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20 Types Of Jewellery & Accessories For Women That Are Worth Of All Stares

You may have dozens of jeans and piles of kurtis, sarees, salwar suits and little bit of lehengas. Do you have right pair of jewelry to wear with them? Be little cautious about your matching sense and here is the list of ways.

by : Paromita. On 12/10/16. 2 Comments.

Don’t ask a woman about the quantity of jewellery she wants! You might get a heart attack :P

Jewellery is not just a beauty piece to flaunt but a beautiful way to adore oneself. Keeping your signature style intact, jewellery can be the best reason to glam up your natural look at an instant. Same goes with clothing and outfit trying. Though online shopping portals provide us a large array of styles in clothing, jewellery is always with you to satisfy the appeal with every type of ethnic wear. With lots of styles to choose from, right addition of earrings, bracelets, kadas, neckpiece and rings may add bling to your personality. These every bit of things will help to accent your outfits perfectly.

Obviously, you may find a whorl of jewellery and accessories in the market but for sure a guide to collect all these jewels is a must. There should be a list with you when you plan to shop for essential jewellery and accessories that will go well with every type of ethnic wear. So, here is the most sorted guide for every woman who wishes to look sharp pointed with her every type of look, formal, casual or just a social get-together. Here is a list of 8 types of must-have jewellery and accessories which every woman must stack in their closet.

Hand Harness

Hand harness looks and sounds so modern but reality has something else to speak. It is one of the most traditionally ornament once widely used by Indian women or royal blood ladies. Generally it is comprised of bangle or bracelet attached with a chain to a ring but can be seen in various versions.

Wear your best ethnic wear such as floor length Anarkali or summer best online kurti with different types of salwars and add on a perfect single hand harness. Try different types of hand harness, one with pearl strand and golden ring or platinum whole with contemporary design. Don’t put on too much rings if you are planning for this one. Try to keep up your bare look when wearing hand harness.

Tiara Or Maang Tika

Just same case as with hand harness, tiara also has an old traditional story to tell. A more refined version to that of crown, tiara was worn by the young princesses at that time. With a more compact and generally chain style design, tiara has a different version as well known as maang tika. Admired as the elegant jewel piece to ornament your hair and forehead, tiaras are available in market with vivid price ranges.

Toe Rings

If you are planning to wear ethnic today, don’t plan it without thinking of toe rings. Available in gold and silver material, ethnic wear toe rings are a perfect match with Patiala salwars. As Patiala salwars or churidars are the timeless pieces in the category of ethnic wear for women, toe rings have been worn from the old ages by every woman in India.

Now not only in India, but these amazing toe rings are also worn by western women as well. They are also available in a spruced up way with precious and semi precious stones or gems. Let this article add on to your information that these toe rings have health advantages also. Sounds interesting? Try it now!

Traditional Earrings

As you know girls, earrings are available in various types which are individually awesome to be paired with different types of ethnic wears. Here is a decent list to pick your traditional earrings according to the type of ethnic wear:

1. Stud Earrings

These earrings are shortest form of earrings and fit aptly on the ear lobe sturdily. Wear stud earrings with short tunics or designer kurtis when heading for college or just hanging out in the garden.

2. Jhumkis

Jhumkis are the real traditional type of earrings and can be worn with flared ethnic wears such as online Anarkali kurtis, frock style kurtis.

3. Chandelier Earrings

The one with royal taste surely falls in love with chandeliers. Chandelier earrings have the same shape as that of home decor and are little lavish in size and thus perfect to get them with angarakha kurtis or online designer sarees.

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings form a complete loop through the ear lobes and are generally available in round structure. But nowadays, square, polygon or other contemporary shapes are available in the market or online shopping sites such as

5. Threader Earrings

Threader earrings are two faced and have chain detailing at their back side, hanging straight down. These can be worn with designer salwar suits.

6. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are just like tender drop hanging from the ear lobes. These can go well with georgette sarees online and long kurtis.

7. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are truly for the fashionistas from the fashion ramps of the globe. They are available with amazing stone studs and cover the exterior of ears elegantly. Try it over designer lehengas.

