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11 Creative Indo-Western Fashion Ideas Inspired By The Top Indian Fashion Bloggers

We always wish to stand out of the crowd and just remember the days when we really plead from our wardrobe – ‘please make me look like Cinderella at least for the day’!

by : Paromita. On 27/05/17. 0 Comments.

We always wish to stand out of the crowd and just remember the days when we really plead from our wardrobe – ‘please make me look like Cinderella at least for the day’!

Yes, we wish and there are times, when the things go on the wrong side – Tremendously! What if the fashion or style divas visit you or teach you through a demo!? Well, vogue is coming in a queue to brag off the season’s most upbeat and stylish Indo-western trends under the masquerade of the top Indian fashion bloggers.

We have pooled in voracious Indian bloggers who have left no stone unturned while trying out new drapes with their own quirk. And these quirks are something which helps you pose like a celebrity in every moment.

So, here is the kicker down the scroll where you can get amazing Indo-fashion ideas:

AngelmStyle – Essence Of Nature

The blogger is a beau ideal for all fashionistas who think that ‘modern fashion is not a cup of tea for all’. This Delhi-based blogger is a central manager in an IT company and this is where her passion drawn her into. So, let’s blah-blah on her style quotient;

In this one of the best-selected pic, she was spotted in Kavita Bhartia’s creation – a cape gown. The most scintillating part of the beauty around is its colour tone which has been put on like a melody, complementing each other. The dress comes with a complete frontal slit which makes it utter comfortable. Do we need to tell you the second prominent thing! Well, of course, the chandelier earrings are finely selected to tune up with its yoke work.

Skull & Tulles – Beauty Boundless

Where did she get this gaga representation over fashion? Well, Smita Roy Majumder has been a part of the Fashion Industry for more than six years. So, she has an excellence at par on fashion styling, editorials, personal shopping, grooming and et cetera. Let’s roll over her recent gaga pose;

The quarter sleeved embroidered and embellished blouse is an excellent choice for the diva, who chose it to be multicoloured with solid yellow saree. The large antique jhumkas are something that you will really feel to steal it right now, but let me tell you that you are out of the screen and she is just out of the box belle!

Bee & Blu – Endless Visage

Srishti is the face behind Bee and Blu who made a whopping of 110K followers on Instagram. How much she has fashion craze can be seen by her dressing sense and of course, by her blogs.

So, add on a punch to your daily wearing and styling with the help of Srishti and for now, we have her special pick;

The metallic golden skirt is vehemently complemented with a rubber textured net top. And also, she has beautifully showcased her fashion quirk by meddling with the tuck-in styles. Noticed or not!?

The Style Cocktail – A Raw Mashup

Saily Patre, the founder of The Style Cocktail was previously working as a social media manager but then the cupid of pen stuck on her finger and she turned into a full-time blogger. You wish to see new, just look at her Instagram Profile and you will get it exactly. And here is her recent catch from Lucknow;
Here she has shown the versatile nature of all kurtis by pairing it with a quirky black meshed long skirt. Don’t miss her dude boots!

Being Beautiful and Pretty – A Rich Glam

Being Beautiful And Pretty is the front face of Pooja Mittal. She is an obvio fashion and makeup addict who never leaves a moment blank without thinking of her fave things. And her pics are saying it all – aloud!

Let’s peep on her best-selected pic of the day and take some gyaan on daily celebrity-like fashion;

The blue shirt style dress is the best thing that can happen to you on a sunny morning or a dewy evening. Don’t miss her earrings darling! The startling boho-chic leaf style earrings are the second catch while that pastel sling, the third one. She finished off her style by pairing her complete dress with a pair of espadrilles.

The Style Tune – A Humble Fusion

Even her name will inject curiosity inside your heart; Chichi.

The Style Tune is a big-little space of here to advocate her best fashion sense and travel bugs. She also has a zest to attend fashion weeks in London, Milan and Delhi to keep the trend and quirk up all the time and of course, effortlessly. Here is her one of the best-clicked appearance in Milan Fashion Week;

She has denim shirt on denim pants with marvellous ruffled layering. And the best thing is her attitude while rolling up her sleeves ;)

That clean braid pushed at the back side and of course, the spacious sling bag is everything that a girl will want for her spring summer collection wardrobe.

The Elegant Chic – Unfolding Fashion

Ashwini is the main ideator behind The Elegant Chic blog space. The girl is a full-time software engineer but finds her true palates in fashion blogging. Also a great fitness fad, this coder finds a way to peace through her pen. Well, quite interesting!

Let’s discuss her new click; The floral skirt with aqua shirt tucked in is really a great spring-summer pick. Now let’s head on to her footwear consent – She wore a pastel ballerina with a single anklet and yes, don’t forget to notice her sling bag.

A Mysterious Girl – Fashion Dope

Heading to A Mysterious Girl, Riyanka Sarkar is the main voice from behind. As her name is also shouting out loud being a bong, she is born and brought in the city of joy, Kolkata. (so, writing is in her veins!)

Let’s chit chat of her best-selected photo of the day;

So, the first thing which caught my notice is her marsh green tunic dress which she wore with boyfriend jeans. She really made John Lenon proud by perfecting the complete look with round sun-shades. Do I need to mention her last but not the least grab – white espadrilles? (Though I don’t like white footwear – but, this time; I’m just loving it!)

Classified Bird – Glam Game

So here is the 9th chirp of the list - Shivali Chauhan, the main face working behind Classified Bird. As the name suggests, our 9th blogger is quite chirpy and bold in her fashion and why not; she is a Delhite + a blogger!

Things are quite justified here! And here is the appeal for which you’ll definitely fall for;

1. The ethnic dress which has such a cute work on the left shoulder.
2. Have you noticed the pseudo pocket style?
3. That contemporary baggy half sleeves giving a carefree attitude.
4. And I am super excited to draw your attention on that boxy handbag. Isn’t that super gaga!

Fashion For Royals – Just In Luxe

Archana Dhankar is a US-India based blogger and is the main source code behind Fashion For Royals. With a strong hope to hone the fashion quotient of every fashion enthusiasts, she has started this space after investing into several small start-ups.

This Boss lady has really a good palate while sensing fashion at the right place and here we have the proof;

The first and last thing I would love to stare again and again is her carefree breezy get-up. How much I have dreamt of this kind of style! But now I can get it!

The simple tribal necklace with full sleeved short tunic dress is something that you can check out in formal Saturday hours. And the jute bag is like a 100/100 bonanza gift, imparting to the attire.

Moonshine And Sunlight – Slaying Serene

In every show, the last one is kept to dazzle the whole audience in the right way. And thus we kept this little star in our closet. Introducing Priyan Jana, the main face and brain working behind the curtain- Moonlight And Sunlight.

And here is her best click for the scroll;

You must be gaping why we have entered this click in our Indo-western blog! Well, look at the blouse and the way of her carrying the saree. She absolutely stunning the complete Insta page by wearing this shirt style chikan karri blouse with navy printed saree. That tribal yet classic necklace and ring set is an impeccable choice to match self-attitude.

Well, closing the curtain, this is it, guys! And with a hope that you have liked it and have already selected some of the dresses for your new Indo-western wardrobe, we would also like to listen to your new ideas on Indie fashion. We are all ears.

And yes; do vote your favourite blogger if you want us to write more on them. Well, which blogger has attracted you more? ;)

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