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12 Simple Ways To Look Different Every Time

Don't you feel bored of the same denim and shirt pairing, the same patterned suits over and over wearing, and pants that are too same which now look lame!? Yea, we all have that feeling, but do we find anything else to prep up our look instantly. We have! Here are 12 best-simple picks from both ethnic and western world to make every woman look out-of-the-crowd and stylish.

by : Paromita. On 02/08/17. 0 Comments.

There are days and nights and a silver lining in between them which only can tell you about the difference. Both of them stands for something different yet establish an epitome of beauty. The same thing happens with the fashion enthusiasts and their wardrobe. It’s a complete check and turn-over of the same closet which gives you a new and refreshing look of the day but there are further lots of things that really matter to make you look like a tinsel town fairy. Be it that same pair of your old jeans or rugged shirt (which you have lent from your boyfriend), a lot can happen with them to look like ‘Oh, there is something pixie, I haven’t seen before!’

There are lots of dresses and combos which for sure, you haven’t tried yet and for sure you will die out of surprise if we name them. (At least don’t die!)

From Mom jeans to paper bag pants, there are pairs of which can bring your legs a little oomph. There are even some long forgotten trends which are back with a bang and can be used to rule the 7 continents of fashion ramps. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready with your fashion gun to rule the stage like never before. And trust me; they will hit every person’s heart and tongue, getting you surprising compliments.

Mom Jeans – Ask For Some

A little change from Boyfriend to Mom, things will happen to become better and more fashionable. And the reasons are – Of course a lady knows better of the fashion and no one can overrule the sayings of a mother.

Well, keep the quip aside and concentrate on buying Mom jeans this season. These pairs will give you the real meaning of high waist because they can even cover your mid rib or abdominal area. Superbly loose and baggy along the length, these pairs are a steal that you are worthy of.

How To Style

1. Wear them with bustiers to show what you have – curves and a typical Asian beauty for god’s sake!
2. Try to adore a pop for the top wear.
3. Wear block heels or heeled sneakers.

Pseudo Sweaters Over Shirts

This is one of the coolest looks that I dire to drape during winters. It’s so obvious that we have to wear a sweater but here the twist is their (shirt + sweater) over size appeal. If you have a lean figure, then this is the perfect to showcase your appeal. And for the plump belles, this look will bring a breeze when worn with heaven heels. Always pick out the contrasting duos otherwise the other one will outshine the later one.

How To Style

1. A plain or pleated pair of bottom wears or trousers will look perfect for the season.
2. Try to pick an oversized shirt so that you can roll up the cuffs at last.
3. A contrasting pair of ballerinas will perfectly complement the attire.

Black In Every Type – It’s Urgent Ladies!

Black is omnipotent if you try to take a sneak peek inside a fashionista’s wardrobe. Women with classic choice love to have dozens of pairs of black because there are days when you simply want to show the authoritarian deal of yours or in a blue mood and simply wish to ignore the judgements. The reasons can be many but as the site is running out of pages and inks, I am mentioning the important twos.

A black skirt, jeans, shirt, top, bustier, lingerie, and blah-blah-blah, each and every feminine item from the black array exudes passion, sass and strength of a woman. So, it’s a must have! Do you have?

How To Style

1. Do you know that black colour needs the most low maintenance back-up? And this how messy yet divas deal with the dilemmas!
2. Never wear 100% black. Always leave a scope to fit other colour at least at one place.
3. Be a minimalist when carrying above 50% of black.

A Pleated Long Jacket

A long jacket is something that woman from every genre likes it. Be it a writer on wander-lusting, a corporate woman on the hunt, a homemaker on her busy schedule or a player with a chauffeur, a long pleated jacket will always be a stylish adhere for the women with class. A pleated long jacket or coat is a handsome inclusion when you are little confused about the whole get-up. Wear it on or pull it off, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

How To Style

1. Wear these jackets or coats with clean shirts and trousers.
2. Catch the style statement with pointed pumps and stilettos.
3. Carry your elan with a tote bag.

Denim Shorts – All New Style

This is not the regular one and 2017 has seen a startling glimpse of it on many fashion bloggers and stylists. These pairs exude a class and sophistication with a bold statement as they are baggy and loose along the length. The waistline can be loose and in paper bag pant style as well. The style is the new rage of the age and is adorned by every stylist of the industry.

How To Style

1. Wear them with contrasting top and shirt.
2. A pseudo stylish tie will definitely make the pair an unbeatable one.
3. How about a boho-chic necklace or long pendant?

