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125 Blouse Designs: Types Of Saree Blouse Designs for Every Woman in 2018

125 Blouse Designs: Women fashion is constantly changing and the contemporary saree blouse designs and patterns are such beautiful example of this. From designer backless blouses Design to stylish laced blouses Design, you custom create these darlings according to your need. Rock your "Desi Girl" look with various types of blouse designs here.

by : Paromita. On 04/05/18. 0 Comments.

You feel they are just used as complementary to your beautiful designer sarees! Who is going to take the pain of seeing behind the layers!? Well dear, then you are wrong! Let's take you to the world of stunning saree blouse designs to keep you forever fashionable and gorgeous.

Your fashion competitors are always hunting to see the trend you are following. It’s not all about envious fumes but sometimes you just love the look your mirror reflects. Blouse designs are one of them which will accentuate your ethnic saree looks to the best. The online marketplace is providing you an array of classy and sophisticated look with these designer blouse types, one can find easy ways of trying more glamorous sarees at every event time. Try these marvelous blouse designs and draw instant appreciations. Shun the looks of over-flown pins and hooks to avoid a clumsy appearance.

Tension not and start your designer venture now! Here are top 15 blouse designs which can amplify your looks in a jiffy.

1. Round Neck Blouse Designs

If you are in a hassle and tired of thinking any creative design for your daily wear saree blouse, just order round neck design and you are all sorted. These designed readymade blouses are available on every online shopping portal or you can also ask your tailor to design one for you. These are simple and save your time limits as well. Give a dash of style statement by making cap sleeves with horizontal silhouettes.

2. Square Neck Blouse Designs

On the second number, you will always find Mr. Square!

Square neck designs are best when you have a narrow bust frame or lean shoulders. This design is the simplest of its kind and is available in various back or front open patterns. Even you can try deep square necks with dori knots to showcase serious appeal. Of course, you are serious about your fashion! Try these blouse designs for silk sarees and get ready to strut like a diva.

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3. Chinese Collar Blouse Designs

I am sure these blouse designs catalog will make your day.

Chinese collar blouses are the hit of this 2016 session. This type of blouse design offers you a high profile look yet with simple tailoring. One of the latest blouse designs, Chinese collar blouse designs showers pretty appeal when tried with crepe, chiffon, cotton sarees and embroidered sarees.

If you have a skinny or lean figure, try starched cotton sarees with Chinese collar blouse. It will help you to look fuller.

4. High Neck Blouse Designs

High neck blouse designs are the linked chain between Mandarin or Chinese collar blouses and closed neck blouses. But this choice gives you a handsome leverage while opting simple or plain sarees and embroidered or embellished ones are the bonus points. To make it really charming, put on heavily embroidered or mirror work on upper necklines as shown and flaunt your sassy neck among the gossip makers.

5. Halter Neck Blouse Designs

It's important to sneak into latest blouse designs backside to come closer to saree fashion trend. This one will give you the desired look.

Well, this one is strictly for those with medium busts coverage. The automatic pear design at the front will spruce your whole look in an instant. With halter neck blouse designs, one can never feel short of fashion sense among the trendy mass. They look great on all type of sarees but never forget to match it up with your body type.

6. Spaghetti Strap Blouse Designs

Who says spaghettis are for western dresses only? Well here is a colourful spectrum of spaghetti strap blouses which are only for fashion divas. Straps can be made of anything like a net, fabricated flowers, doris, beads, metallic chains or anything as quirky as you can imagine. They look ravishing for all occasions and apt if have a framed structure as well.

7. Tube Style Blouse Designs

Once you check out these designer blouses images, you couldn't stop yourself from wearing a saree.

Tube style blouses are the most desperate ones which flaunt its nude-style with zero coverage and strapless appeal. Most favourites of our bold Bollywood beauties like Jacqueline Fernandez, tube style blouses are best with heavy embroidered or patch worked sarees. Let it be as simple as it looks and shows off your neckline by wearing a metallic single choker.

This style is actually the oldest one which is loved by our women ancestors. Remember?


8. Sheer Sleeves Blouse Designs

All these blouse designs photos can do wonders for your wedding look and other special occasions.

Sheer is the new word for fashion divas and every next Bollywood actress is trying out for this look. Looks sober yet hot, sheer full sleeves blouse are a must try for every woman. They are currently trending and thus you just can’t miss the opportunity to grasp the eyes of your audience. Net blouse designs offer such kind of sheer appeal.

9. Backless Blouse Designs

So who wants a Dabangg show?

Explore some of the best backless blouses from the exclusive collection available at the markets. The backs of these blouses are mostly supported with sleek thread or knot or 1/4th coverage fabric as shown here. From silk saree blouse designs to chiffon, the style can be seen in every fabric.

10. Shirt Style Blouse Designs

Latest in trend and most adorable one, shirt style blouses are the hit of 2016 seasons. Exquisite in look, these blouses are very comfy for your every street loiter and great even at festival timings. It western appeal will surely gain you loads of gazes and draw attention from the south poles. Available in various patterns and designs, try a sheer shirt or pom-pom designed shirts for these types of blouses. Nowadays, the design of blouse for lehengas is also getting inspired by this style.

These latest saree blouse patterns can do wonders for any woman's personality instantly.

11. Cape Style Blouse Designs

Popularised by the Bollywood darling, Sonam Kapoor, cape style blouses are little confusing yet adorable by 8/10 fashionistas. Due to their flowy and dreamy appeal, this design of blouse images an interesting impression on every fashion lover’s mind. This is one of the best blouse designs for net sarees.

Cape style blouses are best worn with silk, chiffon, satin or alike breezy fabric sarees. Complement them with a light yet traditional jewellery to grab more focus on your creative flow.

12. Bodysuit Blouse Design

My Gaush! Deepika looks double sexy in this ivory saree, well-complemented bodysuit blouse.

Bodysuit blouses are the best when it comes to fitting and comfort. Catch this blouse type and ask your tailor for the design of blouse with full sleeves, it will give your look more base. As shown here, sheer shape bodysuit blouses are the best alternatives for corset style blouses. Go with a bare look with these type of designer blouses. It's high time to sneak into these designer blouses images.

13. Bra Style Blouse Design

Remember, Priyanka Chopra in ‘desi girl’ swag?

If Pee Cee can do that, then why don’t you? Catch the celebrity looks by purchasing best-designed bra style blouses this season. Set the stage on fire and let your back-stabbers go melt out of amaze. LOL!

Make the design of blouse neck simple and intact or you can go with bow design at the back.

14. One Side Shoulder Blouse Design

This category is for those who want elegance and sassiness and cuteness all in one basket. One side shoulder blouse is now in the heavy demand among the fashion sensible mass. Check out two tones or embroidered single sleeve while ordering this type of blouse.

They are great when worn with chiffon, floral printed sarees, which will ultimately ignite the spirit of feminity.

15. Jacket Style Blouse Design

If you are looking for simple saree blouse designs, you have reached the right place.

