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14 Best Daily Dialogues of Indian Mothers

This Mother's Day, let's recall those funny moments and dialogues which only your mother and you know.

by : Paromita. On 30/04/16. 0 Comments.

Friends, Mother’s Day is near (8 May 2016) and you may recall all their silly, sweet, pampering, annoying, and loving dialogues. So, here are 14 most funny extracted daily doses given by our mothers, which are being followed in loop for years. And perhaps we do need these running dialogues. Scroll on and enjoy with your mum.

Look @ Mr. Sharma’s Daughter! She Scored 94%...


Well, this sentence is like omnipotent! If you’re a boy; how can you simply explain them that damned i was following her only ;) & if you are a girl; maybe you don’t want to be a geek like her!

Useless! You Sit All The Time & Play Video Games! Grow Up!


Why don’t they think; where other kids are involving in drugs, I am just playing video games! I could have been doing that thing also. Don’t think of saying that, if you want to avoid a lecture on marijuana & effects.

Isiliye Paal Pos Ke Bada Kiya Tha?


Mom, growing up is a natural process! I do love you but do you want me to carry a tag of same on my forehead!?

You Can’t Cook! Baate Sunni Pdengi Saas Se!


Mothers are actually great astrologers! Hopefully my mother-in-law won’t be that much hot-headed and if it will go like that, there is a thing named “online shopping and ordering”.

Mujhe To Naukar Bana Ke Rakha Hai!


Oh c’mon mom! Do you know laughing and working keep you healthy throughout your life? It’s cool baby, just keep on writing and listing your works and then alas, show it!

Chai Mat Pee Kaali Ho Jayegi


I mean whattttt!!! Yes, there are toxins but I am not like ‘tea-holic’! My sweet mother, there is no linkage between tea and melanin (matter which is responsible for skin colour), so, please stay tension free.

Saara Din Phone Me Ghusa Rehta Hai!


There are things called ‘cyber-news’ and ‘online books’! Dear Mom, I am just saving my time from loitering around and taking notes from my pal.

That Boy Looks Crook!


Your mother can give you thousand reasons to quit your relationship. How do they know so much without spending a minute!?

Why Are You Not Picking My Phone? Girlfriend Ka Hota To Utha Leta...


“I was in a meeting where Boss was spanking on my so-called absurd presentation. And yes, I don’t even have girl-friend.”

9 Baje Ke Baad Ayi To Taange Tod Dungi!


Seriously??? Party starts @9 Ma!!!
On this note, only God and Cinderella’s fairy can help you.

Tera Phone Kyu Busy Tha???


Oh gaush! Do hell with those networks and my junk mobile, which don’t spill any prove to proof that this was their entire fault!

Tere Lafange Dost...


“They are like that and that is why I love them! At least, I don’t want a geek.” There were times when they were the only ones to take care when I was in a hangover.

Ye Kapde Fate Kyu Hai!!!???


Mommm!!! It is not at all torn. This fashion is called “ripped” or “rugged” which looks pretty cool and full of ventilation!

Cheekh Mat! I Can Also Do That...


Really and I know that well! But I do crave for your voice when you were not here and I do go out of station.

Whatevah! We love these dialogues and sometimes are like we are craving to hear some of them. Isn’t it!? Mothers are really special and their feelings are almost unexplainable. They may feel caring when they see an inch cut or bleeding but they may hit you then so hard saying, ‘What the hell you were doing there!?’

Let’s plan something out of the line this Mother’s Day and surprise her like never before (but be prepared for new dialogues).

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