Paper Bag Pants

Paper bag waists are weird in style and when these waist’s style come in skirts and shorts, they look more attractive and of course attentive. The ruffled waist-line is perfectly balanced by the straight elongated pants style that will definitely flatter the body. And the best thing is that they are available in vivacious colours. This pair of pants is the epitome of feminity but can be look edged when worn with a bomber or biker jackets.

How To Style

1. Catch up the spirit with these pop pants and ribbed collared tops.
2. Make sure the hue are little bright and preppy.
3. Finish off your style with block heels or heaven heels.

Paisley Salwar & Jacket Shirt

Now, this is from the gallery of ethnic and Indian traditional drapes. You must have come across with dozens of salwars and their vivacious types which have flattered your curves and over all appeal. But have you heard of Paisley salwars yet? If not, then it is not your fault at all! The designers have launched it secretly from the creative mansion and only fashionistas have this leaked news. So, enjoy these paisley salwars which feature a beautifully shaped cutting at the end of the leg cuffs. Moreover, they are somewhat attached to the thigh length.

How To Style

1. You can style your vogue like the picture shown – with a plush jacket kurta.
2. Wear nude or blossom pink block heels with the complete attire.
3. Wear just chandelier earrings and you are done.

High Waist Pants – Still On

A classic hit but the offerings of this oldie hasn’t finished yet. It has a lot still! The pants were the rage of 80’s and sage of 2017. Isn’t it? People love this type of fashion nowadays as well and the best part is you can wear these with various types of shirts, tops and mini dresses. Did you halt at the last word? Of course! You can easily fold up your dear mini dress and can wear them with these pants. And here are some extra crazy tips to follow;

How To Style

1. If your high waists are little loose then go for a tight or fitted top.
2. Avoid wearing kurtas or kurtis or tunics with them.
3. Show off the height of these pants and try to tuck your top wears.

Lend Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

Lend it and mend it!
Well, the secret of this style is your creative mind and how you see the fashion on you. Take the borrowed shirt and ask your tailor to get them in a regular fit. You can add patch works, extra embroidery works over it to give it the best twist. Tuck it completely or tuck it with a half mood to look like a dapper in the city.

How To Style

1. Look at the picture man; do you need anything else as a style statement!?
2. Do you have a pair of ripped loose jeans? Yeah, that will be a classy inclusion.
3. Carry a hobo bag or hippy long bag to showcase your true carefree spirit.

A Tulle Attached

How about a tulle piece attaché to your jeans waist? Well, this craziness is all mine and I would like to take the privilege from here to suggest to do the same! (Well, I am a lover of British classics; hope you pardon my language string)

Tulle is a net made cloth which is famous for the crafting of ballerinas skirts. But nowadays, they are available in many types. So, why not over our fave denim?

How To Style

1. Tulle is completely equal to the ultra feminine character. Break the monotony by pairing it with a biker jacket.
2. Carry your complete attire with a strapped high heel.
3. If you are attending any kind of serene party, then throw a subtle appeal with pop coloured top, jeans with tulle and a floral tiara.

Layering Crop Tops

I can’t wear them at the office! I can’t carry them on busy roads like in Delhi metro or Chandni Chowk! Moreover, my Mom finds it a larger than life bra which can’t be worn alone!

Hey! Do you meddle up in between the same hustle and bustles? Here is the remedy darling!

Wear your crop tops over a sleeveless dress and give your appeal a completely new twist. Call it a ‘good girl’ dress; this style will earn you lots of surprise stares and compliments for sure.

How To Style

1. A high collared dress or long shirt and wear the same with a deep necked pop coloured crop top – WOW mixture.
2. Wear the combos with a pair of sneakers or platform espadrilles to snatch all stares.
3. Light makeup will look perfect.

Suspenders – A Great Pair Of Poppers

Once upon a time, common people called them weirdo pairs but the age as coming up to call them dapper. Not only with pants but one can attach them with the skirts as well. You do not have to think much about your back peek-a-boo when these suspenders are making sure to be at the place. Wear them with a high collared shirt or stylish tops, they will definitely become the point of sensation in your appeal.

How To Style

1. Make sure the suspenders are in pop colours if the base is light and deep in hue.
2. How about a pair of deep coloured boots with this attire? Try them if the dress is ultra short.
3. Carry a chic sling bag or baggy clutch to flaunt your cool suspenders among the peers.

These points are on the hit list of every fashion enthusiast and if you are done with them then stay tuned because right now I am making the second list which can make your wardrobe go groove with latest style and fashion.

Like them or not; do tell us what I have missed here and the comment section won’t mind if you put down some spicy comment. Waiting girls...XOXO

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