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12 Tips To Hit The Floor On This Navratra With Stunning Chaniya Choli

How about presenting conventional ways with a slight sprinkle of twists? Ditch the old conventional ways of dressing up in Navratri nights. Here are 12 new trendy looks and ways through which you can brush up your style statement in a snap. Roll them all girl!

by : Paromita. On 18/09/17. 0 Comments.

Dandiya nights or raas is a time, when every girl, especially every fashion enthusiast dreams for a fortissimo entry. Every girl wants to look pretty no matter what the occasion is and wants to stand out among the crowd. And as Dandiya nights, Navratri is speeding towards the door with plush colours and reasons to enjoy with utter fashion. By any chance, will you go with the same dress as the previous year?

My grave condolences to the affirmative answer givers! My hands are for those who are saying ‘Hell, no!’ and here I have stockpiled stunning chaniya choli’s designs that will look stunning on Navratri nights. Get ready to hit the floor with not just chaniya cholis but amazing tips and ideas that will completely transform your every year Navratra a memorable time.

You might be thinking why Indians are so hung over lehengas and choli; it’s just because they offer your body a complete shape, showcasing curves that make men go ‘wooooo’. Apart from these obvious facts, this Indian traditional dress defines the Indian work style in a much better way. Have you ever noticed it? These chaniya cholis are greatly inspired by the art of western India – Gujarat and Rajasthan. This is the reason of having such prolific colours and platter full of embellishments on the dress. Of course, no one is forcing you to go too traditional and according to the gone-gen and can always transform the look of the dress with an iota of changes. Yes, iotas are welcome!


Let’s check out the latest ways to wear lehengas with right accessories and jewellery and some prop tips to make you dash the night like a celebrity.
(C’mon scroll down...)

Shirt Collar Blouse & Dual Tone Ghagra

How about getting some inspirations from Haryana, where people wear shirts instead of typical blouses? Trust me; it will be fun this festive occasion!

The regular shirt collar blouse has quite earned a fame among the millennial as well due to the carefree pinch. Just make out your saree in any way, and wear your blouse like a pro. Listen, there are more. Check it out:

1. You can also wear a regular shirt as well and can pull on the bottom hemline and make a knot
2. Have you used chequered blouse? Let’s experiment this style with old worn flannel shirt

Belt With Chaniya Choli

Adding belt is the best way to spruce up the complete look in a jiffy. The DIY offers a sense of contemporary touch to your Desi glimpse. Definitely, you may find out various types of ethnic belts, accessories, tassels in the market. Don’t you wish to craft your own style with the combination of uniqueness? If you are thinking of lazing around or why to take the load, don’t forget that this will never make you different from the others in the crowd. Check out more interesting ideas that are doable with this category:

1. Check out tan or chocolate hue leather belt besides the bling traditional one
2. You can also take some lace strap to fill the gap
3. There is no necessity to match the contrast

Contrasting Dupattas

Only a stylist can feel the lush play of colours, patterns, designs and embrace the feminine pick of such flows that only dupattas can provide. Just remember those days, when crave so much to wear dupattas just as a style statement...

The trick is in wearing and draping; so, let’s catch up:
1. Drape your dupatta in the most comfortable way, to make sure it won’t interfere when you would be busy in rollicking
2. Always invest in dupattas separately and buy some aesthetic pieces such as – Banarasi silk dupattas, kalamkari dupattas and etc.
3. Contrast is the game of 21st century; stay tuned

Cut Out Cholis

There is no mandatory gap to be filled by you if you want an ultra stylish tag. You can simply wear the classic in a way to make it eye captivating. And for this, you need the confidence to wear deep back cut blouse or choli.

Check out deep square cut and pom pom embellished blouse designs, only one-sided dori design and much more to steal everyone’s attention. Let your peers go green, darling! And for more spices, here are the tricks:

1. If you are not comfortable these sexy blouses with ghagras, you can always check them out with your favourite saree
2. Pop colours add life to these pieces; make sure you have some hues in your mind

Peplum Blouse For Sure

Peplum tops are the sweetest darlings in the contemporary world. Isn’t it? BFFs don’t hesitate even while stealing the pretty peplums from their buddy’s closet. It’s just ‘Ok na yaar!’

Let’s bring this craze while topping up chaniya or ghagra with peplum blouse. You think this crazy as the festival demands more traditional embellishments!? Well, not at all! Nothing is that necessary and you can always tweak a little bit of it to add some spark.

