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11 Essentials Every Indian Women Need On The Eve Of Diwali

Are you in for budget-friendly Diwali??? If you seriously want to make this Diwali big without burning hole in your pocket, then you have to specify what's essential & what not. Your dream attires (Bollywood sarees, Designer salwar suits) are on board now. Grab them!!!

by : Manisha. On 23/10/16. 0 Comments.

When the most awaited fest of the year is coming its way, every Indian starts prepping for its huge shopping list. Is your shopping roll ready? If yes, make a quick cross check by sneaking below but if not, every important thing is listed underneath. You just need to peep in.

We all know women are the head persons for the preparations of all festivals and occasions. They are the sole organizer of every minute thing. From decoration to food, clothes to sweets, everything is under their control. You know why; because they know how to make every eve ‘Dhamakedaar’ without affecting monthly budget. Kudos to ladies for their incredible efforts! That is why, this festival is not just richies’ call, every Indian celebrate this joyful day in the best possible way with whatever resources they have. Buying new traditional clothes is trend on Diwali. To do that for your whole family without burning a hole in pocket is actually a commendable achievement. Only female specie is capable of bringing the best out of the least!

So, to make this very important task creamy for you, I am taking you into a pool of Diwali allied things which surely will lighten up your mood and home as well.

Typical Traditional Clothes

Designer sarees, glaring salwar suits, dazzling lehengas are one of the central attractions of this occasion. Women eagerly wait for this big Indian festival to fall so that they can buy their dream attires to grab eyeballs. What can be more tempting than buying your fave Bollywood dress this Diwali without even scrambling your routine budget? Isn’t that what you always wanted? Online shopping is your ideal elixir.

This Sonam Kapoor’s designer anarkali and Prachi Desai’s hot pink lehenga can be easily found online and be your perfect Diwali attire. What say ladies???

Beautiful Gold Ornaments

Can any women deny their love for jewellery? I don’t think so.
They just look for occasions to flaunt their charismatic pieces of pearls and win lovable compliments. No men in the world can understand the joyful feeling of women when they are praised for their glowing looks. Ornaments are not just meant to beautify the outer you but it fills the soul of women with joy and sense of achievement. These tiny tinklets are real love of any woman and are the reason of their extra glowing skin.

Elegant Handbags – Time For Some Show Off

Women can never miss the chance of flaunting and then never accepting that they actually love this. That is why; fashion industry is working too hard to meet the desire of modern women. Well, Diwali is any woman’s best time of the year to show off as much as they can with their designer dresses, glistening jewellery, classy shoes and attractive handbags. They just love being the limelight of any occasion.
Mark this one in your shopping roll!

Glowing Row Of Oil Lamps Or Tea Lights

This is the most beautiful and unique tradition of this festival. This ritual is related to the history of Diwali. As Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya in the night of lunar phase, the residents illuminated the whole town with oil lamps to welcome him. And from there, this beautiful tradition became the part of our culture. Glowing rows of oil lamps everywhere just fills our heart with immense joy and love. Earlier, only ‘mitti ke diye’ were used but now different styles of candles, tea lights are used to spruce up the whole environment.

Classic Rangoli Designs

Indian women know how to make every celebration a memorable event. From their traditional dressing to classic rangoli designs, they are absolute spell casters and know how to put smile on every face. Rangoli is one of the important parts of Diwali decoration. These beautiful art and designs are generally created by kids of house with the help of elders. How one festival can bring whole family together in such a lovely way and create lifetime memories to cherish. Not to forget, rangolis are always made to impress neighbours and relatives.

Idols Of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Lakshmi

Diwali is sketchy without the idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. Every Indian family understand the value and importance of praying these two gods on this auspicious day. We get the beautiful idols of Ganeshji and Lakshmiji at home and place them at ‘puja ghar’ for bringing health and wealth for family. Indians are true believers and follow their beliefs with complete faith. That is why; festivals bring lot of joy and cheer in our lives. Big shout to magnificent Indian traditions!!!

Bunch Of Fresh Flowers

Flowers are essential elements of any kind of decoration. Indian families cannot even think without adding a touch of these natural beauties. Marigolds are considered the best flowers for traditional occasions. These beautiful yellow coloured flowers add perfect kind of essence to any festival or occasion. All these flowers are also a part of prayer ceremony, rangoli and decorating stuff. Make this Diwali more colourful with the inclusion of multihued flowers and decorative items. This day of the year is the best time to play with your creative mind and get the best out of it.

Delectable Sweet Boxes we are talking!? The most important and tempting item of Diwali celebration!
The fragrance of delicious and mouth watering desserts and sweets just fill our stomach with happiness. Diwali is the best time to relish your taste buds with unique and wide variety of sweets. Homemade sweets are the limelight of this day; everyone just waits to get the glimpse of menu made by ‘Mom’. Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Kaju Ki Barfi, homemade ghujia are few of the main items on this day.

Sparkling Crackers & Lights

Yayy!!! Those twinkling lights all over the house and sparkling crackers!
Burning crackers on the night of Diwali is one of the key elements of Indian tradition. But to be safe and make environment safe and friendly, it’s important to make minimal use of such things. Colourful lights across all the buildings are the signalling point of this fest. Kids love to play with crackers and just wait for Diwali like crazy. Make this Diwali different by following different and environment friendly approach.

Traditional Footwear

When everything is wrapped with the touch of tradition and culture, how footwear can go other way. Traditional styles of footwear or sandals are a part of women’s big shopping list. When we go for Diwali shopping, all in our mind is to make the whole look ethnic and going with the vibes of festival. Make this Diwali the most memorable one with your loved ones and family!

Authentic Indian Food

Indian food is known for its rich colours and amazing flavours. Festivals are the best time to dive into the pool of appetizing Indian food. And Diwali is the most prominent one. Isn’t this huge thali containing all Indian delicacies mouth-watering? I am sure you all must be feeling the same. Indian women know how to cheer her family and relatives with her phenomenal cooking talent. Big cheer for all the incredible ladies of the world!!!

Hey girls, don’t get scared with the huge list. It’s all in your budget. Just be smart and make the best of your Diwali shopping. Don’t forget to make us the part by sharing your thoughts on Diwali prep. Happy Diwali & shopping!!!

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