Fashion never dies, even if you are in your 40s or 50s or more! Grab a sophisticated and diligent appeal while grabbing jacket style blouses for yourself. This design of blouse back for saree will look awesome with typically traditional sarees such as Kanjeevaram saree, Banarasi silk saree or related more.

You can go bare by adhering this look but do forget to put on lavish rings as shown here.

16. Jewelled Neck Blouse Design

Of course, jewels are invoked by gods for beauties on Earth. Both are incomplete without each other. And thus this type of jeweled blouse design for every woman is perfect. What else can be the best!?

These blouses come with exquisite gems attached either to their collar or neckline. This exclusive ornamentation forms a vehement feminine pattern which enhances the elegance of sarees. You can pair them with sheer sarees or any designer saree. Jewelled neck blouses are available in heavyweight and thus best for party occasions. Avoid over makeup or ornamenting because the blouse has its own glare to carry.

17. Knotted Saree-Blouse Design

Hot and sexy are the two justified words that can be used to define knotted saree blouses. They are so simple to put on and add an unparallel look to your whole appeal. Best for parties and white collar events; you can match up these types of blouses to complement with your designer saree. Sarees with chiffon, tender silk, georgette and many more fabrics will go perfectly with these types of blouses. Wear back dori traditional necklaces as a chic complementary jewellery.

From pattu saree blouse designs to chiffon saree, we have got you covered.

18. Corset Style Blouse Design

This is one of the best back neck designer blouse patterns to embrace the vintage look.

Inspired by the classics of Victorian age, corsets or corset style blouse in India are the most flattering type of blouses. They can be well paired with sarees made of net, chiffon, georgette, tissue and brocade materials. Make them more alluring by ordering your tailor for heavy embroidered, patchwork on them. If you have a toned hourglass figure, then this type is perfectly discovered for the fashionista like you. Do not over-show with heavy necklaces or maang-tikas (if the show is simple and casual), either wear a single-stranded metallic choker or go simply bare.

19. Asymmetrical Blouse Design

As its design displays here, it can be easily said that asymmetrical blouses fall under the contemporary design of blouses category. They have an unplanned design and cut which are not at all symmetrical. Maybe long from back or front but here is where the fun lies. These asymmetrical blouse types have greatly motivated Bollywood designer\92s fashion sense and love to create something quirk in every ethnic wear (keeping the elegance in mind!).

Wear them with traditional sarees such as with Bengali style sarees, Kanjeevaram silk sarees or Banarasi sarees. Do not forget to pitch up the look with the right selection of jewellery. These blouses are best for petite and plump women.

20. Peplum Blouse Design

This is one of the best silk saree blouse designs for royal events and parties.

Sweet looks are for babes only! Get peplum blouses and give a reason to your beau to drool over ;)

This designer type of blouse can be worn with any type of sarees. Be it your designer saree or plain daily wear saree, peplum blouses impose a combination look of cute and sexy. These blouses proffer curvy frame to every woman and thus are opted by most of the girls. Wear it and flaunt the same among your peers. They hide unnecessary fats which peep from the sides.

21. One Hand Blouse Design

Mark my word - we have got you covered for all saree blouse designs front and back.

Once a sensuous style of Bollywood, one hand blouse is now used with several embellishments and back pattern. This never dying fashion escapade is the best resort when you wish to flaunt a lot but little showing your skin. Medium height or tall height girls with toned shoulder will look perfect in this style of blouse design. Catch the real essence of blouse design while pairing it with embroidered chiffon sarees. Sarees with proper ling or velvet sarees can also offer you that rev up session.

22. Long Sheer Blouse

Sheer put up the ultimate charm to any woman\92s appeal. Don\92t you think so? Well, a little lace, so-so net, and vehement embroidery at times rev up ethnic charm at an instant. And one doesn\92t need to pull up anything extra after them. Long sheer blouse showcase sheer back with light embroidery or lacework or embellishments and padded placement at the bust.

One can wear this type of blouse with flowy silk sarees of a single colour. Go with light pearl jewellery for a fine touch of elan. You can also try this blouse design for net saree.

23. Back Button Blouse

The latest blouse designs for the back are a huge craze among the young generation and modern fashionistas.

You may have heard back style shirt in vogue these days but have ever thought if we can try back button blouses as well!!! Surely we can.
Keep the back of the blouse sheer to flaunt the best work of buttons and rest of the bodice can be covered with fabric. Short sleeves are more preferable in this case as long sleeves may conceal the beauty of back buttons. Pair this type of blouse with printed sarees, floral sarees and something related to them.

24. Half & Half Blouse Style

We have already discussed the type of tube style blouse and lean girls must have like it as well. But there is an extension to this style which names as half and half blouse style. Just like tube blouse, this designer blouse also covers only the bust part but the same fabric also covers a little part of shoulder or arm as well.

Remember the British gowns which have had additional lace gloves with stylish long gowns? This style of blouse is said to be inspired by them. Liked it!?

25. Ruffled Neck Blouse

You must have seen and loved the intricacy of puffed sleeve blouses which have gained a lot of craze in the cities of Bengal. The puffiness and ruffled texture are well maintained throughout the design. The same motto is shown by the ruffled neck blouse. Semi silk, poly silk or some kind of starchy fabric is necessary to make them feel hot and happening. And why this is so? You got to make the whole look go sturdy and fixed at a place and this kind of fabric will help you to do so.

26. Pseudo Halter Blouse

Try these simple blouse neck designs for cotton sarees and make your wish come true.

It supposed to be a halter but Kudos Ladies, the blouse design is really unique by showcasing a back placket style instead of classic knot belt at the back. This is not it! Hold your breath for a little more sensuous style and trust me, you won\92t feel bad of your contemplating nature - this blouse design is really royal with a back side button placket which can be created out of lace. The complete formation is without sleeves and this is the plus point which makes you to wear it with any kind of sarees.

27. 3 Tier Blouse Design

Well, this number is quite interesting with classic back doris and continuing the same pattern three times. If you wish to brag off your bold attitude then you can go straight with three dori knots and if you feel confidence is swaying away from you then opt for a bold patti at the last tier. The last one will offer you stronghold while the former one is exclusively for the fashion divas. Use large latkans or doris for a pretty-please feel!

28. Long Cross Backless Blouse

This type of blouse is mainly adorned by pre-pleated sarees in which the blouse and saree are attached. The blouses need not be padded but the slightest addition of pads may give you a bolder and complete frame. The additional back straps which are crossing their way will be as useful as halters.

Fashion Theory:
• Wear it with a solid and heavyweight saree to catch the frame.
• Pearl embellishments or jewels will be great to compliment with this type of attire.
• Try out high clean bun to highlight the design and pattern of the blouse.

29. Collared & Bottom Attached

A wish come granted for those who yearned a lot for halter blouses and backless feel. Well, another addition this has is a collar which well designed and tied at the back. Well, you can take some serious inspiration from this one and ask your tailor to use some lycra around the fabric to knit this kind of blouse design and pattern.

