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11 Designer Saree Ideas to Consider This Festive Season

The festival season has come up to fill our lives with sheer love and ecstasy. And we can't thank God enough for this round of merrymaking days which gives women a perfect chance to shop. Let's add more ethnicity to this year's festival celebration by catching with these amazing saree ideas which fit rightly with the grandeur of festivity. You go, girl!!!

by : Vani. On 14/09/17. 0 Comments.

We hear you saree lovers! The official festive period of this year has just arrived and you might be excited to shop the fine looking drapes for this party season.

Now before you grab your wallet out to shop the first good-looking saree that clouds your eye, you need to back down and do some planning to get the best saree out there instead of the first saree.

Now comes the question, how to shop the best saree?

That’s why we are here to help. Let’s remember the fact that this is the most exciting period of the year. From Dussehra to Diwali, festivals are lining up, which means you need exclusive designer sarees to bring the best out of you.

Of course you might be in a dilemma as to what designer sarees you should exactly be spending your hard earned money on.

To aid you in the process, we have curated 11 designer saree ideas that are trending crazily this season. We are sure, by the end of this post, you will have a pretty good idea on what you should expect when you go shopping this time.

Without wasting time, now let’s dive in and check the hot designer sarees out there.

Lace Sarees – Royal Affairs

Designer sarees are often referred to sarees that are made of quality fabric with exotic detailing that makes them a best bet to wear during festive periods and special occasions.

There are certain fabrics that have the innate quality to look spectacular when worn even without any adornments. Example: The super stylish lace sarees. You really don’t need much of heavy work with these sarees to stand out in the crowd.

Wearing a simple lace saree with color block silk blouse itself will make an impact on the first sight. If you do want to increase the grand look of it, try for zari or silver thread detailing on your lace saree.

Net Sarees – Contemporary Appeal

One of the major dilemmas that rise up in the minds of many women is that, how to look slim on a saree?
Here is the answer to your worry. Get yourself a designer net saree with a fancy blouse. The sheer net is such a light weight fabric that can sit on any skin comfortably without adding weight.

So it is a blessing for those who are conscious of their body.

Mirror Work Sarees – Sparkling Staples

Can women ever stop lusting over these glittery mirror things that takes your saree to next level?
I think absolutely not.
A simple plain saree with a mirror border and heavy mirror blouse is all you need to bring out the youthful look hiding within you.

If you like to take one advice from us to get the best mirror work saree, do get a vibrant color preferably on neon palette (Read: Bright red, Orange, Yellow etc) and wear it on any soiree.

Satin Sarees – All About Luxe

Satin is another fabric that can make a wonderful party wear. In fact you don’t even need a heavy detailing here to look striking. Even a simple satin saree with embellished border would do the magic for you.

Colors like deep emerald green, burgundy and berry pinks can be majestic on a satin saree. Pair them with a dense stone studded or rich embroidered blouse to get a regal saree look.

Plain Sarees with innovative Border – Fusion Love

This is the season where designer sarees need not to be complicated or expensive. Even plain sarees in attractive hues and fine borders can replace the expensive drapes.

Simple zari border, satin border, floral borders or even printed borders can be very attractive on plain sarees and instantly convert them to a designer number.

It gives such a fresh and neat look that is hard to resist by fashion loving women. All you need is a complimenting blouse here to nail your saree style.

Floral Sarees – Forever Graceful

Okay, let’ state the obvious. We women have a thing for the florals! We can’t stop coveting beautiful floral prints on sarees. Agree?
This year, sensing the beauty of fine florals, even designer like Sabyasachi has his Udaipur collection stood out with a range of exquisite floral sarees.

The fine prints of floral often leave an indelible feminine impression over your saree style. You can pair this with an embellished blouse to make this even more riveting.

Animal Print Sarees – Call it Vogue

If you have been following saree trend, off late the bold animal prints would have caught your notice.
And now everyone is going crazy over this. Especially if you have been looking for designer silk sarees, then do get one with bold elephant or horse prints. It is so classy and sassy.

Funny printed sarees – Peppy Lovers

If you are looking for a designer saree for your yearend parties and date nights with your friends or colleagues, then getting yourself a casual designer saree is a best idea.

Just give break for those silk and other expensive party wears in this case, and rather opt for a fun printed sarees. The prints can be creative and quirky to look modish in the crowd. You can seek the inspiration above.

Half and Half Sarees – Fashionable Feel

It has been quite some time since these half and half sarees have come to trend. Surprise is that it has not lost its charm even a bit. Simple color block sarees with two different fabric and prints generally make an attractive half and half saree to try.

For instance a net fabric for the bodice and a deep floral work for the bottom would be so refreshing to wear for the parties and outings.

Dual Tone Sarees – Doubling Charm

Dual shade sarees are for those who want a designer saree that is not so expensive but would also make them look arresting in the crowd.

Dual tone or two color sarees generally don’t have much work but will have just two contrasting colors to bring magic to your saree. May be, they will have a slightly embellished border for that festive vibe, but in general these are no-fuss sarees.

Plain sarees with heavy work blouse – Trendsetters Call

Here is another saree option for those who like to get your designer saree on budget.
Get a simple plain saree and pair it with a heavy work blouse. This is the most trending option of this season. For instance a deep green saree with a designer black zari blouse would be stunning. So is a plain red saree with gold blouse.

As you see, you can be creative with this option and good news is plain sarees are highly affordable.

We hope you have gathered enough ideas to shop the best designer sarees that are trending this season. Don’t just stop with the saree; do get a matching perfect fitting blouse. Plan your makeup and hairstyle ahead. Shop the apt accessories. And finally nail down your look!

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