1. And the additional fashion statements you can opt are:
2. Wear these tops with heavy chand baalis, chandeliers, and marble attached jhumkis
3. Your peplum must be fit from the bust line because this will turn out the magic afterwards


Layered Chaniya Choli

Make it simple yet quirky with the help of beautifully layered chaniya choli. The layered skirt has many layers to showcase the elegance of the attire and being so quirky, this pick-up will definitely give you an attention magnetising look. You can team up these layered skirts with stylish crop tops, designer blouse or choli, jacket style blouse which will come till the waistline. Make sure you are enough confident while carrying it. It’s just like combining the hard jest of traditional and contemporary drapes. Here come the tips:

1. Complete it with colourful danglers, baalis or jhumkas
2. Make sure each and every fabric of the layers is same or syncing together
3. Keep your hairstyle clean and well plaited; don’t try messy hairstyles with this attire

How About A Shoulder Cape Choli

Capes are quite raging its demand among the common crowd. If you are a fashionista or have a keen liking of new and trendy fashion staples, you can always try capes for sure. Navratris are all about the colours, decorations and dressing up such pomp. They are more comfortable to wear because you don’t have to get fit into those tight sleeves and neck hemlines. Here are some quick tips that you will definitely need:

1. Look even more beautiful with the sheer and adherence
2. Choose which shape of cape will suit you best; for instance, you have broad shoulders then strictly go for shoulder cape choli
3. A little bit of sequin will amp up your beauty

Mindful Choice Of Fabric & Colours

The celebration in this festival won’t be like ring-a-ring-a-roses! There will more rush and frolic which can be enjoyed only when opted comfortable fabrics and accessories. You can’t appoint heavy or pinching fabrics for the days and you also need to concentrate more on the colours as well. Avoid too dark or deep colours during the festive time.

With A Colourful Tunic

Tunics and kurtis are forever loved for every kind of woman. And here, ‘kind’ means a shopaholic, a corporate woman, a homemaker, a teacher, a casual worker, a freelancer, an adventurer and etc.

Why women love tunics more than short tops? Well, they are comfortable, quick and easy to wear and look quite peachish when teamed up with skirts. Pair up the trendy tunic with your traditional Navratri skirt. Of course, it is not necessary to match the colours of the skirt and tunic but try to sync them well. Let’s catch up more interesting tips and ideas:

1. Colours from the same palette can do magic; if your ghagra is of turquoise, choose peach tunic with Gujarati work pattern
2. Embrace the festive season with a lot of colours and tunic designs
3. Experiment with voguish necklines and sleeve patterns and if in doubt choose, mandarin collar

Patterns That Matter

Let’s go straight to the tips because I’m sure you would be more interested in them;

1. Choose more quirky designs, prints and pattern for your choli
2. Contrasting colour blocks, hues, shades will be more scintillating
3. Prints adorning the Gujarati and Rajasthani should be on your list (if you have any confusion, get reference from the above-given image)
4. Patterns with symmetry will be more captivating; keep this in mind
5. Don’t use large embellishments such as mirrors or sequins

Pom Pom Chaniya Choli

Pom-poms have become the fashion sensation of many fashionistas and reasons behind this are pretty simple. They are super CUTE and FLUFFY! Do you want to join the group of such pom pom lovers?

Now, pair up your choli or lehenga blouse with pom poms at the hemlines or sleeves or necklines according to your wish or as it goes with your stature. It is not necessary to always match the colour of the blouse with that of the pom poms, but make sure they are synching well. Look out more ideas:

1. Look out for an off-shoulder crop top to attach pom-poms
2. Pair these crop tops with flared skirt or traditional Banarasi lehenga
3. Don’t wear too much jewellery (even oxidised) and let the pom pom peep out of the scenario

Jewellery That Defines The Essence Of Chaniya Choli

The heavy jewellery platter is a must when you are heading out to a Navratri dandiya nights. The jewels need to be heavy and focus more on oxidised or antique jewellery to get the exact essence of the days. And why should you opt for them? Well, they pair best with embellished attires of the time. Check out some pics of Ras dancers to get the idea behind such out of the box jewellery.

Make sure you look ready to make some deadly moves at the night with these style tips. Do you have some more? Yes, I’m talking about the tips!

Do share your thoughts with us and keep calm when you read ours...

Till then, Bonne Chance.

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