Fashion Theory:
• You need to complement this type of blouse with lace or net sarees so that the peer can peep through the masterpiece.
• Catch up the essence by wearing large stud earrings to highlight the ravish-ness of the blouse and jewels separately.

30. Collared n Dori Tied

Let’s recall some traditional add-ups this time. This sequinned piece worn by Sonam Kapoor is looking amazing ravishing and yes I’m speechless with her mystique nature. Restoring the enigma, she chose this blouse style with utter simplicity yet with a touch of contemporariness – the blouse looks like a vest which further fitted with doris at the end. The mandarin collar design is providing support to the whole frame.

Fashion Theory:
• Soft-hue sarees will make a delightful complement to this type of blouse.
• Wear chaand baali or polki earrings to adorn your upper part.
• A pair of embellished heavens heels in silver can be paired with this traditional attire.

31. Single Hook

What about total sheer and then tied up at the back with a single hook? Hot!!! This is what Sonam’s dressing is yelling at the top of the voice. The backless portion of the blouse is extremely delicate so it’s totally up to you, how you are carrying it afterward! A single layering of padding is necessary to support the whole frame.

Fashion Theory:
• Wear a complete sheer saree.
• Slight chikan work and light hue will adorn it.
• Pearl jewellery will be pitch-perfect to a get the princess like appeal.

32. Caged Back

The fault is in her stars; she loves to be the fashion queen of every gala! Isn’t it? And even girls\92 squad just love to ogle at her and dressing sense again and again because she has been fed with so much sense of fashion. This black and golden blouse is simple and designed amazingly in back caged style. This high collared blouse is maintaining a clever contrasting pattern at the collar and at the back with front golden. This option will be great for the amateur saree wearers, who are a little less confident while picking out backless staples because this type of blouse pattern isn’t delicate at all and doesn’t require 24X7 attention.

Fashion Theory:
• Wear them with low naval pant style saree.
• The collar and petticoat or pant colour should be same.
• Antique jewellery will dazzle your complete appeal.

33. Backless Jewelled Hook

Look closely and you will notice that the back flap of the blouse is sitting comfortably on the nape. Embellished with pretty sequins and small CZs, this blouse pattern showcases the delicate artistry to be teamed with floral sarees. With semi-sheer design, this blouse is risked with a delicate single hook at the back.

Fashion Theory:
• Neither sheer not velvet-like, but a semi-transparent saree like georgette will complement this blouse style.
• The back flap needs to heavy in weight so that it can sit comfortably on your nape.
• While giving instructions for the stitching, focus mainly on the side hemlines.

34. Pearl Embellished

Kajol is included in the race where she was spotted wearing a pearl embellished backless blouse. This type of pretty ensembles from Bollywood designer couture really wins enormous applauds. The blouse is in complete Mother pearl hue with plain front and pearl embellishment at the back which has a base of a sheer stretchable fabric.

Fashion Theory:
• Try to adorn your complete ethereal appeal with a plain solid hue saree because this simplicity will highlight the peppiness of your blouse.
• A chic Minaudiere will suit your royal reflection.

35. Sheer n Beaded

A baby doll like disposition from a baby doll itself – Urvashi Rautela.

The blouse she worn showcase an amazing amalgamation of beads, sheer and delicate embroidery and they all make the picture 360 degree pristine and untouched. The back of the blouse is completely sheer with front breast pads and sequins. Go to a boutique and ask for this design with a colour selection according to your complexion.

Fashion Theory:
• Mid loop and layered beaded style are delicate; so show it off a little extra by making a tight high bun.
• Georgette, net and chiffon saree will be perfect for the duo.

36. Back Strapped Blouse

This is a classy and vintage pretty pick to adore your back with an enigmatic feel. Isn\92t it? With 60% covered at the bust line, the blouse also covers a little part of the back which is later on adorned with two mid and bottom straps. A collar band is there for supporting the blouse frame. The look is further enhanced with a sequinned front side.

Fashion Theory:
• A georgette saree with pastel and bright hue will look ecstatic.
• To show the affair at the back, do a messy bun with slightly curly locks at front.
• There is no need to catch up a necklace here.

37. Embroidered Loop Blouse

You might have crossed over circular loops (of course!) but have you seen triangular loops? Sounds interesting? A kind of a sorted design and pattern of a backless designer blouse, this type can be easily adorned with cotton or say traditional festival sarees. Red and bright colours will look more suitable for them.

Fashion Theory:
• You can add pseudo doris at the midsection of the loop.
• Ask for a starchy fabric while making this type of blouse.
• A multicoloured pattern will spellbind the whole cast.
• Wear this type of blouse with single hue and lightweight fabric.

38. Laced n Knotted Blouse

Well, this reminds me of corset style because laces are actually the inspiration for this type of age back product. And why they were widely used by Victorian women? Well, they tend to give a feminine body shape to every type of woman irrespective her age and natural figure line. The laces are given for the same functions and you can adjust the fitting according to the desired shape. Don\92t go for too tight fitting otherwise extra brackets will hamper the complete look.

Fashion Theory:
• Deep and dark colours are just so perfect for this style of backless blouse.
• Make sure a fitted collar band is there to support the complete frame.
• Wear it with embellished sarees or abstract printed sarees to create an enigmatic view..

39. Blouse With Low Hook Coverage

This blouse style is useful when you are using so many embellishments and sequin work because the base fabric needs to be heavy and sturdy to support the complete structure. The bodice seems perfect in shape in style of blouse, with low hook coverage and broad gap. Adorned with paisley designs and golden sequins, this blouse is a perfect wear for parties, weddings and festival times.

Fashion Theory:
• Georgette or net sarees, silk sarees, designer sarees and half n half sarees will complement it perfectly.
• Go with quarter sleeves or full sleeves if your arms have extra flesh and cap sleeves will look great on a toned or athletic figure.

40. Sheer N Deep Strapped Blouse

Velvet blouses will be perfect for this stylish backless blouse pattern. A sheer net attachment will redefine you glamour whereas velvet is a serious touch of sophistication. The blouse is then simply tied with a long knot or bow. Even the sheer sleeves showcase a scintillating effect on the wearer and the dressing sense as well. This is a classy choice for any kind of plain blouse design.

Fashion Theory:
• Use silky fabrics to make this kind of blouse design.
• Wear velvet, georgette, net, and chiffon sarees to highlight the beauty of the dress.
• LLight shimmer on the cheeks and a little bit of smoky makeup will be apt for the glow.
• Try this design with dark colours.

41. Knotted Backless Blouse

Well, this is a vehement combination of traditional and contemporary fashion and yet can be called \91sexy\92. The colour of the saree and blouse and the bewitching design on the back band of the blouse is making the whole affair pretty mysterious and unique. Further, a dori is attached at the extreme bottom for support which is extra long as well. You can also opt for a sleek hook strap instead of dori.

Fashion Theory:
• Traditional cotton silk sarees will look smashing with this style.
• To ensure 100% support, ask your tailor to give piping at the hemlines.
• Extra fit is a must in this backless blouse pattern.

