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4 Cute Ideas to melt his Heart <3

Adorable fashion tricks to have his heart dancing to MACARENA :)

by : Akansha. On 12/02/16. 0 Comments.


4 Cute ideas to melt his heart on this special day of love.


1) Thick Eye lashes

Sway his heart away in just a blink with your cute curly eye lashes. They say- One look in those deep eyes takes his breath away.


2) Blush Cheeks

Flatter him over and over with a nice pink blush. Super cute and old-school trick to look adorable just in minutes.


3) Polka Dots

Nothing beats the charm of a cute polka dots dress or a skirt. It makes you look super charming and adorbs!!


4) Cute-Bow in Hair

Magnify your charm with a super-cute bow in your hair that will melt his heart right away.

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