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24 Best Types Of Blouse Designs With Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga sarees and cholis are quite in trend but donning them in the same way, again and again, is really sleepy. And we really won't let you sleep out of boredom. Let's focus on blouse designs and patterns for your designer lehenga cholis and draw some extra green fumes around. No one will blame you for the extra hotness!

by : Paromita. On 16/01/17. 0 Comments.

Whenever we dress up or clothe in our voguish way, we try our best to put ourselves best amongst those green glares. Ain’t we? It’s a two way love story and your body figure, complexion and personality matter a lot when combined with any ethnic dress or western dress. Be it any traditional piece or western adhere, we always think to put forward the best style quotient we know till date.

Let’s draw some lime light to the ethnic facts and knowledge about lehengas and choli designs. Basically, lehenga choli is a three piece dress and comes up with blouse aka choli, lower or traditional skirt and long chunni or dupatta. The length is draped at the waist line but the twist n quirk with traditional pieces lies on the way you carry your dupatta and lehenga blouse. You can always carry this conventional item with various types of carrying dupatta styles and can infuse instant verve in your look with best types of blouse designs and patterns. The lower part of the lehenga set is free of size and can really go well with women of any size and shape. Dupattas are the pieces which can be adorned with matching or contrasting styles. So, you don’t have to worry about the skirt or chunni part. Basically it’s easy then, where is the dilemma? Focus on choli or blouse to get envious fumes around. Get set ready and scroll on with year’s best and choicest designs and patterns...

Embellished n Sheer Short Choli

A traditional dress is not mandatory to be called conventional and thus Hola to new fashion and trends and designs that we can always welcome to new styles. This dress with contemporary facets now is loved and adopted by many stylish women across the nation and world. Be it anyone’s marriage function, other wedding ceremonies, evening lawn side party, social gathering or any festive charm, these lehengas can be well graced by embellished n sheer short choli. Embellished or sequinned style is the best way to get the prime attention of the peers. The sheer adhere of the blouse can be well teamed up with padded or attached brassieres.
Steal The Idea: Best colours for this type of style are golden, silver, red, earthy, sky blue, magenta and related.

Spaghetti Designer Choli

A fun way to cheer up during the summer days is spaghetti styles. Be it a top, crop top, kurti or lehenga’s choli, this pattern has already swayed away the sayings; ‘the more you show, the more it will look bold’. But a clever addition will never let the shadows fall on you. Catch out spaghetti designer choli for the step in vogue and let some envious stares follow you throughout. This style will let you show a little more and your beauty bone can easily peep out through the dress.
Steal The Idea: Let’s adorn it with metallic choker and long hanging earrings and embellished sandals.

Full Sleeve Choli

Every nitty and gritty decides the over-all look of choli or blouse. So play a safe game and this time a little more with the type of sleeves. For a gorgeous appeal and to steal the ruling queen’s glare, you need to opt for quarter sleeved or full sleeved choli designs. Also mind the neck design complementary to the sleeves. Mandarin collars, regular collars, cape neck are some of the kind which will best with this type of sleeve style.
Steal The Idea: Focus on the length of the sleeves and adorn it with patch work or any kind of thread work or materials like sequin.

Off Shoulder Tulle Choli

Off shoulder is the best trend to follow by every modern bride or bridesmaid. This style is little bit bolder yet can be made traditional with booti work around the neckline. In this kind, focus more on your body complexion and shape. Make sure the chunri or dupatta is sleek or designer enough to not hamper the beauty of this choli’s design. Broad and heavy work on dupatta can shatter its look. There is no need to choose contrasting dupatta or skirt but can always impart the difference with net or tulle off shoulder choli.
Steal The Idea: Wear choker necklace or chik necklace to amp up the look of your collar bone.

Corset Cum Tube Style

‘What you called bold is not bold enough here.’
Trap all senses around the peep’s here with corset cum tube style choli. The choli style showcases a vehement pattern at the upper bust line and is somewhat necessary to hold the weight as well. This is amazingly body fit and reflect your complete bodice smartly and sassily. The design also matters here a lot. The inverted triangle pattern at the end of the blouse is giving a perfect hourglass structure to the wearer.
Steal The Idea: Wear shoulder harness and traditional borli maang tikka with this style to grab some important attentions at the party.

