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3 Rules to Pattern Mixing

Perfect the art of balancing patterns & prints

by : Akansha. On 15/01/16. 0 Comments.



Now look like a pro when it comes to wearing different patterns and prints together at once.


1) When wearing neutral prints/patterns always pop it up with a dash of color. Patterns on neutrals do not look very messy because of the family of colors, but it can definitely look monotonous, repetative and boring, and to kill that rythm you need to break it with a pop of color.


2) Keep it balanced, by keeping one print smaller than the other when combining two prints together. The rule is to break the pattern by playing with the size of design or placement of print.  Wearing two big prints together or vice-versa can lead to too much confusion in your look.


3) Accessorizing with a pop of interest is always advisable. When you are wearing a patterned shirt, you can it simple by adding a solid color bottom to add definition to the print/ pattern you are wering.



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