42. Dori Pattern Backless Blouse

This is the most popular type of backless choli or blouse that women used to wear with lehengas and ghagras. With proper broad bottom hook strap and sleek dori at the top, this traditional blouse backless style is a real steal worthy piece.

Fashion Theory:
• Try sequinned or mirror worked blouse patterns for some extra glare.
• Padded blouse is always used in this type of backless staple, so make sure they are perfectly fitted.
• A few extra latkans at the end of the dori will look sophisticated and make you dazzle from the back as well.

43. Bow Design Backless Blouse

If you are not sure and a little bit of amateur in this bold and stylish design, then this bow design backless blouse will be your saviour for sure. Easy to wear and cover, the low end back bow need to be extra long and made up with heavy fabric to stay in line for hours. The main feature of this style is to highlight your worked out and toned backside arm bones. So Belle, be prepared for the next gala with this hot design and attire.

Fashion Theory:
• If you have a slim stature, go with full lace sleeves and if there is extra plump on the shoulders and arms then try out sheer quarter style sleeves.
• If you are putting an extra glamour on backside then try to make its front simple yet sassy. Complement the deep back with front semi boat neck design.
• Ditch any type of neckpiece this time.

44. Bejewelled n Sheer Blouse Pattern

A perfect pick-out for the new brides; this sheer and embellished number will definitely freeze your sight and kiss your heart with sudden fashion beats. It is following a square structure at the back and crown at the bottom. The golden colour combination is making the whole attire princess-like. A sleek border pipeline is necessary to gain frame support.

Fashion Theory: • Beige or golden hue saree will ravishingly complement each other.
• Dazzling gold polka earrings and diamond necklace will suit your appeal.
• Finish off your look with embellished golden high heels.

45. Abstract Loop Design

Be the black swan of the fairy pond!
Besides such cheesy prose, this black abstract loop blouse will look pretty with contrasting saree. The base fabric is net and the random uplift design makes it look more plush and cute. With such a lean adhere, you can always this type of backless blouse design.

Fashion Theory:
• White or light coloured saree will look amazing with it.
• Stud earrings and stone earrings can save your look.
• Wear it with a pearl bracelet, sleek watch, and high pumps.

46. Plain Dori Backless Blouse Style

If you are bored of same traditional blouse designs and wish for something new without hopping out of the genre then this can be the end of your search. With Pentagon design at the back, this blouse will be a hit when adorned with sleeveless and sweetheart neck design. Attach the upper strap with long embellished dori to support the complete frame.

Fashion Theory:
• With this type of multicoloured blouse, get a bright contrasting saree.
• Traditional jhumkis will be the right pick for the attire.
• You do not need any type of extra jewellery but a leather watch instead.
• Head off straight to the road wearing chic stilettos.

47. Embellished n Sheer Short Choli

A traditional dress is not mandatory to be called conventional and thus Hola to new fashion and trends and designs that we can always welcome to new styles. This dress with contemporary facets now is loved and adopted by many stylish women across the nation and world. Be it anyone’s marriage function, other wedding ceremonies, evening lawn side party, social gathering or any festive charm, these lehengas can be well graced by embellished n sheer short choli. Embellished or sequinned style is the best way to get the prime attention of the peers. The sheer adhere of the blouse can be well teamed up with padded or attached brassieres.

Steal The Idea: Best colours for this type of style are golden, silver, red, earthy, sky blue, magenta and related.

48. Spaghetti Designer Choli

A fun way to cheer up during the summer days is spaghetti styles. Be it a top, crop top, kurti or lehenga’s choli, this pattern has already swayed away from the sayings; ‘the more you show, the more it will look bold’. But a clever addition will never let the shadows fall on you. Catch out spaghetti designer choli for the step in vogue and let some envious stares follow you throughout. This style will let you show a little more and your beauty bone can easily peep out through the dress.

Steal The Idea: Let’s adorn it with metallic choker and long hanging earrings and embellished sandals.

49. Full Sleeve Choli

Every nitty and gritty decides the over-all look of choli or blouse. So play a safe game and this time a little more with the type of sleeves. For a gorgeous appeal and to steal the ruling queen’s glare, you need to opt for quarter sleeved or full sleeved choli designs. Also, mind the neck design complementary to the sleeves. Mandarin collars, regular collars, cape neck are some of the kind which will work best with this type of sleeve style.

Steal The Idea: Focus on the length of the sleeves and adorn it with patchwork or any kind of thread work or materials like a sequin.

50. Off Shoulder Tulle Choli

Off shoulder is the best trend to follow by every modern bride or bridesmaid. This style is a little bit bolder yet can be made traditional with booti work around the neckline. In this kind, focus more on your body complexion and shape. Make sure the chunri or dupatta is sleek or designer enough to not hamper the beauty of this choli’s design. Broad and heavy work on dupatta can shatter its look.

There is no need to choose contrasting dupatta or skirt but can always impart the difference between net or tulle off shoulder choli.

Steal The Idea: Wear choker necklace or chik necklace to amp up the look of your collarbone.

51. Corset Cum Tube Style

‘What you called bold is not bold enough here.’

Trap all senses around the peep’s here with corset cum tube style choli. The choli style showcases a vehement pattern at the upper bust line and is somewhat necessary to hold the weight as well. This has a great fit and reflects your complete bodice smartly and sassily. The design also matters here a lot. The inverted triangle pattern at the end of the blouse is giving a perfect hourglass structure to the wearer.

Steal The Idea: Wear shoulder harness and traditional borli maang tikka with this style to grab some important attention at the party.

52. Extra Short Choli

For the darling with abs and perfect abdomen line, this style is made by the designers like Rohit Bal. This designer choli is only made to amp up your bust line and that’s it. It covers a really shorter space of your bodice and leaves your complete abdomen at the front of the show. You need to be enough comfortable about your body shade and figure line. Even for a little plump, it is a big no-no.

Steal The Idea: Catch the grace with traditional waist belt and tie your skirt a great below the naval area. Wear golden or embellished trinkets with this type of lehenga.

53. Tube Style Choli

Tube style choli is the younger brother of corset cum tube style. That was an amalgamation of both patterns and this piece will simply dictate its own looks. A little tight at the bust line, this type of lehenga choli for women is best when teamed up with deep or dark shades. They don’t have sleeves and thus you have to have an extra concern about the jewellery you adorn at the necklace and fitting at the bodice. It can’t go too tight or too loose; both can create a large fuss. So, measure your attire with much of wit.

Steal The Idea: Heavy adornments are the privilege taken here by fashionable women.

54. Corset Style Choli

Corset style is the most driven pattern inspired by the Victorian era and is now well adored by Indian women. Catch the beautiful design of the era with this one and show off your best among your peers. Whether you have a French body or not, this corset choli will make it look like that in any way. Let’s draw some extra attention from the sideways wearing this figure perfect choli by the designer’s couture.

Steal The Idea: For a clean cheat at the waistline, keep the area simple and plain with sleek and vertical embroideries.

