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49 Types Western Fashionable Dresses for Women in 2017

If we talk about western wears only; the category is wide enough to hold the sea. But if we particularly discuss western dresses for women and girls then we can have a composed idea why they are like hot baked cakes in online shopping platforms and offline markets. Now splurge your beauty into these pretty types of dresses and get oodles of applauds.

by : Paromita. On 03/05/17. 0 Comments.

The haute couture of 2017 has come up facing many changes and the evolution has been smart enough to allure many stylist and fashionistas. Achieving such great milestones is not so great but to carry it along with such great craze is a thing to remember.

Talking about western dresses, the western culture has influenced many of the traditional dresses as well. One can embrace their style with the mash-up of their own fashion statement too. And this freedom makes these dresses more likeable to wear every time without any second thought. But before drawing any conclusion, let’s have a look at the couture of vivacious western dresses. There are bandage, bustier, Kardashian level - bodycon dresses and a lot more which are special in their own way. If you love fashion and can spare few minutes to know more about your love, then you have hit at the right place. Hop into this space and explore wide range of these modern dresses and their particular names so that the next time when you go to any branded store or online shopping store, you can search your fave by their name!
Start exploring...

Bandeau Dresses

Bandeau dress is a tricky one and looks perfect on girls who have small to medium sized breasts. Otherwise the situation can be really tricky! These dresses will get you a perfect fit at your bust and if this happens the dress can be very comfortable and breezy.

Well, the dress has no straps or sleeves or flaps which makes the dress go straight down from the bust like a tube. Women with hourglass figure or pear shaped body will look awesome in this kind of dresses. Be it your special date, cocktail party or prom night with your beau, this dress will definitely drop the tequila on the floor.

Style Tips:
Go for a silicon stick on bra or strapless bra to wear with the dress. You can also wear a bodysuit to stay comfy all day long.

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dress is the most common type of dresses and doesn’t need much attention before wearing them. You don’t need to think much about accessorising to look your simple best when you know that being classic is the new trend. Stylish women wear this type of dresses during 9 to 5 formal times and are mostly famous in Z category people as well such as Melanie Trump, Michael Obama, Hillary Clinton, A+ models and etc.
Whenever you’re in a mood of an overly sophisticated and chic appeal, just pick out this dress and you will look like a wonder in no time.

Style Tips:
Wear sheath dresses with classic black pumps and corporate chic blazer. Do not forget to wear a statement necklace for high collar affairs.

Blouson Dresses

In general, blouson dresses have a string, closure or a belt at the waist which keep your waist part tight and composes. And due to this, the torso part will look like a loose and baggy blouse hanging on strings. The hem then falls straight down and is usually body hugging. This piece is a decoy for them who are speedily heading towards a lounge, late night party or in bachelor’s meeting. One in a laid back piece, this is a must have for the women who have hourglass and triangle figure.

Style Tips:
Pearl or a necklace string will definitely suit the appeal of the dress and yours.

Tunic Dresses

The name says everything that we have wished to write here – the dress has Indian traditional tunic appeal. Suddenly, in a Sunday breezy morning, if you got intuition of getting into a laid back attitude, then this dress will make feel like you’re are on beach a beach holiday. The dress hides the feminine curves beautifully to showcase the free spirit of the lady. So, choose a day and wear it matching with your mood. Tunic dress is a perfect attire for any kind of body shape.

Style Tips:
You can attach additional pom pom frills at the keyhole of the dress or can add lace pattern around the neckline. Carry a contrasting shaded denim open shirt to complement your complete attire..

Pencil Dresses

Pencil dresses are mainly known for their body-fitted lower part. The lower part of the dress hugs your legs like your second skin and is the best combination to wear with heaven heels. The narrow structure of the dress is really steal worthy and perfect match when you’re planning for any special or blind date. They showcase tightly tailored hem and goes till or below the knees.
Women with slim or well toned body type’s hourglass figure will spice up the complete appeal with this type of dress.

Style Tips:
Wear this type of dresses during 9 to 5 hours, formal dates, interviews, cocktail parties and unplanned events when you don’t know the mood of your host(s). These dresses reflect the perfect image of yours; so, if you are confident enough to have an envious body shape, go for it!

