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3 Unique ways to wear a Shirt other than Normal

Get a dose of creative styling using a simple casual shirt

by : Akansha. On 19/01/16. 0 Comments.


"There is only one way how you can wear a casual buttoned shirt" They say!!

Well, think again!!!  We show you 3 different & creative ways to wear that buttoned shirt other than the normal. Read on to know how:



A style that has been used a lot in early 90's and that is why we look at it as vintage fashion. But its time we bring it back in loop. It is simple and easy to wear, just button down your shirt leaving last two buttons undone and tie the two ends into a kitten knot. This style will suit every kind of bottom.



For the ones who like to experiment with their look. Unbutton two buttons from top and slide it off your shoulder from both left and right sides. You can either tie a kitten knot at bottom or tuck the buttoned shirt in your trouser/ skirt.



This is a great way to showcase a nice printed or checkered shirt, especially when you are wearing a solid/plain outfit. Wrapping your shirt around your waist and tying up the sleeves in the front makes up for a casual yet sparky look.

Alternatively, you can tie the sleeves into a knot on either of the sides for a variation in wrapped style.

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