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10 Western Fashion Trends That Become the Best of 2017

The year is about to wind up, so we have thought of collecting the best trends of western fashion to present you as a New Year's gift. The idea will sound more exciting once you come on board with us. Western fashion plays a vital role in every woman's dressing, be it casual or formal. The fact that these fashion tweaks are so cool and comforting, you just can't let them go. Catch with us to unfold the fashionable ride and sound off your valuable feedback in the comment section.

by : Manisha. On 13/12/17. 0 Comments.

Here is everything you would love to pack for 2018. Since the existing year is winding up, let’s take a trip back to the biggest fashion trends happened in the western world. Aren’t you excited??? Western fashion is a part of almost everyone’s life, no matter which age group or work ethics we belong to. The present year witnessed massive transformations and innovations in the fashion industry in regards to contemporary clothing. Be it casual dressing or party wear, everything has reshaped to add more comfort and sass to the overall appeal of the wearer. Also, there have been lot of vintage styles which have come back in the current era and are hugely adopted by young fashion enthusiasts. Would you like to look back in 2017 to discover such amazing styling hacks and western fashion trends???

Even though we love our culture and luxurious traditional dresses, but whenever it comes down to comfort and style statement, we rush towards western dressing. Women western fashion is one of the major reasons for giving encouragement and green flag to ongoing trends and styling hacks. The sass and sophistication offered by women western clothes is matchless and simply outstanding. 2017 was a year of fashion and wedding bliss (how can we not mention the most awaited and confounding wedding of the year – Anushka & Virat?!). Not diverting from the topic, get in touch with me to find out 10 most accepted and acclaimed fashion trends that remodelled the whole shape of western dressing. They are cool, & are simply wonderful. Whether you work for a big organization or still a college goer, these wardrobe essentials can save your day and might bring you under the league of sassiest fashion experts of the generation. Do catch them to make such stylish clothes a vital part of your regular dressing and get ready to make heads turn around. Peep in...

Plaids of 70s & 80s

Big shout out for plaid lovers!
Western fashion trend can’t be completed without talking about this classic trend came back in real world. The perfect mash up of classics and trendy clothes is what you can observe hair. Plaid or chequered prints are one of the hottest and most talk-about fashion trends of women clothing. Such clothes were last seen in early 70s and 80s era where these garments were used to be the part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. But since now they are back in fashion, a pinch of contemporary dressing has added to it to add feathers to this vintage style. From plaid women shirts to skirts, everything has emerged to step up the western fashion game.

Disintegrated Classics

The best part of 2017 is – there are no rules being followed in the world of fashion. Creativity and experimenting took the front seat during this year. The idea was to revitalize the classic staples along with lot of twists & turns. For example, wrap-around waists, intricate detailing, slashed cut-outs and ill-fitted tailoring were the few best highlights of 2017 fashion which actually caught the eyes of avid fashion lovers. The thought of bringing back classics into the modern world is the reason behind the formation of deconstructed or rendered classic clothes.

Flared or bell sleeve patterns are also some of the major rediscovery of this year which contributed to this ideation. Hats off of fashion pundits!

Single Shoulder Dresses

Whoever keeps close eyes on upcoming styles and latest fashion updates wouldn’t have missed this new trend in women clothing. Single shoulder or off shoulder pattern has become a talk of every home as this trend took over the complete fashion industry, be it Bollywood town or common women. Before 2017, the style was nowhere to be seen but as I already stated that the current year has marked to be most powerful tenure in the world of fashion.

Single shoulder women dresses, shirts, tops and casual wears have become must have for every trendsetting woman. If you want to be the one, follow the trend and make your wish come true.

Slit Game Taking Over

It’s all about slits and cut-outs. The slit trend has appeared in this year and I am sure that you would love to take it ahead for forever. Whether it is in the top or bottom wear, a single set can do wonders to the style statement of any woman and bring her into the spotlight of the event. Thanks to tinsel town ladies who are majorly responsible for taking this daring tweak too seriously and making it a trend of the western fashion world.

Slit style is one of the 2017 top women fashion trends which seems to be forever staying with us and making us follow this sassy bold dressing path.

Trench Coat Dresses

How can we ever get over with the Cannes look of Priyanka Chopra?! Our very own desi girl and now a popular global icon never fails to impress her audience with her fabulous fashion sense and style statement. The way she pulled off a trench coat dress on the mega event made everyone go awe and hooked to our screens as the magic doesn’t seem to end. She always proves that she is a true fashion girl who loves to inspire people with her styling tricks and tips.

From there on, trench coat dresses become a part of 2017 fashion and you are bound to follow the trend to come under the league of serious fashion addicts. Gear up, gorgeous!

Shimmer on Everything

Shimmer, shimmer & some more! I know it’s making you twitch a bit but I can’t stop as this is the hottest fashion trend of the year. Don’t trust me; find out yourself.

Do you remember the time how we used to run after seeing some glittering dress??? From running away to slipping into such shimmery staples, the story is beyond amazing which needs to be unfolded and I see the right opportunity to do that. Shimmer dress trend was first seen in Hollywood where some of the most known celebrities wore these lush garments during important events and ceremonies. How can our Bollywood beauties stay behind after that??? Well, what’s your pick for next party??? Think about it.

Everything Cropped – Top or Pant

I mean first we saw slits, and now ill-fitted ripped out clothes. What has happened to fashion?! Jokes apart, one of the major highlights in the best fashion of 2017 is the rising of cropped pants and tops. The casual dressing for women revolves around this trend and we totally loved it. For example, boyfriend jeans and crop tops is one of the coolest pairings to don during any season. Plus, the style can be adopted by any woman irrespective of their age and body shape. Isn’t this so cool???

Cropped jeans and casual tops are wardrobe essentials for fashion loving women and you just can’t welcome the forthcoming year without these stylish staples.

High Waist Pants & Flared Bottoms

I have to say – the year was the real celebration of classic fashion world. Don’t you agree???
If you are still in the possession of your old-world high waist pants and long ankle-length bottom wears, you have just done the right thing. Do not discard these vintage pants and classic bottom wears as the fashion industry is overjoyed to welcome such stunning staples for long run. Wearing high waist pants with corset tops or denims has become a trend and is one of the most bewitching street fashion styles. On the other hand, flared or bell bottom pants is the new thing is fashion experts’ wardrobe. These fashionable silhouettes have brought a new refreshing change in the western fashion which is simply unmissable.

Shirts – Ultimate Upper Garment

No more tops, no more tees – the trend asks you to wear shirts only!
There was a time when shirts were strictly considered as formal garment but it’s the time to bid goodbye to those boring days. Now no matter where you are heading to, shirts can anytime help you out and save your day. There are different shirt patterns available in market which includes off-shoulder style, single shoulder shirts, printed shirts and many more to serve the fashion needs and dressing styles of every individual. Explore the latest trending women clothes and pick your style to bring the best out of your gorgeous self and make heads turn around.

Exposed New Colour Palette

How can we forget to talk about colours when fashion is the matter of discussion?! In true sense, colour is the real style game of 2017 and it actually has proved to be the serious fashion twister in every way. The hues which got serious exposure in 2017 are – pastels, neon, monochromes, ombre colour combinations and other intriguing shades from the colour wheel. For example, bright hues were replaced by pastels and hot pink & fuchsia were replaced by blush pink. It’s all in the colour, girl.

It’s time to bring a change to your western wardrobe by following the best 2017 fashion trends and owning these scintillating silhouettes in style. Let’s do it...

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