Kada Cum Bracelet

Kadas and bracelets are not now as much important as the aforementioned pieces. But these clinking beauties look superb when worn with Bollywood style sarees during festive occasions. Bracelets are the sophisticated pieces perfect for western wears but can be worn with cotton long kurtis. They are available with precious or semi precious stone studs.

Exquisite Rings

Rings are the charming pieces to be missed out at any type of occasion. Single studded or metallic rings are elegant to be worn with ethnic wears but one should also try multiple rings with designer lehengas or online sarees. Catch out contemporary styled rings to be worn with fusion ethnic wears. Give it a try while heading out for a casual luncheon at any weekend.

Chokers & Necklaces

Necklaces and chokers are the substantial pieces and cannot be replaced if you are planning for the royal glimpse at the most awaited occasion. The jewellery makes every woman stand out of the crowd in a beautiful way. Keep your men close near your heart with this piece of jewellery.

Chokers are the tight one which generally covers up the length of the neck and necklaces vary with lengths. Wear them with any type of ethnic wear, especially online designer sarees, deep neck lehengas or ravishing salwar suits.

Foot Harness

While talking about ornaments, everyone is familiar with the above said. But there are certain awe-striking jewelleries of ladies which can make you different amid mass. Foot harness is one of them. No, it’s not something invented in this era. This ornament has been a part of rural culture & hugely loved by women. Have you ever tried it with any online ethnic wear?
Make it a part of your ethnic look & be the fashion pro of your clan.

Anklet – Epitome Of Culture

If you are not willing to wear heavy rambling foot harness, anklet is your ideal pick. This ornament is also an essential part of married Indian women. Forever known to be the symbol of marriage for Indian Women! But due to its attractive appearance, girls also love making this ornament a part of their ensemble. If you love to adorn this beautiful ornament, you don’t need to choose old traditional style. Go for the bold, contemporary designs online to make it work for you and your personal style.
Make your day extra bouncy with new style!

Nose Ring

The most admired ornament of any Indian bride is her ‘nath’. It adds extra glory to her complete look. Indian women have huge love for bright, gleaming ornaments. They just can’t live without these fancy pieces. Yes, it’s true. Have you ever come across a woman who doesn’t like being embellished with jewellery for fancy occasions??? If yes, go and ask her again. Nath or nose ring has its own great value in Indian tradition and because of its elegant looks, modern women couldn’t stay away from its charm and grace.

Graceful Armlet

If your big day is near, and this beautiful accessory is not a part of your shopping then you need to think again. Armlet looks exquisite in beautiful arms of women. This ornament can be perfectly adorned for family functions, wedding ceremonies and important events. You don’t have to feel that you are over dressed; if it makes you unique and gorgeous, you go girl! Choice of the style (whether traditional or contemporary) depends on the occasion you are prepping for.
Bundle up beautiful; it’s your time to shine!

Kamarband – Waist Band

Kamarband or waist band can be perfectly paired with designer saree or bridal lehenga. Everyone knows how women love to flaunt their beautiful waistline when dressed in saree or lehenga. So, to make that more attractive and striking, waistband is your call. Pretty women come with pretty ideas to boost up their gorgeous looks to huge level. To make the task easy, I am being your helping hand and leveraging you with beautiful ornaments which may have skipped your vision.

If you really have some serious fashion buds in you, you can’t go to any occasion without using your creative mind and adorning these ornaments in your style.

Braid Jewels

Well the name has been invented by looking at these gorgeous braid accessories. If you truly love your hair and are fortunate to have a shiny long braid, then it’s time to pamper your hair by embellishing them with phenomenal hair clips and accessories. Be it your wedding, your best friend’s wedding or any wedding; don’t lose the moment of shining like a star and to be the most stunning person of the occasion.

Women deserve all the love and pampering. It’s time to unveil your hidden colours by decorating your beautiful body with these beautiful accessories.

As you now know must have jewellery and accessories list, you can don a quick shopping and do let us know how you did like it. Do share your suggestions with us...

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