Asymmetric Dresses

Any dress that doesn’t follow any kind of symmetry is called up as asymmetric dress. This type of dress showcases asymmetric hemlines and asymmetrical flare which further camouflage extra plump or flesh of the wearer as well. You wear this type of dress if it is tightly embroidered with trendy patterns and designs. Women who adore hourglass figure but are cute princess in different body shapes can adore this style with élan.

Style Tips:
Wear this type of dress with peep toe heels and do not over accessorise your complete look.

Trench Dresses

Excuse me...Trenches in summer!?
No, we’re not kidding and we are very serious about this style quotient which have again nailed down by Miss World, Priyanka Chopra. In a recent red carpet show, Met Gala 2017, she has been spotted wearing world’s longest trench coat. And she killed it!

These trench coats have taken loads of inspiration from its winters’ form but a great advantage you can take here is that you can now wear it as dress. Well, do you have boots? They are made of light cotton fabric with huge buttons and a belt. Women with lesser curves can go for this option.

Style Tips:
Strut off on the road wearing boots and trench dress and get oodles of applauds for your high class choice.

Bandage Dresses

The name looks as peculiar as the beauty of the dress. Well, the name comes from the bandage adhere or look like of the dress. The dress is generally tight, body hugging and has layers of fabric joined together. They also showcase criss and cross patterns across the complete bodice. Women with slim, petite, hourglass, rectangle body type will slay the look after wearing this dress.

Style Tips:
Complement this dress with strapped heels and embellished sling bag. Tie high bun with braids and finish off your complete look by donning light makeup.

High-Low Dresses

The dress has taken its inspiration from asymmetrical pattern dresses. The hem of the dress is higher from the back and lower from the front. The best part is that anyone can wear it without thinking much. They are generally made of light in weight fabric so that the wearer can roam around lightly and freely. The fabric also supports the easy breezy appeal.

Style Tips:
Platform and block heels will be perfect to match up with the dress code. Carry a folded clutch and do smoky makeup to attract best of attention from the corners.

Empire Waist Dresses

A bit of tummy or a petite figure is not at all a problem now. Empire waist dress has shown us the perfect way to do it like a smart fashionista. It gives you that tall, sleek and corset look that you have desired for so long. We understand the variety of body shapes that woman bear but this is the most interesting and challenging thing for the designers. And empire waist dresses serve aptly to present a beautiful figure-line. This type of dresses is available in full, short, medium, prom night gowns and cocktail dresses.

Style Tips:
A ruche used empire waist dresses will give you the effect of a bigger bust line; whereas a sweetheart neckline empire waist dress can minimize the look of your bust line. Now pick out your fashion fad according to your desire.

Bodycon Dresses

It is exclusively made to show off like a brat! Will you?
Show off your killer shape with the vehement help of this type of dresses. They hug your figure like second skin and are intricately designed to enhance your curves. They come in various types of lengths, sleeves, designs and patterns. Add all the extras to pep up your bodycon dresses or go for an all out sequin number to get all eyes on you.

Style Tips:
While heading out to the destination, don't forget to carry that sassy sexy silhouette with killer heels and matching clutch bag.

Skater Dresses

Feel like a new bird with this breezy style from western wear – skater dresses. Amp up the sass in a smart way with these dresses and yes the fabrics- Yes, the fabrics and luxe prints are made to flatter your curves.

Style Tips:
Feast your eyes and stylist mind on a jaw-dropping choker style or raise some temps and turn heads in a tiara!

Maxi Long Dresses

Maxi dresses are the basic staple of every woman because they provide the effortless style that we crave a lot. Go for this option if you are a fan of long patterns and prints. The tremendous length showcases flowy silhouettes. Pick out boho, Grecian, retro, or contemporary trends from here and be a crazy shopaholic!
The dress is for a debonair setting where side slits, front slits, multiple slits, asymmetric and etc. are included.

Style Tips:
A stylist can pair this type of dresses with multiple interesting accessories. A peep toe will always add the ultra-feminine spasm and if you wish to adopt a boho look then go for smoky eyes.

