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13 Style Tips On How To look Boho Chic

The best plush and blush you can have is under the sun. If you want to go with the same essence, sneeze under the sun wearing Boho chic wears. This time, ditch those skinnies, sweat-inducing dresses and think bohemian for a while. Be the haute curry of the season while turning the heat on with these Indo-western or Boho-Indo dresses.

by : Paromita. On 21/09/17. 0 Comments.

What do you understand by Bohemia? Pick out the correct answer:
1. a native or citizen of Bohemia (Czechia).
2. a socially unconventional person who understands the very instances of aesthetics.

Both are correct, but here we are taking the second one for our fashion trip! Bohemian essences give their best during both summer and winter season and the easy breezy gesture of the clothes make them our all-time favourite style vibes. But they can be tricky to pull off as well. How!?

The quirky styles, patterns and upbeat colour combinations are the most outstanding things for which they are mostly preferred by the millennial. But these so cool looking notions can be sometimes become difficult to handle. For instance; how will wear a long and partial maxi dress? Interesting, right?

What would be the fun if you had an easy peasy cheat sheet to help you nail bohemian style in a flash?

People now love the rough essence of street style wears and Bohemian apparels have also come up due to the same reason. So, here is a hit directly from the Boho chic classics for the woman who never stops herself to start a new fresh day every day.

And yes, after reading the complete lecture, do not forget to leave a comment and let us know which facts you have missed here or wish to add.

Let's jump right to the core girls...

Forms From Scarves/Scarf(s)

1) Beach Style Long Top

A perfect catch for the Beach times, you can readily make it out with your favourite long scarf or stole. Even a dupatta will work well for this DIY. Yes, it is as simple as it looks! Here are the steps:
• Take the long ends of the scarf
• Make a tight not according to your bust size on your bosom like a tube top
• Keep the knot under the armpit or just a little front of it

2) A Handy Top In Minutes

‘A handy touch to give in a minute’
Do you have a short scarf? This DIY is just for this type of numbers. Here are the quick steps:

• Keep it diagonally across your left shoulder
• Make a tight knot over the left shoulder
• Another knot should be made at the right waist side

Papier Mache Product Are On The Top

Thank god, there are no lawmakers, when it comes to bikini shots, playing near the beach with shorts and to own papier mache accessories and jewellery. They are like true love and a complete partner when wearing with bohemian dresses. Here is a complete plan on how to flaunt Paper Mache accessories:

• Wear a paper mache necklace with entwined strong fabric lace.
• Try paper mache bangles with quirky designs and patterns showcasing the place’s ubiquity.
• How about wearing embroidered and pop coloured bras with denim shorts and quirky paper-mâché bangles?

Dutch Tattoos On Shoulders

Tattoo gives an inner essence of beauty, and as all Bohemian says ‘your body is a home to your soul; decorate it as you like it’.
One of the best and sorted ways to decorate it is Dutch tattoos. The most basic feature they possess is that peculiar blue colour in every sort of tattoo. They are based on the tender and natural things such as floral, love, leaves, contemporary delves and etc. With fine yet smooth arcs, you will get a pool of positivity around them. So get one done now to experience the utter Bohemian shelf.

Ripped Short Dungaree Is A Must

For a carefree look, you need a carefree attitude. Either you have it from the very beginning or you develop it from your adherence! I suggest you go for the second option as of now (at least you have one more dress in your closet!)

Go for a short dungaree with ripped style and don’t forget to pull on a clean graphic tee. And if you are comfortable to hang out with jute espadrilles or slip on sandals, then don’t hesitate at all! Here are few tips to manage such cool look:

• Create a messy bun with this look
• Off shoulder top or tube top will do a good job when paired
• A choker is a well-defined and high-class material to pull a dapper look

Never Leave Your Hair Just As It Is

Hair donning is a lot more fussy work that it sounds! You can’t leave your hair as it is when spending a dollar hour to your outfit. Let’s have some hit tips followed by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts:

1) How About A Tribal Tiara

Tiara is the tenderest accessory, I have ever accounted on my jewel closet! You might have noted the usage of superlative form and can guess the importance of this accessory in my special moments. I never leave any opportunity behind when it is about the tiara.

So, here is the rapid fire round which I must say – you should follow:
• Pick out a tiara which is either well fabricated or made of soft materials
• Go for lighter hues whenever in confusion because it will go perfectly with any kind of dress and occasion

2) Headband For Comfy Times

Another pretty pick from the same basket is a headband. The headbands are made on purpose to hold the locks of your hair back but nowadays, they are used just out of fashion. Well, they are kinda in!

Hola fashion enthusiasts, check out the main graphs you need to follow while completing your Boho chic look with a headband:

• Choose multicoloured whenever in confusion
• Hold your breath and stretch the most of your headband before purchasing to test its quality (be cautious: if it breaks, you will be charged)
• You can also make a bun before applying it
• ‘Turbands’ is another name which works great with curly or extra wavy hairs. Try spritzing with salt spray and scrunching, or curling large sections before wearing.

