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5 Must Have Laid-Back Attires For Women

Are you searching comfy laid back attires for summers? Then, you are at the right place.

by : Isabel. On 15/04/16. 0 Comments.

Wherever you are, snug feel is what your home-pillow can only offer. During Sundays, when mostly offices are off, people love to stay at home over mugs of coffee and napping. It feels real lazy due to those protective and cosy feeling which we only get at home.

So, the outfits at home must have that relaxed appeal. It is less bothered whether it is yours or your grandpa’s, if it looks snug. Let’s find out five must have laid back, homely attires for women.

Harem Pants


Harem pants are basically loose from thighs and tight only at the ankle (if it is full length). Now, you can stretch maximum or roll over in your sleep comfortably. Welcome breeze! They are also available with draw cord and elastic bands.
#fashiontips: Choose quirks patterns or prints for your harem pants to play with.

Boyfriend Shirts


Purchase baggy shirts or tees from online platforms or steal it from your Hon’. Due to the loose-loose structure of men’s shirts, they can feel you like ‘flying in the air’ or ‘having nothing’. So it’s good to showcase that careless attitude sometimes.
#fashiontips: Nothing at all! Just ask your boyfriend to get John Abrahm’s look.

Snug Slip Ons

You can’t pick out oversized footwear at least. Try to pick a pair of footwear which demands less concentration at the time of putting on. During lazy days, slip-ons are most demanded due to their carefree nature.
#fashiontips: Let the colour be serene and material be fabricated.

Baggy Shorts


For a proper airy feel, go straight for baggy shorts. Just take one thing in notice; it must be tailored from cotton fabric. Side cuts or pseudo draw cords will accentuate your girly looks. What else you need after this!? If you do not have one, you can also cut short your old day’s pyjamas (I love DIYs).
#fashiontips: Solids are so boring! Pick out classy prints for your baggy shorts.

Loose Spaghetti


Wear less - sleep more!!!
If this is your mantra, then you should have a classy option for spaghettis or tank tops. Just remember one thing; it must be loose enough to promote your ‘No Disturb’ attitude. Flared ones are fabulously in trend but shop for light colours, if you want to go lazy all day long.
#fashiontips: If you have a wider upper portion, then go for tank tops.

Tune in to get the latest trends and tips & let others go jealous... XOXO

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