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12 Types of Designer Kurtis With Most Stylish Of Sleeves

Have you forgotten something? Amazing designs and wonderful necklines is not all for your kurtis beauty! Know more about latest designer sleeves for your beautiful kurtis.

by : Manisha. On 22/06/16. 0 Comments.

Different types of designer kurtis have so many things on count which made them actually designer. Whether it their collar line, neckline, border work, choicest fabric material, stud material or different types of sleeves, designer kurtis have always gained the spotlight under the wide roof of types of ethnic wear. Sleeves acts as charm device for different types of ethnic wear. These styles spruce up the ethnic value of any apparel and pitch up the personality of the wearer. Keeping in mind the comfort zone of the wearer; here we have introduced 12 best types of sleeves that every woman must opt for their designer kurtis.

Full Sleeves – Cover It All

Long or full sleeved for kurti are the basic options to go with. Best in summers and winters as well, long sleeves showers the classic nature of the wearer. They are straight and run from the shoulder till the wrist without altering width.

This style is suitable to hide plump shoulders and tanned or preventing from tanning skin. This pattern of sleeved kurtis will be suitable with palazzos and traditional skirts.

Quarter Sleeves – Slight n Short

Quarter sleeves are widely known as 3/4th sleeves and are neither short to show your shoulder curves nor long to cover up your wrist. These types of sleeves are best for any type of ethnic wear and finishes in-between wrist and elbow. This type of sleeves come in fitted and regular fitting forms. They are best to hide sleek or skinny arms.

One can find amazing traditional works done at the bottom of the sleeves. They can be worn with your fave denims for bossy appeal.

Cap Sleeves – All About The Shoulders

Cap sleeves for kurtis are generally short and look like a sturdy cap on the shoulders. This type of sleeves peculiarly covers shoulder line only and straight then joins the hemline at arm pits. So we can say that they come somewhere between sleeveless and short sleeves. Little bit looks like a flap on the cap, cap sleeves adorns well pear shaped women. Ask your tailor to craft it with vehement embroidery and work to spruce up the look. Cap sleeves can go well with any type of ethnic wear but flared kurtis or specifically Anarkali kurtis will be the apt one.

Bishop Sleeves – Baggy At The Shoulders

Bishop sleeves gains so much respect with its name. Don’t you think so? Well, talking on the main point, Bishop sleeves are much more wider from the shoulder side and gathered at the wrist line. Women with lean shoulders can opt for this style of sleeves. It amazingly covers the sleek flaws of the shoulders.

Club Bishop sleeved kurti with leggings or pants. This type of sleeves will go well with frock style kurtis, Anarkali kurtis and medium length A-line kurtis.

Bell Sleeves – For Cutesy Times

Bell sleeves are much more defined types of sleeves than butterfly sleeves. The starting point is not so defined but the ending of these sleeves form bell type structure. They can be long and short depends on the length of the kurti and your dressing taste. Bell sleeves are gathered at the shoulder line and run down with wide or open cuff, forming a typical shape of a bell.

Different types of ethnic wear are experimented with these sleeves as bell sleeves look just perfect on all body types.

Dolman Sleeves – Snug In every Way

Dolman sleeves showcase lengthy design till the wrist. This long sleeve style is typically loose from shoulders and then tapered down at the wrist area. Thus looks wide till the elbow and wrist with more tightened form. Every type of ethnic wear will look amazing with dolman sleeves but dhoti style kurti will look just excellent. Women with heavy or plump arms, pear shape or square shape body will be suitable for this style.

Wear this fashion with churidar salwars or one can try different types of salwars as well.

Puff Sleeves – Pretty Me

Puff sleeves are the cutest form of sleeves from the generations. This style has been adapted when wearing designer sarees with designer blouses. Generally blouses at that (retro) time were made in puffed shapes. In Bengal, people were so much in fond of this style that every other blouse or suit design were ordered according to this style.

And now days have change but still the same heart beats...

Puff sleeves showcase a balloon like form at the top and then ribbed tight shoulder line, creating a perfect puff. Well, they can be of any length and many other types of designs. Ideal for pear shaped and square shaped women, puff sleeves can also be worn by other types of women with different figure lines.

Raglan Sleeves – Summer Perfect

Raglan sleeves go just diagonally from the neckline to the hemline of underarms. Ideally suitable for women having broad and wide shoulders, raglan sleeves are the most uncommon types of sleeves used in different types of kurtis. But dear, you can start this flagship!!!

As market is flooded with different types of ethnic wear, raglan sleeves will go smart with Patiala kurtis, A-line kurtis and straight kurtis.

Extra Short Sleeves – A Mid Way Out

Obviously, as its name suggests, extra short sleeves comes in between shoulders and elbows. Women with toned arms and hands will be apt for this type of sleeves. Extra short sleeves are for a little more display and thus demands toned arm. This type of sleeves gives any woman younger and smart look.

Extra short sleeves are just beyond sleeveless adheres and will be most suitable with A-Line straight long kurtis.

Slit Sleeves – Peek-A-Boo To Beauty

There are many types of sleeves which we have had discussed till now but one of the most admired and loved design by celebrities is slit sleeves. As its name suggests, slit sleeves are one of its kind which have a slit design throughout the arm and shoulder area. As shown in the picture, slit sleeves come with desirable lengths and forms. Slit can be large covering a wider area and can be with shorter form as well.

