offers more snug fitting and options wide open for you. You can wear crop tops, tucked in shirts or whatever without any hassle of second time thinking. While choosing footwear, there is no hard & fast rule but you can go with platform pencil heels. It will showcase your heighten trousers more beautifully.


Crop Top or Bustiers


Crop top or fitted bustiers are another way to discover with wide bottom trousers. Due to the contrasting style of bottoms and top, you will magnetise green glances flying around from your peers. Well, who doesn’t want some show off!?

If you think it is too desperate, then layer it with a long shrug and then opt for block heels. The same suggestion will be excellent to diverge the naughty looks around you.

Make It Short


Ankle high length trousers make a retro statement no matter what. You can try vivid colours, fabric or lengths but never forget to fly on strapped pumps. They just go without each other! These cropped wide length pants offer a curious look to your appeal (as if you have had mistaken somewhere!!!) and add a chic factor as well. Be a minimalist.


Androgynous Style


Sexist, you better get out of my way!!!
As the name itself suggests the idea, experts truly believe in mixing and matching of ideas. A flared bottom with baggy shirt or boyfriend shirt (great to be tucked in) is a new trend to follow the showstopper’s trail. You can club chunky accessories and high heels to give your boyfriend a tight competition! The main feature of these apparels is that they are highly comfy and breezy which make you fly round the clock.


Pop Colours


Thanks to the ‘Happy inspiration’ of all colourful babes!
Summer collection is all about popping colours and thoughtless mixtures. Always go for contrasting shades to attract the maximum of critics (positive yet). Bright coloured wide leg trousers stay perfect with dusky tops and peep toe heels. Get ready to match the colours of your feet nails and trousers.

What’s your fave match with your wide leg trousers? Do share your suggestions too...

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