Kaftan Dresses

Kaftaan dresses are the fashion hacks during summers. Isn’t it? They are unrecognisably novel because very less known these are thought to be the beach picks only; whereas they can be all time hit during humid seasons. They come in melange of colours, sizes, fabrics, designs and prices. Let’s start with your wild side and play with the designs from now on.

Style Tips:
A classic kaftaan dress can be worn with stilettos and a shimmer clutch.

Shirt Dresses

These are the best hitchers during summer, spring, autumn and other seasons except winters. You must ask ‘why’. Well, it is because the natural straight or baggy fit of the dress which needs no other complementary with itself. You need not to wear any kind of earrings, necklaces or if it has long sleeves, you can ditch the bangle part as well. So, be it your casual best mod or serious formal turn, shirt dresses will always make everyone’s head turn around.

Style Tips:
Wear these with gladiator heels or Manhattan combat boots to look super dapper. Make a high dread bun for a taller illusion or open it for casual laid back style.

Off Shoulder Dresses

Off shoulders are the cupcakes of fashion industry. You don’t have to put efforts to look cute or chic; if you are wearing these, you will have that effortless look in a very simple way. It is highly recommended to pick you brassieres wisely while choosing off shoulder dresses. Pick out strapless or the neon or contrasting bras to pair it with these western dresses.

Style Tips:
Make your effortless style visible with a fabricated choker high on the collar and wear stud earrings to make a style statement.

Peplum Dresses

Track your date dates and just make sure you pick the right colour in peplum dresses. The dresses have a sway away style that starts from the mid-riff and the length can vary a lot – from short to thigh length.

They are available in various types of sleeves such as short, medium and full. In general, these dresses come with tight or parallel or regular fit sleeves because it looks dapper on every kind of body shape. Avoid frilled sleeves in these dresses because it will make you look much wider than before.

Style Tips:
Complement yours with catchy ballerinas and pretty hair band. If you wish to like a killer diva then pose with an open tote bag and add danglers instead of studs.

Backless Dresses

Do we need say something for these sassies?
Well, when you’re wearing backless dress, you know where you are heading to. The length from the back side of the dress varies a lot; so, choose according to your comfort and confidence level. But here are some BFF tips:
• If you have smaller busts, try to pick a medium or shorter back length.
• With bigger busts, there is no problem if you are going with longer backs.

Style Tips:
Pair this dress with heaven pencil heels and do not forget to carry your élan first with studded clutches (they are mood turners, actually...)

Fringe Detail Dresses

‘A carefree style is hard to manage’- well, who has said it?
Girls, you don’t need to manage such a beautiful aura of yours but flaunt it like a badass with this chic yet expressive fringe detail dress. The main beauty resides in their multiple fringes which can be anywhere in the dress. It can be on the bottom or at the sleeves or cuff endings, collar or as an additional layers.

Style Tip:
It is strictly advised to know and understand your skin complexion to wear exactly what suits you. Grab low height gladiators to look effortlessly chic and pout.

Baby Doll Dresses

You dream to look sassy like Kim? Don’t worry, baby doll dresses will take care of your appearance then. If you really wish to look sexy for a change then you should invest in baby doll dresses right now. These dresses are generally short in length and available in pretty girly and erotic shades. They mainly focus on the bust area by providing sleek straps or knot style sleeves with frills and much more.

Style Tip:
Wear boxy heels to keep your appeal on a subtle mode and carry a box clutch instead of those biggy ones; they will keep you sorted and focussed on your attitude.

A-line Dresses

The best and the sorted ones!
You do not need to think twice and can directly put efforts in buying this type of pretty dresses. A-line dresses are named like this just because of their shape which is just like ‘A’. Be it any kind of figure-line, this kind of dress will definitely look flattering and complete at any occasion with any complementary items. And yes, colour choice is not a bar in this type of western drapes!

Style Tips:
Another sort of freedom you’re getting is the kind of footwear you can wear with them. Be it a pair of gladiators, pumps or brogues, any type of sleek walking companion will look fit with them. Keep your makeup minimal to highlight the beauty of the dress and your entire appeal.

