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5 Trendy Shades That You Should Steal In 2016

Ready for summer waves!? Know your face types and pick sunglasses accordingly.

by : Paromita. On 02/04/16. 0 Comments.

Summers are uselessly in bad-name of forcing people to buy sunglasses!!! But this is not the truth at all. In these days, different types of shades are personality statement. Various shades are actually very helpful to decode your inner beauty, unless you understand your face and related shades type.
So, are you ready to discover some of the best suitable eye-shades?
On your mark belles...


Bossy Bae: Aviators


Whether it is a talk of 80's or today's. Aviators will never fade out of fashion. Generally they are made of metallic frames and perhaps that's why they impart a bossy sign language.
Best for an urbane woman, who knows how and where to show attitude. You need not to dwindle while wearing it over ethnics, surely you can try that also!

Face Type:
Oval Face & Square Face
#Highendfashion Tip: High Waist Rugged Jeans+ Printed Crop Top.


With Attitude: Cat Eye


OMG! Our list has swayed away by vintage gang!?
In 50's or 60's, Cat Eye sunglasses came into limelight and 21 is just hyping it. Thanks to Marilyn & Audrey :)
A fashionista of today surely has at-least a pair of these glasses. Upper angled at the corner ends, these shades are perfect to provide feminine vibes. For retro cum trendy lovers, this one is a perfect resort.

Face Type:
Heart Shape & Round Face
#Meow Tip: Bright Lipshade + High-End Bun


Carefree: Wayfarers


Confusion Breakers!!!
When you're not sure what to choose and in a huddle, pick out thick framed Wayfarer Sunglasses. They will never go wrong. They are available in variety of frames sizes, prints and colors. Get a bit nerdy beside that lame studious look and try clear glasses!

Face Type:
Round Face & Wide Face
#Hippy Tip: Loose Tee + Folded Jeans


Hippy Chic: Bug Eye


Summer Terminators!!!
Because they keep harsh sunlight at bay, Bug-Eye Sunglasses are a great resort during summers.
They are bit over-size and are available in interesting frame prints and glasses.

Face Type:
Oval Face & Heart Shape
#Diva Tip: LBD + Stilettos


Out of Line: Round


Lenon, My Father!!!
As its name suggests, lenses and frames are always round in these types. Frames can be sthick or lean, printed or plain and metallic or plastic.
The glasses have fresh and contemporary approach with a vintage tinge.

Face Type:
Oblong & Square Cut
#Iconic Tip: Bell Bottom Jeans + Baggy Shirt

Strut like a showstopper girl...and do share your suggestions. We are waiting for your call.

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