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20 Mehndi Designs To Complement With Indian Ethnic Wears

Hey peeps, your wait has ended now! Behold your eyes to grasp best of #mehendi #designs with ethnic wears for women and flaunt them at the right moment. You never know which magical surprise is still waiting just for you and this little art may perk up the instance...

by : Manisha. On 02/05/18. 0 Comments.

Are you a mehndi lover? Or that fragrance excites your fashion mood anyhow! And if in case you don’t fall in any of these categories, our blog will definitely give you ample reasons to try at least once. Apparently questionable?

Any festive galore in India just seems incomplete without a pair of fashionable dress, pretty jewellery, chic accessories and magical spread of henna or mehndi. These celebrated good marks are loved not only in India and Pakistan but also in some parts of the Middle East. People customise their dresses according to the designs of mehendi they ponder upon. This is an old traditional tattoo culture done groom and brides in India. Generally adorned by brides at their wedding ceremonies and women at festive occasions, nowadays stylish girls love to try henna designs as a fashion. One can find a whole pamphlet of online mehendi designs and patterns which are adorned on palms till arms and shoulders and feet till calf. But you need to be little cautious while complementing it with your ethnic wear. Your bridal henna needs to be darker and dense than the moment you are wearing it with any classic kurti. Right??? But confused!

Well, check out 8 best mehndi design ideas to complement with Indian ethnic wears and share your reviews and points that have popped out of our head! (We generally don’t miss!!!)

With Contemporary Printed Lehenga

Thank heavens and god-crafted designers, because due to them, fashionistas are gaining and profiting new conceptual dresses by every gone day. And designer lehengas are just one of them. These ethnic pieces are sought as the first choice of any bride and bridesmaid. The availability of designs, styles and border works and colours in these ethnic dresses is pretty large which makes every fair sex to drool over them instantly. And contemporary printed lehengas are nowadays like a rage among the stylish women and thus here we have brought the nicest mehndi design with lehenga.

For the printed pieces, one needs to choose modern designs like this with connected wheels and clean base. This showcase the pretty design of you lehenga as well as your arms. Don’t make it too showy and end it up to the wrist line only.

You may choose this type of feet mehndi designs as the lighter one can go with this type attire.

Bride: Wedding Lehenga

Red is not necessary for bridal dress as heavy mehendi design is not essential for the urban culture. But you can always take the mod out of the queue.

Check out with peach, bright orange, coral hues or natural coloured bridal lehengas and ooze out the heat with the right selection of mehendi design with the dress.

Let it be rich and vocal enough with story-telling designs! Don’t we owe a lot to these types of patterns!? Bride and groom patterns over palms are high on trend these days and can be adored typically by the bride. Sorry, bridesmaids!

But we are not sorry! Because you can adorn natural or other funky face patterns on shoulders or palms to extract the most envious looks from every side.

Bride: Wedding Saree

You can't replace the sass of saree with anything else! Isn’t it? Hey, brides and friends show off your curvaceous body best with pre-pleated bridal sarees or opt for a heavy worked and quirky colour combination wedding saree for the D-day. Don’t worry; we have apt mehndi designs with sarees which will definitely try at your wedding time.

Rich feet and palm mehndi patterns are not necessary but look ravishing at this moment. So, generally most of the times, stylish women chose them with an addition of little quirk. Net art with peacock curves at the end is quite charming and still trending on the list.

Bride: Wedding Salwar Suit

In Pakistan, gulf countries and other Eastern countries, wearing salwar suits as a bridal dress is very common. But the beauty is adorned and tried in Indian customs as well. Have you?

Well, if you are planning for such embellishment, then you must get to know about the mehndi designs with suits to plan the show like you have wished.

How about introducing Mughal mehandi art with your grand ethnic wear? A grand-royal combination will definitely catch many fancied stares because this art is heavy and takes ample of time to complete.
Intezaar ka fal meetha hota hain’ & it seems brilliant here.

A rich crafting on the toes will look pretty and light overall. So go with and do not forget to wear kalire on your D-day.

