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11 Ways Tall Women Have Advantages Over Stylish Dresses

Do you belong to an above 5’5” clan? If yes, then thanks to your creator for putting those glam genes into your body! Know how and why can you simply rock wearing each and every type of dress and accessories and additional. Get complete style tips on designer ethnic and western looks here; hoping that you will definitely hop with joy!

by : Paromita. On 10/04/17. 0 Comments.

Tall girls are always the odd one out when they have such darling friends come upto their heart level. And it always feels ‘out of the clan’ when we dress up in a little more vogue style and strut in high heels. It happens; to not everyone but the luckiest and tallest group of the world.

Hey girl, if you are more than 5’5” then you’re something that your girlfriend can be jealous with. You hate average materials because the God hadn’t made you with compromises and created full length! Thanks to heavens to make you a girl of highest clan – tall women. Because women who are under 5’4” have always fancied your height and personality!

So thanks to your Mom and Dad for providing you such classic genes and scroll down to check out those moments when tall women have nailed down stylish looks.

Sarees – Ultimate Drape

There is no doubt that sarees make every woman look gorgeous than ever. And this is no myth that even college going girls or homemakers love to drape their curves in these beauties. In the book of style tips for tall women, saree has always topped the list. Let’s check out what are the advantages of wearing a saree by a tall woman:

• They show the best of your curves.
• Your high raise torso will give an advantage of flaunting your waist like a celebrity.
• Pleats look more gorgeous when they have that space, and your tall stature is providing one.
• Be it 9 yards or 6 yards, your form will use it completely.
• You have ample options for blouse designs.
• If you love long or chandelier like accessories and jewellery, then your height can be the first plus point.

Long Gowns Look Ravishing

Where petite girls need to look forward to the type of dress in which they can hide their shorter stature, tall girls can ravishingly flaunt their height by choosing any type of maxi dresses or long gowns. It’s a fact that in long dresses, your complete form looks broad and requires a long stature to cover up and for this kind of necessity; tall girls look gaga in them. A high rising woman always looks elegant as ever in those Maxi dresses and Long gowns and this matter of fact are just enough to experience them envious.

Just A Tip: If you have a longer torso part and your figure is really curvaceous, opt for body suit or body shaper to suck up all your extra plump to make your look like a mermaid in long gowns.

Heels Are Just Accessories

Born High & Fly Higher!
The best benefit is that you don’t have to grab those heights as your necessity but can wear them as per your mood. The world is not unknown from the facts that heels are not just for 24X7 but are great as your luxurious wear. They are sometimes as painful as someone has attached pins under your heels. But not for you! Here for a tall diva, this fact becomes useful because only she can wear these without any pre-notification. Be it a long gown, kurti or midi or short dress, she can wear flats, slip-ons or heels with an equal symphony. Show off your lassy legs or extra stretched height with heels or without heels, belle.

Any Type Of Lehenga Is A Luxury

The best thing in this category is that you don’t need to put lots of efforts to hide your belly fat (if any). Isn’t that sound WAO for every fashion enthusiast? Of course, it is.

Wearing any type of lehenga will make you look a person belong from a luxury group. Plus the patterns, designs and colour combination make them look more ethereal in every tall woman. You just need to take a tab on your complexion and the colour of lehenga you are choosing. Make sure they are compatible with each other. One more thing; avoid any extra or loaded design to highlight your pretty height.

Boot Leg Jeans Are Never Out Of Fashion For You

Who says, bell bottom are out of style? Don’t know about the others but they never can be because the taller women are the ones who showcase their beauty at their best; they make everyone realise that boot leg trousers or jeans or pants are created for some special reasons.

You can actually go with variable lengths such as fringed pants, extra shorts, cropped pants, culottes and bell bottoms. Because for you, they are always in vogue!

Just A Tip: Wear your vintage bottoms with a pair of heeled brocade shoes and pose like a complete diva of the event.

Hemlines Are Your Stuff

Whether you’re searching tall women lehengas, sarees, stylish skirts or kurtis online, you don’t need them to alter them to look just right on you. They will always look sassy and pretty on those heights. Keep up the hems of your bottoms because this is where you can save your money and time while others can go and create a fuss over hemming and perfect length of their dresses.

Skirts – Do It In Your Own Way

Here is the good news number 7 in which you can twist and turn your skirt-looks as you like. No one is going to say ‘what is this, honey’ instead you might hear ‘are you a model?’.

Technically, due to heaven’s height, tall women look good in mini skirts while showing off their lassy legs and as well as in long skirts such as when they wear lehengas, they look ravishing. Now in this way, we got a subcategory. There are two types of women: one who have a lengthy torso and one who have long legs. Belles with long legs should pick out hot pants or midis and women with high torso should opt for long skirts and short tops.
In anyways, you are blessed girl!

LBD OR Total Ethnic – You’re Always Sexy

Look at Sushmita Sen, Deepika Padukone, Lisa Haydon, Athiya Shetty, Anushka Sharma and the great Khali, they all look wow in each and every type of dresses. Omit the great Khali and the divas will simply dazzle the moments by wearing both little black dresses or hot short dresses and lavish ethnic Anarkalis or gowns.

The royal lengths and the westernised flare always fit right onto the body of a tall woman.
Just A Tip: Wear it with confidence and high heels and you will spring-up the moment like a rockstar.

Shorts Are Hot

You’re tall and of course steamy, then why the hell on Earth you are not picking out shorts or hot pants? Pardon for the blast, but dear you can even look hotter in your boyfriend’s boxers!

Don’t miss these shorties and stop hiding behind beautiful toned legs. There is nothing more admirable than picking out a pair of fringed shorts and teaming up with long slit kurtis. Finish off your rugged look by wearing metallic sneakers with them. Or heels; it’s totally your call!

Lucky With Shoe Sizes

Do you know that top international brands and companies launch their premium shoes in sizes of high range such as 7, 8 or 9? And you guys are simply the luckiest ones.

You do not have to spend an enormous time when out for the expedition of hunting right footwear. You will always find them right before your eyes in the shop. Tall girl dresses and footwear are really easy to find and the designs you get really drool worthy. Ask your short friend and see her cupboard and then just remember you own; you will get the answer.

Capes Are All Good n Gorgeous

Capes are generally broad and make your entire shape look wider than before. So, it will be a great advantage if you have a tall stature and wear capes. Be it sheer or opaque silk, you can never go wrong with capes and such height. Look drop dead gorgeous by wearing cape style blouses or cape style crop top with lehengas and get ready to flaunt as always you be in à la mode.

Just A Tip: Wear this style with high messy bun and a golden comb pinned at it.

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