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14 Must Have Jhumkas for Your Jewellery Box

Do you have those little chandeliers in your jewel box? Wondering what are they!? Well, they are the king of earrings – traditional yet the most trending – Jhumkas. Gain more about these pretty trinkets and have all the reasons to stack them at the right place.

by : Paromita. On 10/08/17. 0 Comments.

Obsessed with jhumkas? How can judge your obsession level? Here are 6 basic factors which can tell if you are:
Every time you go out for shopping, you pick out a jhumka
You own a separate jhumka closet in your wardrobe
Metals, colours, stones, everything is very necessary for the beauty of the jhumka
You never hesitate to wear a pair of jhumkas with western dresses as well
You can but you never let your friends have more than you
You oppose lending of jhumkas (saying no to your bestie is an exception; they are ridiculously *****)

If your heart puts ticks on each and every point then you are surely a die-hard fan of jhumkas and other types. But do you own them all? Really!? Can you tell me how many types of jhumkas are there in the fashion house?

Well, there are more than you can think of. Jhumkas are a timeless piece of jewellery, which adds extra oomph to your traditional as well as contemporary looks. So, I thought to bring you every type of jhumkas in a sorted way to pick them accordingly when wearing a specific type of traditional or contemporary attires.

Roll on to find the ecstatic pieces of jhumkis:

1. Chandelier Jhumkas – Classics From The Past

Hey peeps, thanks to Hyderabadi Nizams and their sophisticated choice which made them adorn chandelier designs and exquisite hangings of jhumka jewels. And the modern world has made a blend of both the world to give amazing chandelier jhumka design. These jhumkas are extended with extra tasselled ends and sometimes semi-circular designs with fine filigree work as well.

Style Tips:

1. This pair will go well with Pakistani suits and shararas. Choose the colour of the suit wisely and according to the base colour of the earrings. For example- wear a sterling silver base with brightest and pop coloured attire.

2. Danglers Jhumka – Huge Story To Tell

‘Danglers are actually dangling!’
The dangler jhumka earrings look like a crescent moon with hoops and are almost large with a jhumka ending. They have in cases multi-frills too which are studded with several stones and gems in a definite pattern.

Style Tips:

1. Wear Boho chic dresses, skirts, tunics, lehengas, contemporary picks and desi attires with them.
2. A pair of Punjabi juttis and exquisite sneakers will also do with them. Aren’t they versatile?

3. Chaand Baali Jhumka – Can’t Compare With Moon

This pair of earrings is a beautiful mashup of two stunning types- chaand bali and jhumkas. Isn’t that alluring enough to buy?
The glorious design of the earrings has got its vintage reflection from Rajasthan since the 19th century. Thanks to the Hyderabadi Nizams, who loved everything subtle and elegant and thus created something very cool even for the millennial. Isn’t it WOW!

Well, if we scrutinise in a close angle, chaand bali earrings means ‘moon earrings’ and thus form a shape of the crescent moon and jhumka is an additional beauty which made us privileged.

Style Tips:

1. The most popular designs in them come with bejewelled centre of pearl hangings.
2. These are perfect for any occasion and can be worn with they go well with sarees, Anarkalis and western swags as well.

4. Temple Jhumkas – The Revered Ones

The intricacies of Indian temples have been incredible; whether it is about their architecture or interior decor. Here the designers have tested their toil to craft these beautiful temple earrings which are of course noteworthy for their amazing temple chisels.

Nowadays, they are available in various types of traditional to contemporary designs with different styles and colours and usage of semi precious or precious gemstones. In general, these earrings are available in gold plated silver earrings and most of the time, people preferred to have pure gold in them.

Style Tips:

1. A perfect match when worn with Banarasi silk sarees, Kanjeevaram silks and Kasavu sarees.
2. A matching necklace set is a must to have that traditional Desi avatar.
3. An embellished pair of heeled sandals will complement your complete attire.

5. Peacock Jhumka Earrings – Inspired By Nature

Of course, they have the exquisite figures of peacocks which will instantly make you a fashion icon in the event. The designs and carvings of these jhumkas are worth noticing. Do you know that these designs are massively demanded during pujas, festivals and any type of religious processions?

Style Tips:

1. These sophisticated hangs can be worn with extremely traditional clothes. Don’t dare to experiment here!
2. Grab a sterling silver piece of earrings and wear a large red bindi to showcase the contrast.

6. Lakshmi Jhumkas – A Lucky Ensemble

They are said to be like this because one can easily notice the small figurine of goddess Lakshmi on them. The figure of the goddess is beautifully incorporated into them and is further extended with small and minute ghungroos. The crafted idol of Lakshmi ji makes this jewel piece are a perfect steal for an occasion like festivals, social gathering, religious events and related.

Style Tips:

1. Team them up with classic Banarasi silk sarees, Kanjeevaram silks and Kasavu sarees.
2. Try to be minimal and apply a hot chic red lipstick (it’s every Belle's birth right).

7. Lord Krishna Jhumkas – Devotion n Style

Another blast from the religious side – Lord Krishna jhumkas are steal worthy pieces for them who love to adhere a complete Desi avatar. In place of goddess Lakshmi, the figurine is of Lord Krishna which adds the majestic beauty to the jhumkas.