Bride: An Indo-Western Drape

Nowadays, an Indo-western call is very much loved by fashion forward ladies. And why not after all!? Experimentation is must do for all the optimistic brides and you are that one right?

This category includes lehenga style sarees, saree gowns, cape style lehengas or sarees, crowned jewellery and etc. Rich sounding and perfect to adhere at any month of the year!

The beautiful patterns in a clean manner can be witnessed in this section only. Ask your mehendi artist to draw one thing at a time at one place (hand or feet). For instance, peacock for hands and contemporary jewellery inspired art on feet.

You can also ask for contrasting or different things in every other space. For instance, ask peacock face on one palm and swan pattern on the other.

With Classic Kurti

You love something and to complement it in a better way, if you need to put on something else, it is fair enough to play the game. Classic kurtis never goes out of fashion for special occasions. They are quick to wear, easy to complement and really very easy to carry them whole day long.

Catch out best designer kurtis for any special time and adorn light yet captivating mehandi designs with it.

Avoid rich or lavish designs with classic or casual drapes and opt for trendy designs as shown above. Few designs you can opt for:
1. Hand harness design
2. Peacock silhouette
3. Paisley designs
4. Floating floral patterns
5. Leafy adheres and etc.

Try to focus on toes, this time and if you are wearing cropped pants then ankle designs will be perfect for the show.

At Festive Galore With Ethnic Wears

Festive times are dearly wanted, hopefuly waited and kissed with best of ethnic picks. Right!? And fashion enthusiast who also give importance to any single casual meet-ups, take this period on high priority.

Try bright and alluring hues for the festive galore and enjoy with exclusive designs. Scroll on peeps...

Steal a design which will pitch up the whole appeal of the dress and you in a snap, like this. A criss-cross design or floating patterns with henna will look awesome.

Lehenga Style Saree

Lehenga + sarees! Isn’t the combo sounds like made for royals only? Hell no! Every girl is beautiful and her uniqueness is her power. Explore what’s unique inside you...

Features of these ethnic drapes:
1. Quick to wear
2. No tension of drapes and over peeping
3. Take contrasting dupatta to steal the moment
4. Dupatta must be wide to drape the whole beauty

Catch out face art mehendi with lehenga style sarees and show off a lot among your pretty teammates. A lush henna length on legs will also look handsome but can be tiresome to carry. Try it one by one!

Instead of bangles, wear shoulder harness to showcase the beauty of the dress and arm and legs at its best.

Traditional Ghagra Choli

Make a point that whenever you have planned to get dressed in typical ethnic wears like ghagra choli, the mehendi design should be in sync with your ensemble. It’s best to go for heavy full coverage designs and patterns to achieve the desired appeal and grab eyeballs. Just like the one shown in picture is perfect to pair with such classic staples.

It’s very important to pick neat and clean mehandi designs in order to bring the best ethnic avatar and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Focus on back designs as that will be more visible at any point of time. Functions like sangeet, haldi and other pre-wedding shenanigans are some of the ideal events to embrace these alluring designs and outfits. What you think??? Find out some refreshing new mehndi designs with me and get ready to rule in this area.

Anarkali Suit

Major Fashion Tip – Always go for subtle and small mehandi designs with luxurious anarkali suits to give your best shot and strut like a diva. Here are some best and easy mehndi designs to help you out.

This is because anarkali suits boast of extreme rich and royal appeal thus it is important to be on lighter side when it comes to mehendi design. To have a better understanding of what I am saying, kindly have a look at the picture for both the outfit and mehendi as well. There is no doubt in the fact that mehandi is one of the quintessential elements of Indian celebrations and festivities. Just like attire, jewellery, makeup, hairdo, this hand art is also necessary for Indian women during such important events and ceremonies.

Crop Top & Lehenga Skirt

If you are a true Bollywood fan, then you must be aware of the latest trends and styling hacks introduced in Indian fashion. For example, typical lehenga choli is now replaced by chic crop top and lehenga skirt. Keeping these fashion tweaks in mind, I have made sure to bring you closer to some trendy, refreshing mehandi designs just like the one available here. While you used to wear hand accessories and jewellery chains in weddings earlier, it’s time to ditch those heavy ornaments for similar looking mehendi ideas. What say??? Isn’t it more stylish and comfortable way to dazzle like a diva???