Extra Short Choli

For the darling with abs and perfect abdomen line, this style is made by the designers like Rohit Bal. This designer choli is only made to amp up your bust line and that’s it. It covers a really shorter space of your bodice and leaves your complete abdomen at front for the show. You need to be enough comfortable about your body shade and figure line. Even for a little plump, it is a big no-no.
Steal The Idea: Catch the grace with traditional waist belt and tie your skirt a great below the naval area. Wear golden or embellished trinkets with this type of lehenga.

Tube Style Choli

Tube style choli is the younger brother of corset cum tube style. That was an amalgamation of both patterns and this piece will simply dictate its own looks. A little tight at the bust line, this type of lehenga choli for women is best when teamed up with deep or dark shades. They don’t have sleeves and thus you have to have extra concern about the jewellery you adorn at the necklace and fitting at the bodice. It can’t go too tight or too loose; both can create a large fuss. So, measure your attire with much of wit.
Steal The Idea: Heavy adornments are the privilege taken here by fashionable women.

Corset Style Choli

Corset style is the most driven pattern inspired by the Victorian era and is now well adored by Indian women. Catch the beautiful design of the era with this one and show off your best among your peers. Whether you have a French body or not, this corset choli will make it look like that in any way. Let’s draw some extra attentions from the sideways wearing this figure perfect choli by the designer’s couture.
Steal The Idea: For a clean cheat at the waist line, keep the area simple and plain with sleek and vertical embroideries.

Mirror Work Cholis

This is when work patterns and design matters to you a lot. Sequin work, beaded patterns, and other embellishment works are quite in trend and can be adorned with golden blouse and skirts. The bigger mirrors or cutting will make look broad and thus generally this style is adorned by lean girls or women with fitted figure-line. One with a regular body shape can try this style with small mirror works or sequins.
Steal The Idea: The base fabric should be bright enough to reflect gleam in a perfect manner.

Thread Work Cholis

Thread work lehenga cholis are little bit delicate but a great pick for days without summer because they can create fuss at that time. It will irritate your skin while you will be sweating dreadfully. Golden, silver, brass hue thread works are now in trend and can be well complemented with bright and shining base fabric. Abstract thread weaning is in trend and contrast pairing is the best helper.
Steal The Idea: Wear style statement necklace according to the neck design and colour of designer lehenga choli. Avoid pin-ups, as it may shatter the quality of the cloth.

Embroidered Cholis

Embroidered work patterns are intricate to go along with such a voguish piece because it takes a long time and toil to complete it. From floral patterns to abstract patterns, such as worn by Kareena Kapoor Khan, this style boasts of a huge collection and demand. For extra threads and work styles, embroidery makes any piece a heavy delight to wear at casual occasions. It is an absolutely glamour for wedding times, festive times, and lawn side parties.
Steal The Idea: Wear white gold jewellery to attract the best of attention towards the work patterns and style.

Brassiere Style Choli

Now this is what called ‘bold and hot’ and I totally agree with it. So, if you are bold enough to brag it off among the harsh peers and critics, then this is all yours. To make it a sombre fall, complement this layered necklace and traditional sleek waist band. To cover up your shy factor, attach net material in a bralette style and then let your skin peep out confidently. Wear embellished brassiere style choli to give your appeal a weight.
Steal The Idea: Back side dori and sparkling net fabric is the best way to accessorize your back.

Open Back Style Choli

Slightly and greatly different from brassiere style choli, open-back style choli is quite in trend nowadays. It showcases a neckline that covers your entire nape with a hook or button or the fabric itself. In brassiere style, the hook strap is sleek as nothing is there but in this pattern, the strap is broad enough to support the choli. Pretty sequins and embroidery or kalamkari prints or booti works are in trend nowadays. Choose any of them wisely because a mixture of them all can hamper their pretty looks.
Steal The Idea: Opt for mirror work at the strap and choose embroidered work pattern at the front.

Embellished Regular Fit Choli

Regular fit blouses, cholis, kurtis and salwar suits are quite in vogue and the raw style is favourite of many fashion enthusiasts. They are neither so tight fitting nor baggy yet give you a definition of contemporary wearer. Appliqué, thread works, piping, trim, lace, fringe, beads, batik and etc. are some of the examples of this type of lehenga cholis. In short, they are comfortable while providing you the biggest take on looking chic with ethnic.
Steal The Idea: Hemline near abdomen can be also little loose here. Make sure you have opted quarter sleeves to showcase the best of this style.