55. Mirror Work Cholis

This is when work patterns and design matters to you a lot. Sequin work, beaded patterns, and other embellishment works are quite in trend and can be adorned with golden blouse and skirts. The bigger mirrors or cutting will make look broad and thus generally this style is adorned by lean girls or women with fitted figure-line. One with a regular body shape can try this style with small mirror works or sequins.

Steal The Idea: The base fabric should be bright enough to reflect gleam in a perfect manner.

Thread Work Cholis

Thread work lehenga cholis are a little bit delicate but a great pick for days without summer because they can create a fuss at that time. It will irritate your skin while you will be sweating dreadfully. Golden, silver, brass hue thread works are now in trend and can be well complemented with bright and shining base fabric. Abstract thread weaning is in trend and contrast pairing is the best helper.

Steal The Idea: Wear style statement necklace according to the neck design and colour of designer lehenga choli. Avoid pin-ups, as it may shatter the quality of the cloth.

56. Embroidered Cholis

Embroidered work patterns are intricate to go along with such a voguish piece because it takes a long time and toil to complete it. From floral patterns to abstract patterns, such as worn by Kareena Kapoor Khan, this style boasts of a huge collection and demand. For extra threads and work styles, embroidery makes any piece a heavy delight to wear at casual occasions. It is an absolute glamour for wedding times, festive times, and lawn side parties.

Steal The Idea: Wear white gold jewellery to attract the best of attention towards the work patterns and style.

57. Brassiere Style Choli

Now, this is what called \91bold and hot\92 and I totally agree with it. So, if you are bold enough to brag it off among the harsh peers and critics, then this is all yours. To make it a sombre fall, complement this layered necklace and traditional sleek waistband. To cover up your shy factor, attach net material in a bralette-style and then let your skin peep out confidently. Wear embellished brassiere style choli to give your appeal a weight.

Steal The Idea: Backside dori and the sparkling net fabric is the best way to accessorize your back.

58. Open Back Style Choli

Slightly and greatly different from brassiere style choli, open-back style choli is quite in trend nowadays. It showcases a neckline that covers your entire nape with a hook or button or the fabric itself. In brassiere style, the hook strap is sleek as nothing is there but in this pattern, the strap is broad enough to support the choli. Pretty sequins and embroidery or kalamkari prints or booti works are in trend nowadays. Choose any of them wisely because a mixture of them all can hamper their pretty looks.

Steal The Idea: Opt for mirror work at the strap and choose embroidered work pattern at the front.

59. Embellished Regular Fit Choli

Regular fit blouses, cholis, kurtis and salwar suits are quite in vogue and the raw style is favourite of many fashion enthusiasts. They are neither so tight fitting nor baggy yet give you a definition of the contemporary wearer. Appliqu\E9, thread works, piping, trim, lace, fringe, beads, batik and etc. are some of the examples of this type of lehenga cholis. In short, they are comfortable while providing you the biggest take on looking chic with ethnic.

Steal The Idea: Hemline near abdomen can be also little loose here. Make sure you have opted quarter sleeves to showcase the best of this style.

60. Chikan Work Sheer Choli

Another delicate is on the way!

Chikan work is the vehement work done widely by North Indian craftsmen over a delicate piece of fabric. This embroidery style is started on the lands of Lucknow and hands of Muslim craftsmen. This is best known as the best textile decoration styles. Check out the most sorted styles in white hue over a dark base and brag the worth among all of your peers. Fabrics on which is made are the muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net, etc.

Steal The Idea: The net complementation with chikan work is the best and give a sombre yet sexy appeal to the wearer.

61. Halter Neck Blouse

Halter neck is a summer style and can be adorned with a cape if the quirky design is all that you want. Nowadays, broad neck straps are also used to hold the weight of the choli. If you have a plump body or little more flesh around the shoulders, then avoid this style. Try it with lighter shades and sparkling materials to dazzle the stage like never before.

Steal The Idea: Set the temperatures soaring hot with this style and smoky makeup.

62. High Neck Choli

A great winter idea for them who are going to ring their bells over knots, this season. Maybe covering all of your skin, but this is one of the sassiest type of choli you\92re discovering. High neckline can be further adorned with catchy beads or brocade work. Make sure about the inner lining which otherwise may cause itching and irritation. This style also gives you a taller illusion.

Steal The Idea: Set Score more points on looking sexy with this style and Minaudiere.

63. Peplum Style Lehenga Choli

You have definitely heard of peplum tops and shirts and dresses in the western collection. Peplum style is a type of overskirt attached to the top or blouse and gives an illusion of a short skirt. This fashion came into a full rage at the time of Victorian era, 1865.

Now explore this pretty design in lehengas\92 cholis attached in the same manner. These blouses also showcase thread work, sequin style, and other types of embroidered works.

Steal The Idea: Let it go little tight at the waistline and then go freely down beneath it. Puff sleeves and spaghetti sleeves will suit this style the most.

64. Sheer Shrug Style Choli

What about a sheer shrug?

And what if it is attached to the inner choli and looks all sheer?

Steal this style with short shrug style choli and opt for any lighter hue and design. Light patchworks are recommended for this style; otherwise, the nude look will not stand anywhere to pitch up your beauty. Floral embroidered works will also look fabulous with this style. Do not miss this style this season!

Steal The Idea: Try this style with deep neck inner cholis and spiff up the heat with choker drop necklace.

65. Asymmetrical Choli

A totally unconventional style from the designer couture...

As its name suggests, this type of lehenga choli doesn\92t have any symmetry and thus can be counted as contemporary style. The lehenga skirt combined with this style comes with dori style or broad border work. Single arm sleeve choli or choli with high low design comes under this category.

Steal The Idea: Asymmetry is the love the new Gen and can be adorned with one side shoulder harness.

66. Single Button Jacket Choli

Welcome to the sexy contemporary kiss of an ethnic mod!

You must have heard about jacket blouse and one that wore by Jacqueline Fernandez. This one is inspired by the same but maybe the designer went to the shortage of any more buttons and thus come single button jacket choli.

Manufactured with any sturdy material and fabric, this designer lehenga choli showcases a deep neck and naval peeping design.

Steal The Idea:Focus on the borderlines of the jacket and try to be a little quirky with its styling.

67. Crop Top Style Designer Choli

The crop top that was last time seen on your couch can be of a great use now. Every woman wishes to know that how to look hot in a saree. Well, here comes the rescue.

Generally, crop tops are adorned with semi-formal pants, casual cargo pants, denims, skirts and etc. Why don\92t we add this style to our ethnic fashion fad? You can also wear this as a lehenga\92s choli. A genuine boredom out of using same and same designer cholis will get killed with this frenzy. These designer crop tops aka cholis are available in pretty designs, mirror works, and cutouts.

Steal The Idea: You don\92t need to get it with exact fittings; let it be loose.

68. Shirt Style Choli

Shirt style is another shot for all fashion frenzies and can be worn with brocade lehengas. Lehenga with voguish border work with golden thread can be style with button ups. One can tie up the bottom placket as shown in the image. Wear a contrasting shirt or floral printed shirt georgette fabric. Regular fitting in this type of style is the best and can be adorned with fabric buttons as well.