Layered Dresses

No, you won’t look like a mummy wrapping inside this dress! This type of dresses has extra silhouettes around to catch the fume of your curves. Moreover, these dresses are not highly body-hugging, and ruche kind of fabric used in the making of them. Show off your skin and little peek-a-boos have never brought so much of fun as this dress can give.

Style Tips:
You can team up these dresses with sky high heels and an oversized clutch for a party-ready look.

Dungaree Dresses

This is one of its types when you wish to flaunt a carefree life and attitude. Opt for dungaree dresses when you wish to get another version of classic dungarees which come in pant cum top styles. These dungaree dresses are available in short, medium and long lengths. Choose your colour wisely because it can make you extra bold as well as cutest in the group as well.

Style Tips:
Wear them with sneakers or similar or pastel boat shoes.
Catch the light of the daytime wearing style statement jewellery.
A metallic watch will amazingly add finishing touch to your look.

Cape Dresses

You’re a queen, pose like a queen, Darling!
Adore this cape dress in your Sunday Brunch and grab oodles of compliments. This dress features amazing flowing fabric at the back of the apparel. The fabric can be same to the main apparel or can have different material. The capes are available in different lengths such as short, medium and long.

Style Tips:
Wear them with catchy sunshades and glow with the blush.
Make sure the makeup is equally beautiful as the dress.
Finish off your complete look by wearing stilettos, pumps or heaven heels.

Shift Dresses

Short, sweet and extremely cute, a shift dress is everything that a fashionista might need for her special times. Be it her casual date with her beau, adventurous ride with friends, college fest or similar days, office hours or a laid back time, a shift dress is for every time and everything. Keep your heels and chin high by wearing this pretty shift dress.

Style Tips:
Carry your elan with amazing boat shoes or sneakers.
Maintain your appeal with perfect hue collection; choose pastel for spring, bright for winters and cold or light for summers.
Keep the appearance short and simple with nude makeup.

Spaghetti Dresses

Remember your laid back hours in Sundays on the bed? Well, welcome that laid back attitude for every hour with this amazing spaghetti style dresses. Show off your toned arms and shoulder by wearing this type of western dress as it features single or double bra style straps. A variety of lengths is available.

Style Tips:
Wear this amazing style in summers with a short denim jacket.
Catch the spirit of winters by wearing the same with Manhattan combat boots.
Carry your elan with pearl jewellery or a single/plain pendant.

T-shirt Dresses

Pose like a cool star by wearing this T-shirt dress in your rock star moment. You can wear this type of dress during college fests or days, adventure trips, unplanned parties and related. Get this type of dress for the best of your times when wish to enjoy a laid back attitude as well as bossy personality. T-shirt dresses are just the longer versions of the classic one.

Style Tips:
Pair this dress with catchy denim jackets.
Spiff up your style by wearing platform sneakers and catchy earrings and necklace.
Wear them in a much simpler form and do not forget to carry your pretty rugged backpack.

Tulle Dresses

Tulle is a type of fabric which is light in weight, has very fine netting and is often starched to get that flowery princess look. It is made of various kinds of fabrics which include silk, nylon, and rayon. Tulle dresses are mostly seen in veils, wedding gowns and ballet tutus. Isn’t that sounding just perfect for a ball dance? Yes, and for those days, these dresses should be kept safely in your closet. Welcome short tulle dresses so that you can wear them at any special time.

Style Tips:
Wear them strictly with ballerinas because the delicacy won’t suit with anything else.
Spiff up your beauty with the right selection of jewellery. Pearls will be apt for this type of dress.
Pose like a princess by carrying a short and boxy handbag.

Wrap Dresses

A wrap dress is a type of western dress which features a front closure while wrapping on the other side across the other. These knotted ties will then be attached and wrapped at the back of the dress. In general, these dresses have V-shaped neckline while hugging the curves of the wearer. You can also find wrap tops in the online markets such as

Style Tips:
Complement these dresses with catchy sneakers or ballerina.
Keep your look light and such a delight.
Carry tote bag or bucket bag with this type of dress.

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