Women with toned arms have a great reason to grab this type of sleeves for your kurti.

Kimono Sleeves – A Japanese Treat

Kimono sleeves looks and sounds so traditional that its form has come directly from Tokyo, Japan. Have you seen Japan’s traditional dress Kimono and their type of sleeves?

These types of sleeves can have desirable lengths and fittings but generally they offer comfortable fitting just as shown in picture. Long forms of kurtis will amazingly adorn this type of sleeves. Women with petite structure and leaner figure line can go with Kimono sleeves.

Roll Up Sleeves – A Bold Touch

Rolled up sleeves are actually the folded or imitation of folded sleeves. They are made in such a way that they can be rolled up as needed or desired. They are then adorned with buttons on the edges which are then be buttoned or tied. Shirt style kurtis will look awesome with this type of sleeves.

Do you know that sleeves can turn on a lot of mood? Yes, you heard it right! Step out with a perfect mood by adhering right sleeves such as Bishop sleeves or raglan sleeves and flaunt with a perfect zest. You can select them according to the weather and of course outside temperature but don’t mind a little bit of style during wee hours.

Off Shoulder Sleeves

If you are not wearing off-shoulder sleeved kurtis for the summer season, then you are definitely missing the latest fashion fad. These are irreplaceable and simply unbeatable. Wear off–shoulder sleeves kurti with trendy bottom wears and get ready to dazzle in the summer light.

There are different types of sleeves designs available in the market but you should always make a choice according to your individual personality and the theme of the season. This is what you need for spring and summer time.

Butterfly Sleeves

What is a butterfly sleeve??? A somewhat combination of cap sleeves and puff sleeves is where cute butterfly sleeves reside. These extend a little from the shoulder and form a butterfly-like vision. If you like wearing cute, pretty dresses, make sure to grab this sleeve pattern kurti in your wardrobe and achieve the desired look.

You can also try dresses with butterfly sleeves and make the most of your important events. The sleeves design looks great with deep neck kurtis and other garments. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Angel Sleeves

The long, flowy sleeves which extend up to the wrist are known as angel sleeves. If you are on a lookout for a fairy-like appearance and wish to dazzle like a diva, slip into stunning angel sleeves kurti and make your wish come true. The pattern comes in a range of unique styles and looks to suit the fashion needs and style statement of every individual.

All these different types of sleeves for kurtis have been prevailing in the fashion world for a long time and are only going stronger with the passing time.

Cuff Sleeves

These are very similar to roll-up sleeves pattern but come with an in-built fold and buttons. Cuff sleeves kurtis are an ideal choice for working women to maintain that sophisticated yet stylish look. They can hugely vary in terms of length, from very short to wrist length.

Check out the latest range of cuff sleeves kurtis available online and start shopping to enhance your kurti collection. Wear these designer kurtis with the range of traditional bottom wears like leggings, salwars and many more and revamp your overall dressing instantly. The sleeve design is comfortable to carry and occasion-friendly.

Half Sleeves

There is no doubt in the saying that half sleeves are more attractive and stylish than a quarter and full sleeves. The pattern works for every season and occasion; make sure to do the right pairing to achieve the desired appeal and call it a statement. Half sleeves kurtis are very popular in the young generation and budding fashion enthusiasts. These make a great choice for college-goers and working women.

If you are up for buying this quirky sleeve pattern, catch with IndiaRush and sneak into its kurti section to get hold of the best staples in town. All these latest women dresses are available in the pocket-friendly prices and whooping discounts.

Batwing Sleeves

If you crave for comfort in an outfit, batwing sleeves can be your best friend. Well, the name suggests the appearance. Just like the wings of a bat, these sleeves are wide-open and come with deeper armholes. If you are buying kurtis for the summer season, go for batwing sleeved clothes and stay peaceful with your valuable comfort.

The sleeve pattern is available in both casual and party-wear to match the fashion needs and style statement of every individual. Batwing sleeves can vary in terms of length, from very short to long. Get ready to buy these designer kurtis and enhance your closet collection instantly.

Lantern Sleeves

Have you ever seen a lantern??? The sleeve design is similar to the shape of a lantern and hails from the vintage fashion. It was earlier found in vintage women gowns and other lavish dresses which are generally worn by royal ladies and princesses. In this pattern, the head of the sleeve has a huge flare which narrows towards the wrist and similar thing happens at the bottom side of the sleeve which ultimately leads to the shape of a lantern.

Try this classic sleeve design in party-wear kurtis and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Let’s shop together.

Cape Sleeves

Wearing a cape is the hottest trend in the fashion world and the style is hugely loved by modern women and fashion experts. You rarely have seen it in kurtis but the style can be easily incorporated with the help of your family tailor, only if you are willing to. An extra cape can add plenty of charm to any casual looking kurti and is the ideal way to look like a million bucks.

Check out the latest cape style kurtis available online and take fashion notes to reinvent your ethnic dressing style. The sleeve pattern covers the front bodice of the wearer and looks exceptionally glamorous when worn rightly.

Now, you have all the information about the most stylish and attractive types of sleeves to try in kurtis. What are you still waiting for??? Go & pick your style to dazzle in designer kurtis and get ready to hold a gaze at any moment.

Stay tuned with Indiarush to get trendy-latest news of Fashion and Fashionistas... ;)

Her girls, what your impressive pick from the list? Do tell us at the comment section because our ears are all for you!

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