Steal The Idea: Long hanging earrings are the cynosure of the attire. Make sure, it suits you as well. Get ready to enhance your saree look instantly with this quirky blouse design.

69. Cape Style Choli

You must remember ponchos which we used to wear at our childhood days! Well, this was my style which I never knew what it was but had had to wear them because mother was in love with them. This style of choli is somewhat similar to that and now we know what it is \96 so, no issue! A tube blouse is attached beneath the cape and one can wear the set as it is. They don\92t show any kind of fitting and are somewhat loose. This dress is perfect for the women with heavy busts.

Steal The Idea: Don this style with chandelier earrings and strut off with embellished Louboutin heels.

70. Quarter Sleeves

Let the serenade begin with an elegant sense of ethnic dressing!

Quarter sleeves and full sleeves awesomely provide an illusion of lean and tall figure line and thus are the most opted style for stylish women. It gives a shapely finish to your shoulders and replenishes a subtle look to your curvaceous body. The most interesting fact is this sleeve design for blouses can be worn by plump and petite, lean and tall women. Quarter sleeves are perfect to cover up extra bony or plump arms.

#StealTheTip: If you are bony and tall as well; wear them with net sarees, finished off with embroidery. For slightly weight pulled up ladies; silk sarees or tant sarees will be great with this type of blouses.

71. Full Sleeves

Now this category is personally loved by all confusing fashionistas because this style of blouse goes well with every type of body curves. So, it doesn’t matter if have put on some extra weight or few inches leaner than your peers, full sleeve blouses will always make you look complete and perfect at every occasion. The best part of these blouses is that they will cover up your over-weighty appeal same as it does in the case of a skinny body. Interesting right!?

#LookDifferentTip: Try this type of blouse sleeve design with lace material, velvet fabric, and with rich embroidery.

72. Cap Sleeves

Here we have something exclusive design for skinny Bellas and women. Women who have toned or extra-lean shoulders and arm can go for this option. As the name suggests, cap sleeves do look just like caps attached to the shoulder line of the blouse and thus this name has been discovered. You want to ask when!?

Well, it’s pretty old age then, back to 1970’s or 80’s and were then adorned by mostly south-east women. This type of blouse design comes in between sleeveless blouse style and short sleeves.

#CatchyTip: Wear them with sleek silhouette saree to get that prep-up look. Wear this blouse design with party wear sarees and dazzle like a diva.

73. Half Sleeves & Short Sleeves

Put aside cap sleeves, this type of sleeves ends before the elbow point and generally 3 to 7 inches longer (according to the length of your arm). This type of design is mostly worn by pretty homemakers, grandmothers, and mothers and has been a regular option for corporate women as well. This length of sleeves can be worn on a regular basis. This is the most general category but you can always quirk it up in your own style.

#QuickTip: Add-on buttons instead of plain hooks on the back and ask your tailor to give embroidered sensation on the collar.

74. Halter Illusion

The heterogeneous tendency of every blouse designs and their categories give us fantastic fashion goals. Isn’t it? This season, try out illusions!

You may have heard halter blouse designs which amazingly hung over your neck and shoulder. Now try halter illusion blouses which are not perfectly halters and have slight broad shoulder cloth. They do not actually hung over your neck but give an illusion of the same. Get the picture from shown examples.

#PerfectTip: You’re heavenly blessed if you have a perfect hourglass figure (which only 10% of women showcase). This style of blouse will suit them the most. Carry this style with jhumkis or pearl chandelier earrings.

75. Spaghetti Sleeves

They are named because they look just like this – spaghettis. As its name begins, we get a feeling of comfort and boldness both at the same time. Adorn this piece of ethnic beauty with amazing prints and embroideries and work patterns such as embellishment of beads and laces. Women having athletic or slightly broad shoulders can adopt this style and give a ravishing appeal to their desi avatar. Here broad doesn’t mean chubby or extra fatty but enough of skin to showcase like a fashionista because spaghetti blouse will boldly expose your whole arm portion.

#QuickieTip: A little broader strap like one inch or 0.5 inches will bestow you a sophisticated look. These latest blouse design images are must-watch for modern fashion experts.

76. Super Bold: Sleeveless

Now this one is a little bit of a higher degree than that of spaghetti blouses. The straps here are visibly broader than them and end straight at your shoulder line. Sleeveless crop tops are also worn nowadays with various crepe sarees and sturdy pattern of sarees.

#StyleCheck: Broad boat neck and mandarin collar will suit this sleeve style of blouse.

77. Bishop Sleeves

Directly come from the Victorian age, this sleeve blouse design can get you oodles of stares from your peers. A person from old age school or having contemporary views both love this kind of sleeve lengths. Those little ruffles at the end and sometimes at the shoulder line offer you an exquisite appeal.

‘Sins are totally prohibited when you wear Bishop sleeves.'

Let your peers commit a sin in jealous, you just do one thing – set the complete stage on fire!!!

#SmackTip: Wear them thin or lightweight sarees because starchy saree may cover the beauty portion of the blouse.

78. Puff Sleeves

Stolen from the eastern lands of India, puff sleeves are widely worn by Bong women. A little plump at the shoulder line, this type of blouse designs can be seen during Durga Puja celebrations. The little girly charm is now loved by college girls as well and fondly worn at farewell events and prom nights.

#WoWTip: Choose bright colours to be the limelight of the sensational moment. Avoid embroideries on the neckline to highlight the sleeves.

79. Sassy Off Shoulders

There is something cute and simply charismatic about off shoulder blouses. The crafting is all together is here to give you that perfect feminine charm. Now grab that doll-like style from this type of sleeves that are little low down to the arms.

But sometimes, cute things can pose like monsters as well! So there is a big no-no to women with heavy bust lines or plumpy shoulder lines! If your mammary nerves are visible around the beauty bone then it’s better to conceal it with floating necklaces. At those times, one can avoid earrings. ;)

#GrabbyTip: Wear little highlighter over your beauty bone or collarbone. After all, it all shows!!!

80. Cape Style Blouse

This style blouse is an all-time celebrities\92 favourite. From Jacqueline Fernandez to Deepika Padukone, all adored this number very well. It comprises an extra layer of sheer cloth over your torso and starts from the neckline. This blouse showcases open-ended sleeves for beautiful flutter and features feminine beauty more vehemently. Draw some attention from your peers by wearing ravishing sheer cape style blouses and complement it with the bright or dark colour underneath clothing. Apply peach shade makeup (according to your complexion) and strut off the road with much zeal.

#PitchUpTip: Let it go simple dear!

81. Bell Sleeves

Let\92s start with fantasy imagination! How cute it will be to have bell-shaped sleeves with extra flutter and comfort. And of course for this design of sleeves, one must consider the type of fabric very seriously. Bell sleeves blouse requires an extra piece of fabric to stitch at the area of the shoulder-line of the blouse.