Style Tips:

1. You need to be very specific while choosing them and should strictly go with Indian wears and remember to avoid Indo-western with these.
2. Available in gold and sterling silver bases, these jhumkas are the real gems to own when attending any religious function, festival and social gathering.

8. Kashmiri Jhumkas – Lavish Flows

Here is another token of love from the land of Kashmir. Why they make everything so beautiful and ecstatic!

Well, Kashmiri jhumkas are in vogue these days as they stand apart in the genre of jhumkas itself. The closure point is a little bit extended with a long chain and pretty pearls are there to adorn the beauty of the length. The long chain is then tucked to the partitions of the hair. They are the must-haves when you need to showcase élan in your choice and difference in your complete look.

Style Tips:

1. You can wear by tucking them behind the ears.
2. You can also wear them by tugging the chains to the hair with the help of bobby pins.
3. They are somewhat long and the jhumka part is made to be light.
4. Wear Patialas, long salwar suits, shararas with long sleeved kurtis with them.

9. Ear Cuff Jhumkas – A Western Touch

The western world is kissing the beauty of Indian ethnic beauty and the result is Wow and we can’t get over it. Ear cuff jhumkas are the vehement pieces which are stunningly made from the amalgamation of western and eastern traditional jewel beauties.

They feature cuff styling with the ending of jhumkas and are created to make head turns when worn with élan. There are various designs and patterns available in this style, which you can flaunt with different dresses.

Style Tips:

1. Pair them with 100% Indian ethnic wears to give a startling appearance.
2. Avoid heavy necklace set when wearing these cuff earrings.
3. It will boost up your light coloured dresses and attires.

10. Hoop Jhumkas – Keep It Close

As the name is self-explanatory, hoop jhumkas are generally circular or semicircular in shape and are somewhat close to your years. They somewhat look like dangler jhumkas but the distance of the jhumka from the ears define the type.

If you are an avid owner of quirky ethnic jewellery then this is the thing that you must own right now! These earrings have both the things and have everything to fall in love with because they have both elements from both the world.

Style Tips:

1. Wear yours with Indo-western and western dresses as well.
2. Dark or antique oxidised and silver hoop earrings will be the best when going with western attires.
3. Pearls are the common addition to these earrings; you can ask for stone studded ones.

11. Layered Jhumkas – Secrets Come In Layers

Another sensation from the hit list of jhumkas and jewels is layered jhumkas which come in instalments. Well, jokes apart, they actually come in layers and feature multiple domes or umbrella like structure below another one. When the layer quantity crosses the number of two, they can be called multi-layered or layered jhumkas.

Style Tips:

1. Wear them with ultra Indian traditional dresses and Pakistani attires will definitely rock the stage with them.
2. India cannot thrive without its gold lust and here they can savour the ample of it. The layered jhumkas are available in both silver and gold and antique gold textures.

12. Terracotta Jhumkas – Earthen Love

Another hit from the lap of the mother Earth is Terracotta earrings that are made of 95% a special kind of soil. They are the perfect choices for them who are allergic to gold earrings or any kind of metals. The terracotta earrings are intricately handmade from natural earthen-baked clay and for the same reason they exude a wild and raw aura attached to the roots. They are skin friendly and can be worn when you wish to flaunt your admiration for earthly things.

Style Tips:

1. The designs of these earrings are inspired by natural things and thus can be worn with Indo-western and ethnic wears.
2. The jhumkas come in vibrant colours. So, rock them with deep or dull or light coloured dresses.

13. Paisley Jhumkas – Motifs n Hues

Paisley jhumkas feature exquisite design of paisleys and amazing filigree work. They define the beauty of Indian traditional crafting because, in most of the drapes and attires, this type of design is noticed.

Style Tips:

1. This old is really gold. Not modern yet can be adorned with contemporary attires such as lehengas, denim and tunics, ethnic gowns and etc.
2. The best thing about this is that it can be used for daily wear purposes.

14. Geometrical Jhumkas – Love The Shape Of You

Obviously, they define the shape of the jhumkas in a more refined manner. They are available in triangular, rectangular, square, cubical, and dome shapes. So, find your favourite shape and their sizes according to your face cut. The filigree work is very common to notice in them and thus a great addition to the closet as well.

Style Tips:

1. Step out wearing these and pretty skirts with neon tunics or shirts.
2. Avoid wearing any heavy necklace and team up your pendant chain instead.

15. Paper Jhumkas – Magic n Love

The discovery of recent times, paper quilted jhumkas are the rage of new fashion enthusiasts who never leave a stone unturned when it comes to latest trend. This is the most efficient technique of making jhumkas because it doesn’t need any wrought iron, melting of metals or scratching the heart of mother heart to extract ores to craft them. The designer uses hard paper coils and quelling needle to make the coils quilled and then glued. They are then infused with suitable wires to give them a proper frame.

Style Tips:

1. The best part is that they are not meant for the stereotypes and can be flaunted with every type of dresses. Yes, with shorts as well!
2. Be cautious when wearing and carrying because they are really delicate. Don’t wear tight closed neck tops or dresses; pulling them off can be a pain.

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