Strong Nets – A Quick Pick

You are a Bohemian and you don’t like nets! Please, don’t joke! Are you serious?
Well, if you are joking then it’s fine but if you are still on a very serious note then you should know the importance of this type of dresses in your Bohemian closet:

• They provide your appeal with a carefree charm
• Such a bold appeal with such lightweight apparel
• The apparel also oozes out the charm of your innerwear (bikini)

1) Mind The Colour (Well, White Is The Best)
Colour is the prime thing to mind here. You need to slip into white itself to experience the sudden charm. A white net shrug, top or shirt will do the needful and provide the best contrast according to the inner wear.

If you are a colourful girl, then you can go with pastel colours with black inner wear or bralette. Most of the times Bohemians avoid a black over top but you can slip into them as well with white inners during odd days.

2) Let It Be Loose & Free

If it is in net, it should be loose. Comfortable and breathable, these two’s are the main things that Bohemian wishes from his or her outfit. Don’t snatch this privilege from the hippie stud!

Pull-On Those Precious Boot Cut Pants

I think, they have space suits or they know the elixir of time travelling! Well, I am talking about the boot cut pants or trousers. Here are some cool tips that you can follow to look doppelganger of Lenon:

• Take it high with clean pleated Boyfriend shirt
• Avoid extra designs and cuts
• Wear them with brogues or pointed heels or stilettos
• Throw Lenon glasses with grey shade for that perfect kick
• Choose long pendant or lockets with this soigné

Navajo Pattern On Rescue

Even if you are not on a vacay and still wish to adhere the beauty of Bohemian essence, go with Navajo patterned dresses. If your schedule pings you with a note saying ‘meeting with clients and the boss’, you can carry your sombre with Navajo patterned dress. Crack the jack on time by a cooler adhere and keep the tension at bay. Wear a long flowing Navajo printed gown with a style statement neckpiece and do the trick like a quick hit tequila dripping from the throat.

Thinking About Footwear

Distressed boots and gladiators are the major picks of every fashion enthusiast of this genre. You must have seen Boho girls - Mary-Kate Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens' staples. Inspire your fashion strata from these stylists. Go for footwear which would be somewhat loose around the ankles, so they're perfect for wearing with both skirts and bootcut pants. Here are some more talk about the footwear;

1) Gladiators – Tall & Sassy

There are three main categories for gladiators – ankle gladiators, calf gladiators and thigh gladiators. You need to choose them according to your stature.

• Tall and slim girl – you can go with any one of them because it will work on the appearance of your dress.
• Plump girl – pick out ankle and calf gladiators rather than anyone
• Petite woman – pick out ankle length short gladiators with extra sleek ties

2) Barefoot Chain Wear

These pretty staples are just great to wear when you are heading straight to the beach. When your tender feet embraced with barefoot chain wear kissed with the relaxing sands of the beach – you will come to know the real meaning of Bohemian beauty. Avoid fabricated barefoot wears as they are easy to tear off and have a very limited life. Opt for sleek chains as slip down against any kind of turf and has longevity as well.

Harem Pants – For Morning Doses

Encountering harem in a cool summer evening will leave you more enlightened. Isn’t it?
Hey, do you love palazzo pants or salwars? If you are so affirmative about this question, then you should go straight to buy a pair of harem pants for your sorted Bohemian look. Get a Boho-Indo look as well by pairing the Boho pants with contrasting hue of kurtis.

• You can pair them with terracotta earrings and jewellery
• With autumn coming on high tide, select moon globe accessories for the show
• Get hippie tote bags for a complete ensemble

Larger Than Life Scarf

It’s just because you wish to draw some extra lines over your Bohemian dress – and large scarves are just playing perfectly with the situation. Carry this style with a sleek and oxidised tiara for a classic appeal. Check out the points which you should take on the note while picking your special scarf:

• Gingham prints are just so perfect for the occasion
• You can also take the theme of Navajo
• Are you taking a trip to some winter country? Then, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to embrace the beauty of the woollen scarf

Do You Love Pom-Poms? Me Too...

Girls love them and hippies just go crazy for pom poms! Do you know why? (Let’s make points)
• They are colourful
• At least great stress busters (you can sponge them as long as you want)
• Attach them at anywhere you like – at the hemline of the top; wear them as earrings; wear them as doris at the back of your blouse and etc.

Accessories For Peep Insiders

1) Bamboo Hats

2) Sun Shades
3) Earthy Jewellery

Bohemian jewels are more close to eccentric because they never bother to follow any conventional norm or anything like that! To cling to that real raw feel, head to hunt at the nearest flea market or even make some of your own. The main keywords to find them accurately over your Bohemian appeal are wood, coral, turquoise, feathers, or suede. Scroll for the tips:

• Go for oversized hoops and long hanging feathers, and it’s completely fine if they are self-made and little larger than life
• Wood and metal bangles are forever favourites for the hippies. Do you belong to the same group?

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