Chikan Work Sheer Choli

Another delicate is on the way!
Chikan work is the vehement work done widely by North Indian craftsmen over delicate piece of fabric. This embroidery style is started on the lands of Lucknow and hands of Muslim craftsmen. This is best known as the best textile decoration styles. Check out the most sorted styles in white hue over dark base and brag the worth among all of your peers. Fabrics on which is made are muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net, etc.
Steal The Idea: The net complementation with chikan work is the best and give a sombre yet sexy appeal to the wearer.

Halter Neck

Halter neck is a summer style and can be adorned with a cape if the quirky design is all that you want. Nowadays, broad neck straps are also used to hold the weight of the choli. If you have a plump body or little more flesh around the shoulders, then avoid this style. Try it with lighter shades and sparkling materials to dazzle the stage like never before.
Steal The Idea: Set the temperatures soaring hot with this style and smoky makeup.

High Neck Choli

A great winter idea for them who are going to ring their bells over knots, this season. May be covering all of your skin, but this is one of the sassiest type of choli you’re discovering. High neck line can be further adorned with catchy beads or brocade work. Make sure about the inner lining which otherwise may cause itching and irritation. This style also gives you a taller illusion.
Steal The Idea: Set Score more points on looking sexy with this style and Minaudiere.

Peplum Style Lehenga Choli

You have definitely heard of peplum tops and shirts and dresses in the western collection. Peplum style is a type of overskirt attached with the top or blouse and gives an illusion of short skirt. This fashion came into full rage at the time of Victorian era, 1865.
Now explore this pretty design in lehengas’ cholis attached in the same manner. These blouses also showcase thread work, sequin style, and other types of embroidered works.
Steal The Idea: Let it go little tight at the waist line and then go freely down beneath it. Puff sleeves and spaghetti sleeves will suit this style the most.

Sheer Shrug Style Choli

What about a sheer shrug?
And what if it is attached to the inner choli and looks all sheer?
Steal this style with short shrug style choli and opt for any lighter hue and design. Light patchworks are recommended for this style; otherwise the nude look will not stand anywhere to pitch up your beauty. Floral embroidered works will also look fabulous with this style. Do not miss this style this season!
Steal The Idea: Try this style with deep neck inner cholis and spiff up the heat with choker drop necklace.

Asymmetrical Choli

A totally unconventional style from the designer couture...
As its name suggests, this type of lehenga choli doesn’t have any symmetry and thus can be counted as contemporary style. The lehenga skirt combined with this style comes with dori style or broad border work. Single arm sleeve choli or choli with high low design comes under this category.
Steal The Idea: Asymmetry is the love the new Gen and can be adorned with one side shoulder harness.

Single Button Jacket Choli

Welcome to the sexy contemporary kiss of ethnic mod!
You must have heard about jacket blouse and one that wore by Jacqueline Fernandez. This one is inspired by the same but may be the designer went to the shortage of any more buttons and thus come single button jacket choli.
Manufactured with any sturdy material and fabric, this designer lehenga choli showcases a deep neck and naval peeping design.
Steal The Idea: Focus on the border lines of the jacket and try to be little quirky with its styling.

Crop Top Style Designer Choli

The crop top that was last time seen on your couch can be of a great use now.
Generally, crop tops are adorned with semi formal pants, casual cargo pants, denims, skirts and etc. Why don’t we add this style into our ethnic fashion fad? You can also wear this as a lehenga’s choli. A genuine boredom out of using same and same designer cholis will get killed with this frenzy. These designer crop tops aka cholis are available in pretty designs, mirror works and cut outs.
Steal The Idea: You don’t need to get it with exact fittings; let it be loose.

Shirt Style Choli

Shirt style is another shot for all fashion frenzies and can be worn with brocade lehengas. Lehenga with voguish border work with golden thread can be style with button ups. One can tie up the bottom placket as shown on the image. Wear contrasting shirt or floral printed shirt georgette fabric. Regular fitting in this type of style is the best and can be adorned with fabric buttons as well.
Steal The Idea: Long hanging earrings are the cynosure of the attire. Make sure, it suits you as well.

Cape Style Choli

You must remember ponchos which we used to wear at our childhood days! Well, this was my style which I never knew what it was but had had to wear them because mother was in love with them. This style of choli is somewhat similar to that and now we know what it is – so, no issue! A tube blouse is attached beneath the cape and one can wear the set as it is. They don’t show any kind of fitting and are somewhat loose. This dress is perfect for the women with heavy busts.
Steal The Idea: Don this style with chandelier earrings and strut off with embellished Louboutin heels.

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