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4 Latest Trends: Off Shoulder Pieces

Discover latest trends of off-shoulder tops and dresses.

by : Paromita. On 23/04/16. 0 Comments.

Off shoulder trend will never speed you down. It may evolve, improve or change, but will never fade out of time. Who says winter or autumn or monsoon is not for off pieces!?

Here are basic 4 types of off shoulder tops which make you feel up in every season and trend.

1. Zero Coverage: This one is for despo look. The black beauty offers minimal coverage to your bust while firmly holding your assets.

3. Support Me: These off shoulder tops come up with thin shoulder straps so that you never feel under-confident after wearing it. A classy choice for the beginners!

2. Baggy Ruffles: Like ‘I’m damn comfortable’! This one shows an alluring balance between the collar bone and bust contour (due to ruffles above, it gives an easy appeal).

4. Sexy Bustier: Bustiers look chic and smart among hourglass frames. And a bow or any kind of patch over the bust line will pitch up your comfort level automatically.

Yes, a simple looking off shoulder piece is an essential wardrobe number. They make you look flatterer, sexy, carefree and hides arm pit stains as well! So!!!?

Dive into the fashion pool and share your suggestions.

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