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10 Whimsical Makeup Ideas to Slay Winter Weddings

If winter wedding is your dream, you should note down these phenomenal makeup ideas to achieve the perfect winter glow and natural charm. Makeup is something which may uplift your look if done right or make you look unnatural if went wrong. Wedding is a pretty special affair and winter season has its unavoidable traits. To inhale the best of the season and dab the undesired skin caveats, discover these experts' makeup tips to make your wish come true and let everyone follow you instantly. Here it is...

by : Manisha. On 04/01/18. 0 Comments.

What’s so special about winters??? Well in my opinion, everything about winter season is special and inviting. From snowy backdrops to chilling winds, radiant light to pleasing environment, everything brings you closer to life and adds ecstasy to monotonous lifestyle. Winter weddings are more special because of freezing temperature and fairytale vibes. In Indian culture, wedding is all about shopping luxurious designer clothes, stylish shoes, eye-catching accessories and top notch makeup. In case of women, none of these things can be ignored. Let’s find out the best makeup ideas for both brides and bridesmaids to pull off during weddings in winter season.

There are some advantages and definitely few disadvantages of marrying in cold season. You may miss shiny sunlight and warmth in this weather but the cosy silhouettes and tempting fireplaces are enough to soothe your soul. The shrivelled skin and staticky strands may trouble you but some great makeup hacks can save your day. The best thing about this season is that there will be no melting makeup and sweat rolling down off your head. For some, getting hitched in winter season is like a dream come true while some people just can’t resist freezing cold weather. Brides are generally concerned about beauty caveats which may occur due to lack of moisture and hydration during this time of the year. What if I share some great experts’ advice to curb all your skin problems and makeup troubles for a winter wedding??? If you have the right guidance and are aware of some great wedding makeup ideas for cold season, then you can easily make into the league of most stunning brides of the town. Here are 10 awesome makeup tricks to enhance your natural charm and winter wedding look in the best possible way and make it forever refreshing in the heads of onlookers.

PS – Do not forget to rework on your regular skincare routine as soon as it’s cold outside.

No Bronzer & Nude Looks

Did you read the article which had all the details about Anushka’s wedding look being discussed by her trusted makeup expert, Puneet B Saini??? If not, then go and check now. There she mentioned that she went for light makeup keeping the weather conditions and ceremony theme in mind. Since the wedding was in Italy amid the snowy landscapes, she picked thin liner and light blush to enhance her natural beauty and went for peach tones to match the perfect wedding venue. Make minimum use of bronzer to lift up your natural skin tone and wedding glow. Go for nude makeup look to gel up with the winter charm and get ready to strut like a diva.

Moisturize & Hydrate – To Avoid Dryness

Hydration is the ultimate hack to let your makeup stay for longer hours during winter ceremony. Due to harsh winds and fluctuating temperature, our skin faces lot of changes which includes dry scalp, stretched-out skin, pale appearance and other unavoidable damages. That’s why one needs proper hydration and moisturization to achieve plump, soft skin. Make sure that you start the process as soon as the cold hits so that you can have the desired canvas on your big day.

Also, it will help your makeup for wedding to last for longer time without melting down and escaping out. What are you waiting for???

Say ‘No’ to Sunscreens & SPF Containing Products

This one is hard to deal because we keep hearing from experts to not skip sunscreens on any day at any cost. But you need to ditch your SPF plus product on your wedding day, if at all is happening in snowy setting. SPF based products tend to make skin oily and give paler tone which is not at all good for winter light. Also, it might interfere with your makeup and won’t let you achieve desired look. Would you mind if you let your sunscreen go for a day??? Also, ditching sunscreen would help you in grabbing amazing wedding photos. Think about it!

Peach Shades & Light Rose Work Best

Keeping the pleasant environment and light-reflecting appeal of winter season in mind, peach-pink tones and light rose is the best makeup option one can have. If any case you can’t create an image, check out Anushka Sharma’s wedding look which was exactly drawn out by keeping the exotic weather in mind. Her makeup artist made use of light rose on cheeks and peach lip tone to flare her natural charm and overall personality.

It’s important to keep yourself updated with latest makeup tips for wedding and other occasions in mind to bring the best out of your flawless personality and call it vogue.

Use Cream Based Cosmetics

That’s another perfect way to achieve well hydrated and moisturized skin. Instead of using matte base or powder-like cosmetics, pick creamy highlighters and foundation to fill your skin pores and add moist touch to it. Skin dryness is very common during cold weather and powder based products form a cakey layer which looks completely unnatural and undesired.

Another advantage of creamy concealers and blushes is that they are easy to blend and reuse in case of washing out due to ceremonial rituals. Give a touch of setting powder at last so that your makeup stays intact.

Light-Reflecting Concealer & Compact

If you don’t want to get lost in the sparkling winter light and wish to stand out from the crowd, make use of light reflecting foundations, concealers and blushes to heighten your natural charm and make peace with freezing weather. This point is very important if you have opted for snowy setting and icy landscapes. It will also add shine to your wedding pictures and make you look your best on every snapshot. Lock these amazing makeup hacks to be your best on your special day.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Well, this is also a great way to pull off winter wedding in style and bring the best out of your bridal glow. Smokey eyes look great in cold weather and it also adds glamour to the bridal personality. Also, modern brides prefer dark eye makeup to match their personal style statement and fashion sense. You can also try light smudged eye makeup to bring focus to your eyes and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Do not go for too dark tones as it may affect your traditional wedding attire and complete ensemble.

What’s your pick for faultless wedding makeup???

Pick Earthy Tones for Natural Touch

Winter is all about natural glow and earthy tones. If you want to be a winter bride, shake hands with irresistible earthy shades and become the bride of the generation. Shades belonging to brown and tan family are basically termed as earthy tones. A pinch of gold mixed with pink can do wonders to your eyes and make you look stand out at any moment.

Another great combination is beige and brown for divas in town who can make anyone go weak on knees and address their incredible fashion statement. Do not forget to match such makeup type with your attire to achieve the desired appeal and call it vogue.

Gold Rimmed Eyes for Perfect Glow

How can you resist gold in freezing climate??? It’s next to impossible and even experts advise to make use of gold in makeup for winter season as it brings out the natural charm of the wearer without going too loud. If you want to keep your wedding look subtle yet shiny, gold rimmed eyes is the perfect solution for you and your wedding ensemble. A little pinch of gold in the lower and upper lid can make things serene, beautiful and pleasant.

Team it up with rosy cheeks and pink lips to strut like a star and make heads turn around.

Cherry Red Lips – Ultimate Hack

Winter & red lips – this one is an old, undying connection. Ask a woman if she can ever get over with dazzling red lips??? If you want an irresistible punch, paint your gorgeous lips with cherry red tone and become the fashion icon of the year. Red lips look perfect in cold weather and it also intensifies the overall personality and fashion statement of the wearer. Go for glossy lip colour if you are going to wed in evening ceremony and if it is a day setting, matte red lips are just the best.

Winter love is unbeatable; let this love grow more by catching with these perfect makeup ideas for winter weddings

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