Catch with latest types of mehndi designs and ideas to make your wish come true and get ready to come under the limelight of the occasion. Hurry up, ladies!!!

Ethnic Gown

No matter you are a bridesmaid or a simple guest at the wedding, a beautiful mehandi design with gorgeous attire is must. And if you belong to bride’s family, then you just can’t make peace with simple inked hands. After all, such occasions come rarely in life and it’s very important to make the best of these beautiful days by looking like a true fashion pro. Gowns are very popular these days and such women dresses are all about royalty and grandeur.

In my opinion, full hand mehndi designs would be the right choice to blend with such luxurious clothes. What you think???

Sharara Suit

What I really want to convey through this article is that – it’s very important to catch the real essence of any garment. Every outfit has some special features which distinct it from others and make it best in that particular area. For example, sharara suits come from very ancient culture and these drapes are genuinely the epitome of grace and elegance. Don’t you think that the quality should be visible in your mehendi too??? Well, that’s what fashionistas would do.

Go for simple, unfussy designs and attractive patterns to enhance the overall intensity of the ensemble and make heads turn around. Also, mehendi upto wrist would be ideal to pair with lovely sharara suits. Arabic mehndi design would look great with these traditional dresses.

Contemporary Saree

Well, who wears mehandi with contemporary sarees??? Nobody does but if you will do the way I am suggesting, I am sure you will inspire many and can get all the accolades you have always wished for. Of course, for your fabulous fashion sense and style statement! Wearing mehendi with new modern day sarees has become a style statement nowadays and only fashion ninjas know how to pull it off.

Occasions like Durga Puja, post Diwali bash, Navratri or any other are some great events to try this look and make it forever enduring. Mehandi designs should be simple, clear and modern. Catch with latest mehndi designs to get great ideas and make your wish come true.

Lavish Silk Sarees

Nothing can turn down the enthralling capacity and ethnicity of ravishing silk sarees. Such women drapes are epitome of richness, royalty and grace. Also, silk sarees are one of the most fascinating and popular women wear during wedding season. Simple mehandi designs would look bleak with such plush women clothes. Check out heavy traditional mehndi design images available online and pick what appeals the most to you and goes perfect with your ensemble.

Not only hands but embrace your legs too with beautiful henna and make the most of the lovely occasion. What are you waiting for girls??? Be the mehendi clad this season and let people fall for your incredible ethnic avatar.

Trendy Palazzo Suits

Palazzo suits are the best example of indo western style and these clothes are the foremost choice of modern women. Be it casual occasion, formal event or wedding function, these clothes never let any woman down and are just the best when it comes to comfort and style.

Arabic designed mehendi is the suitable pick to wear with these fusion based clothes. Because such artwork boast of modern fashion and bold style! Keep the design simple and attractive to ace up your overall ensemble and look like million dollars. Here are some new mehndi designs 2018 which will surely make your day.

Exclusive Designs for Bridesmaids

To be very honest, bridesmaids are the most look-for and popular girls of any Indian wedding, more than even a bride and groom. This is because this bunch of gorgeous women is the centre of attraction of the evening due to their arresting beauty and fabulous fashion sense. Everything from their attire to jewellery, makeup to hairstyle, mehndi to heels is being observed by the spectators. So, there is no possibility of compromise in any of these departments.

Well, everything else you can take care of and in regards to mehandi, catch here to find some alluring designs and ideas for both arms and legs. These elegant mehndi designs are just treat to eyes.

Special Karwachauth Designs

In lucid language, Rajasthani mehndi designs are simply best for the said occasion. Karwachauth is one such important day in every Indian woman’s life which demands for unmatched ethnicity and traditional charm. Apply heavy full-hand mehendi designs over arms and legs and get dressed in your best traditional outfits. For example, designs which are created by incredible symmetry and connected wheels are ideal options for the event.

Well, this is our story about mehndi and alluring mehndi designs. If you have something interesting to share, kindly fill us in.

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