Georgette fabric, chiffon, crepe, and silk are some best fabrics which will make the affair more alluring. Vivid prints and sassy hemline are its main attraction.

#MustKnowTip: Adore a sleek and long pendant for the day.

82. Boxy Sleeves

Not more different from bell sleeves but here you will not find flutter! Boxy sleeves blouses are much in sturdy position and do not reflect much glare and pomp as you can see here. You can say that the sleeves are amazingly loose and are best for summer and spring seasons. Let\92s pull on some attention by asking your tailor to craft Peter Pan collar around. The simplicity of this blouse is its main charm.

#SimpleTip: A messy bun with stud earrings will look WoW with this attire.

83. Vanish My Sleeves: Tube Style Blouses

You need to be extra-confident for sure for this style because they express your emotions and gestures in a more highlighted way. So, be aware!

Oxidised or antique gold high choker will be the best for this style of blouse design. One can wear contrasting coloured saree to express the appeal in a better way. Broad embroidery along the bust line and abdomen line will amp up the whole look. So, start your venture of being bold and beautiful now!

#ClassyTip: If you have a toned body then go bare, without jewellery. Only choker and stud earrings will be perfect.

84. Butterfly Sleeves

Butterfly sleeves and bell sleeves do not showcase much difference but still some X-factors are there! These sleeves can be asymmetric and go high low along the length of the sleeves of your blouse. Ghunghroo adornments, embroidery, patchwork, lacework are there to prep-up the look.

#PrettyPleaseTip: Let\92s go with deep V-neck design and contrasting hemline with this traditional attire.

85. Elbow Length Embroidered Blouse

Have you ever seen pattu sarees blouses? Most of the time, people prefer to wear short sleeves or cap-sleeved blouses with this type of silk sarees. This is because this type of sarees comes with the heavily worked pattern along the borders. This style of the blouse with catchy embroidery at the front will incorporate with any kind of pattu saree variant like Uppada, Benaras, zari, etc. This is also sought to be the designer blouse for wedding sarees as well due to the intricate handwork done over. The combination of classic U-neck and extra half sleeves is all the charm that you will get with this type of stylish blouse. The main ecstasy is over the length of the sleeves and bust line.

86. Off Shoulder Blouse

Now, this is something you are in dire need of. Isn’t it?

I am talking about the hot pink colour, sleeves’ length & design and of course, the neckline, which is magnetizing the complete visage.

Silk drapes come under the category of 100% ethnic, traditional and Indian and when something like off shoulder strike with the design, the action just hold our heart tight. And obviously, this is a positive review of the product. Even if you have composed breasts and a lean structure, this type of blouse will never let your pride go down.

87. Pleated Cuffs Blouse

Silk drapes are known for their serious and melodramatic looks. In this category, I am giving it a slight push towards radicalism, to accept the fashion demands of the stylists. Check out pleated cuff blouses for the brightest silk sarees and showcase the best of your creative mind by complementing your attire with terracotta jewellery. This style of blouse design will work best with Banarasi silk sarees, Cotton silk sarees, tant silk sarees, Kasavu sarees.

What else you can do to spiff up the look:
• Add pretty lacework at the end of the pleated cuffs
• Make sure the pleats are of a different colour than that of the main body’s
• Quarter sleeves work like a magic here

88. Sleeveless Boat Neck Blouse

Most sorted solution to your special time silk issues is boat neck which has been the fave of classic times and women as well. The neckline has two tapered ends which almost makes a streamline shape along the length of your neckline. Many ikkat blouses, khadi silk blouses are available in this type of blouse design. And people are falling for this simple yet classic design again and again. Here are the reasons for this design being famous:

• Great design to flaunt a toned and sculpted shoulder and arms
• If you are petite, this neck style will give your shape a taller illusion
• Wear chandeliers and you’re sorted

89. Thread Work Blouse

Thread work is exquisitely famous in Pakistan and countries where Muslims are flourishing their art and craftsmanship. Their play with beautiful threads makes the complete attire all the more dramatic and perfect for every occasion and mood. The rich contrast with threads on blouse will vehemently complement the luxe of your silk saree. So, begin the tale by picking out a magnificent thread work blouse and pair it with Kanjeevaram sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Kosa silk sarees and etc. to flaunt the best appeal.

Must have Jewelleries & Accessories with them:
• Wear your persona with catchy oxidized jewellery, terracotta trinkets and something which is more related to earthly things
• A serene and plain bag will be just to pitch up the look

90. Back Embroidered Blouse

We all love to have the exquisiteness of embroidery and thread works and when it infuses with any particular kind of clothing which you love, the combination begins to steal your heart. Most of the time, women get this design at the front of the blouse but this time, give it a quirk and have it on the back side of the blouse. Concentrate on the sleeves or the yoke and give it a big shot.

Things to remember:
• Thread used in this type of blouse should be contrasting with that of the fabric
• The fabric of the back of the blouse should have an inner lining to support such a heavy work

91. Regular Shirt Collar Blouse

Catch out the sass and sophistication from the clan of Indian ethnic wears, and in this category, the classic form of blouse- collared blouse will help you to get the look. Have you ever tried regular shirt collared blouse? Seen you grandmother or mother adorning it with her any fave khadi saree?

You must make it a start by asking your tailor to give the collar a pinpoint hold and half sleeves. The ikat print or art will spiff up the look of yours in saree automatically. Wanna try?

More Suggestions:
• Try khadi silk and cotton silk sarees with this kind of blouse
• A starched drape will suit the style
• Complement your complete attire with pretty stud earrings and oxidized or silver necklace

92. Back Button Blouse

Back button blouse is a hit for the fashionista who seeks to have something bold. The buttons used in this type of blouses feature strong and sturdy fabricated buttons but there is no compulsion and one can use wooden buttons as well. Another pretty option is pseudo buttons which are save with inner side fish hooks.

You can try sheer or same silk fabric as the base material to give it a fine touch of elan.

Additions That Matter:
• Get zari work at the front of the blouse
• This type of back button blouses will be well complemented with georgette cum silk sarees (they have received a huge hit this year)

93. Peplum Blouse

Look cute and sober and perfectly Desi with a pretty peplum blouse. This type of blouses is the recent hit of the year 2017 and peplum have grabbed the stage in a very fashionable manner. The style can be noticed in many women tops, shirts, gowns, dresses and now saree blouses as well. You can take out scuba fabric to get a more sturdy design. They are available in amazing colours and densities and you can choose them according to the weight and gaudiness of your silk saree.

How To Choose The Saree:
• Wear them with tussar silk, art silk, bandhani silk, crepe silk sarees to get the flawless look
• Ditch to wear a necklace and instead of that wear pretty chandelier earrings

94. Long Sleeved Brocade Design Blouse

Dreaming of wedding silk blouses and their exotic features? Of course, they have the most stunning types of features which cannot be ignored. If you are deep into the aesthetics, this type of blouse pattern will surely steal your heart. From subtle sophistication to utter charm, this type of saree silk blouses are made to make you look taller and toned. Brocade designs showcase the rich craftsmanship which reflects best when done over a cream coloured or light coloured fabric.

