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4 Ways To Look Hot with Crop Tops

Pull on crop tops like never before. Don't worry about the tricks, we have upbeat trends to collide with.

by : Paromita. On 30/08/16. 0 Comments.

Since ages crop tops have been in trend in the form of blouses and lehenga tops. From 80's, it has been exemplified as classic cult among trendsetters. Thought they vanished from the scene for sometime, but they banged on the street like 'never gone'!Isn’t the case flaunts too much revealing!? NO!

Dear, pull off your shy coat and let's discover the ways which will leave your peers aghast. Enjoy the trend in never experienced vogue... Let's catch up some of the revolutionized form of crop tops and their fashion plumps.


A Line Skirt

Wear it like 'It was never out of the line'!!!
For a cutie blush in a more refined way, opt for Bustier Crop Tops and A-line skirts (long pencil skirts will also add sparkle to your story; decide as the mood demands).

#highendfashion tip : High Bun will pump up your height.

High Waisted culottes

Step to dare!!!
Most flaunting way to your careless attitude: high-waisted culottes with contrasting crop top. The loose cuts of the bottoms will pitch up your whole crop look. Do not go wrong and just match up their texture for a 'made-for-each-other' appeal.

#highendfashion tip : Go plain with black pumps.

Denim Hot Pants

C'mmon! Unveil it... XOXO
You can call it 'highway style', because it will never let you feel bored. Of course when you strut on the road you expect some green glances and that will be automatically rewarded when your showoff your curves with denim shorts and crop tops (printed are my fave ;)

#highendfashion tip : Wear chunky accessories + Block Heels

Denim Dungaree

Yes I am Bossy!!!
How can we forget suspenders look, dear dungaree? Dungaree's side brackets are enough to show your zeal for crop tops. They look quite decent while popping out 'back-to-school' adhere.
Choose dark crop tops when wearing short dungarees and light are for long ones. Well keep on experimenting...

#highendfashion tip : Brogues stay cool while pumps are for less-stress.


You should not avoid what looks best on you. And girls, remember the mantra: “You can have everything in life if you dress for it”.
Catch out the trend now and share your flavour in the same here. We would love to listen you.

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