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4 Unusual ways to wear a Bandana

Common is Boring! Explore different techniques of how you can flaunt that bandana scarf with this fashion tutorial.

by : Akansha. On 05/01/16. 0 Comments.

With this Holiday Season and Music Festivals happening in our cities and around the world, Fashion fixes that can make you stand out in the crowd are really priceless!! Here we are with some unusual, never tried before ways of sporting a Bandana scarf that will make you look different amongst your most fashionable pals.


Style1-  Forehead Swing

This is the most interesting and easiest way. Twist up your bandana tightly to form a band, let your hair loose with a centre parting and tie that twisted bandana right on your forehead with the knot at the back of your hair. Remember the band should be tight enough and start where your hairline begins.. 


Style2-  Bow-Scarf

Hold the scarf in the longest length (with two diagonal ends in both your hands) at the back of your head. Start by wrapping it around your head, covering your whole head and bring it towards the top-front. Choose a side where you want that bow- formation, and knot the loose ends of scarf in a bow. Tuck in the cluttered ends of fabric neatly inside the tied bandana to give it a finished look.


Style3-  The Mini-Mouse

Inspired by the cartoon character- Minie Mouse, this style is cute and easy to make. Firstly comb your hair backwards, starting from underneath your hair at back bring the loose ends of scarf towards the top front like you wear a regular hairband. twist both ends twice on top and repeat the same process. Now make a tight grip while bring the left out fabric on top of your head and tie it up forming a tiny bow on top.


Style 4-  Twisted Headband

This is for the Braid lovers. Start by braiding your hair on one side with a side parting. Twist up your bandana creating a thin head band and wear it on your head leaving the flicks of your loose on one side of your forehead. Tuck in the twisted bandana through the hair up and down in order that it remains fixed as a band. Now bringing the tucked in hair- scarf towards the side against your braid, knot the remaining fabric on one side. 

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