How To Look Best:
• Throw a ravishing look by pairing this blouse with Kasavu sarees, Pochammpally saree, Bomkai sarees
• Focus on your eye makeup because the light base material of the blouse will highlight your face automatically

95. A Cute Bow At The Back

This is an exclusive piece for khadi silk sarees and the reason is the quite sheen of the blouse’s fabric. The copper-gold, antique or rust gold hue will be perfect for the saree blouse. With a deep back neck design, this latest blouse style will suit best with sturdy kind of fabric of saree. The cute bow of the blouse will surely add spice to your appeal.

Check out back neck designs with us and make your wish come true.

What Else To Do:
• You can ask for extra short sleeves of the blouse
• This will be a pseudo bow and has been sewn on the lower rib of the blouse
• Stud embellishment over the bow and the strap will make it look stunning

96. Double Dori Blouse

Isn’t it looking charming and sassy all at the same time? The bareback look with loose Doris is completely stealing the stage. And as an audience, you will be left to applaud! That’s it!

Ladies, copy the design and make this a hit of your ethnic wardrobe this year’s special function. Try this blouse neck design for Banarasi silk sarees, cotton silk sarees and other lustrous silk sarees from the gallery of silk sarees.

How To Prep It Up:
• Have you noticed the jewellery? Don’t even dare to shift towards anything else than typical oxidised jewellery; they will magically transform you into a diva.
• Quarter sleeve blouse will look perfect
• Complete the look with khadi silk sarees attached with pom poms at the border

97. Light Colour Plain Saree With Corset Style Blouse

We all know that corset is a Victorian age product which is adorned by fashionistas of the present generation as well. Indian ethnic dresses have also taken inspiration from this western galore and come up with corset style blouses.

This type of blouse designs can be worn with pre-pleated plain saree as well. They are slightly tight around the bust line and define feminine curves beautifully. You can also go with lace attached corset blouses which will help you to tight it according to your fittings. Light coloured saree adds oomph to the complete complementation like a magic. Be careful and avoid extra jewellery or heavy makeup here!

98. Pop Colour Sarees With Embellished & Sheer Blouses

Sheer is the new name for bold and sass and here we are representing some of the lovely works with this idea!. This latest blouse design can elate your soul instantly.

Ileana D'Cruz made this beauty totally commendable with her slim and trim figure line. Opt for metallic shades for your blouse like copper, gold or silver to stand apart. Little bit embellishments or sequins can be added but not more than a pinch. It may affect the simplicity of the saree. Till the upper bust line, the blouse would be slightly sheer and then a tube top like structure continues. Camouflage sheer is in trend nowadays which showcase minute sheerness all over and that is very hard to realize.

Sequined Tube Top Blouses With Ocra Hue Saree

Nothing can be bolder than these tube top blouses that add oomph at an instant to your glam. The designs of these blouses are somewhat inspired by corset blouses. These blouse patterns are slightly tight at the bust line and abdominal area to push up your looks even more. If you are not comfortable with this type of blouses then you can add a sheer cape from the above.

Catch up Jacqueline and Sonakshi inspired sequined blouses for your jazz hours and add instant pizzazz to your plain saree. You can adore your neck length in this style and opt for dark coloured chokers. Head chains and maang tikkas can spruce up your looks.

99. Colour Contrast Saree & Blouse

Let play with the hues now! Indian ethnic wears are basically known for their rich array of colours and one can easily find sophisticated pastel shades to dhinchakk shades. And this is the reason which makes Indian ethnic wears for women so lovingly beautiful for all times. So, you can easily play with pop colours and blue moods of yours. Well, things can vice-versa sometimes!

1. If your saree is of dull shade and things look like worn out years ago then you should pick out the most pop colours for your blouse. For example; with dull grey, pop red or yellow will work.

2. If your saree is bright enough then pick out pastel shades for your blouse. Wear feather earrings with the same attire.

100. A Quirk That Happens In The Blouse

How about cartoons over your blouse or comic as patterns? If you’re a great quirk lover or love to be in a world of cartoons and animations, then this is your section belle!

Take inspiration from Shilpa Reddy and Sonam Kapoor and ask your boutique stylist to make one as a trial. You will definitely ask for the second time. This type of blouse designs are quite in vogue nowadays and designer is trying with day-to-day new prints and new hues in them. Just make sure the print colour of your blouse and saree must be of different shades. Wear them high bun or braid buns to show-off a little more.

101. How About Metallic Blouse?

Add grandeur this time with metallic blouses. Yes, they also exist!

Metallic blouses generally denote the types of colour used in them which reflects like a metal and sometimes little bit usage of metallic pipes and beads. They showcase a heavy look and pair best with plain sarees because one needs to be light in the picture.

Strut on the gala with nude makeup and peach gloss or lip shade. It would be better if you avoid any additional jewellery or accessories to highlight the charisma of the attire only.

102. Plain Saree & Plain Blouse – Yet A Quirk!

Have you seen the pics under this category? Guess, these are self-explanatory!? But we love to have chit-chats with you and would always take the high jump to give fashion forward tips.

Adore your plain saree though with a plain blouse but always leave a score of quirk on your blouse. Just like this plain cotton mul saree and a plain blouse with bell sleeves and lots of pleats, you can also create your own fashion quotient.

103. How About Cutting A Shirt & Making a Blouse!?

Have you ever thought of a shirt blouse DIY? If not, then, do it now for your next fashion click.

Pull up your old fave fit shirt (it would be great if it has some X-factors) and cut it from the below (according to the length you want). If it is loose at the bust line, fit it accordingly. There are various new designs of necks and sleeves to try on.

If you love that shirt too much and not in a favour of surgery then, you can also tuck your shirt inside your petticoat and drape your saree over it. Avoid too much flashy jewellery and go with monochrome or oxidised jewels for a classy appeal.

104. Everything In Lace

No one can sway off their eyes from you when you wear this pretty and sassy lace blouse with your plain saree. It feels like something is adding your simple looks but will be hard to guess. Black and white laces or lace fabrics are mostly in trend and can be worn with a spectrum of dresses. Avoid fixing them with pins or old saree brooches; it may affect the beauty of the blouse.

Make sure you are wearing a tube bra or stick-on inside to shape up the bust coverage. Set up the fire on the stage wearing no-jewellery statement and smoky makeup with this type of attire and get loads of kudos from your peers and followers.

105. Bold & Single Hook Blouse

Be it bold or simple blouse neck design, make sure to carry it perfectly.

And you can’t carry it like draping any other saree! The beauty of front-end single hook blouse lies at the front side and you will hamper the same by draping the saree in a conventional manner. Take the pallu back after making the pleats and then pull off your pallu at the front from the back. It’s almost like Gujarati style saree but in a contemporary manner.

Hope these lavish accoutres will help you to set your finest semblance. If you really like this interesting touring of various trendy blouse designs, then share it with at least one Fashionista you know in this trendy globe.

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