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10 Ways to Wear Pencil Skirts for Different Occasions

Have you ever wondered how you can play with your timeless pencil skirt??? I don't think so. Because we believe the trousseau is only meant for boring office day. Ladies, you are highly mistaken. Catch with me right away to find out 10 amazing and cool ways to wear pencil skirts for different events. Whether you are going to party or shopping, pencil skirt can actually save your day. Probe in...

by : Manisha. On 24/11/17. 0 Comments.

What’s all this fuss about a pencil skirt anyway?! Well, first comes first so let’s wipe off this myth about this timeless staple that it’s only meant for office hours. No, it’s not and it has got lot more to do to your wonderful personality and style statement. The elegant, classy and creamy silhouette has nothing to do with any season or occasion as it is all-time fave attire of every woman. Get ready to find out some fabulous ways to don this chic staple and make it your most trustworthy attire of all time. Fret not, this well fitted trousseau won’t disappoint you and is going to make heads turn around. Sneak in...

We have always seen various different styles of skirts in both Indian and western culture but a pencil skirt has always been the most plush and graceful weave of women clothing since 1940. Yes, this was the time when Christian Dior introduced this snazzy style and made history. Pencil skirts are actually must-have for every girl belonging to the age group of 19 to 35. The flattering appeal and unmatched charm of these western staples go with every woman regardless of their body shape and size. Why I have mentioned the age club is - because the different alluring features and streaks of this beautiful staple are perfect to justify this category. So, let’s step up your style quotient and fashion game by bringing you some great styling hacks with pencil skirt. No matter what the occasion is, a pencil skirt will always be your go-to option. It’s time to trust this classic ageless piece of weave and find out how to wear it in 10 different ways depending on the occasion and the season. Let’s get going...

Casual Events

I am sure you never thought of this. But trust me, you can wear lovely pencil skirt for casual events too. What you just need is the right styling tricks and accessories to complete your look and make you a true street diva. Here are three different ways in which you can don a beautiful pencil skirt and call it vogue. Let’s unfold pencil skirt fashion.

Tee for Sporty Look

While others might be planning to take off their crispy ironed pencil skirt for upcoming Monday, why don’t you take them by surprise by pulling it off this weekend?! Yes, you can make that work if you are a fan of quirky tees. Pairing glistening pencil skirt with sporty t-shirt is one of the coolest dressing styles of the current time. Go for bold colours & funky prints to add spark to your overall look and get ready to walk down the street like a pro. Can you do this???

A little advice – do not go heavier on the jewellery side; a statement necklace or a pair of sassy danglers can do the thing.

Oversized Top & Accessories

I am a girl of 2017 and I like to own fashion my way – if this is your style mantra, you are ready to roll.
It’s been known for a while that well fitted or extra fit is outdated. Wearing baggy or ill-fitted clothes is one of the hottest trends of the current fashion world and this is what you need to reinvent your personal style. Slip into a plain knee-length pencil skirt and pair it with oversized top to bring out the most refreshing and coolest casual ensemble of the season. Add a handful of trendy accessories and trinkets to flare your overall personality and fashion statement. There you go, stunner!

Evergreen Denims

Denims are love and this love is just unbeatable. You wanna know why; the fabric is utmost season-friendly and goes with every type of occasion. Denim dresses are forever best for casual outings and events but it’s time to add twist to this evergreen staple. Pair a denim top or jacket with frilled pencil skirt to stand out among crowd and look absolutely stunning. Also, take out your fave sunglasses and handbag to accentuate your overall style statement and grab eyeballs.

Wear denim as upper wear with pencil skirt and make sling bag your perfect go-to option with this cool ensemble. Get dressed to walk like a true fashionista and you never know where the road takes you?!

Formal days

Now you believe that there is no rocket science in this one as the fashion mystery is already decoded. But you should not judge the road with the side board; don’t go deep in this one. Discover three fabulous styling trends with pencil skirts and rock your office look instantly –

With Crisp Shirt

Styling pencil skirt with crisp white shirt is nothing new I am discussing here but it is genuinely the most sophisticated, elegant and classic dressing style for important office meetings and events. Especially, the plain white shirt and zed black pencil skirt can never go wrong and is always the best choice to make an everlasting impression on onlookers.

Complete your look with platform heels or peep toes sandals and focus on your hairdo to get the desired appeal. That’s how you are supposed to walk in your office hours!

With Warm Sweater

Winter season is for everyone else; women know how to tame their body to handle the chills. But of course, we also need to pretend to feel the cold and keep us covered in piles of thread. Take out your excusive collection of cosy, warm sweaters which you have kept for these freezing days and get ready to slip into these winter clothes to enhance your office dressing.

Wear latest women pencil skirts with neat light-coloured sweaters to step up your office dressing and get ready to become the fashion icon of the season. Your classic timepiece is your ultimate accessory to add glamour to your overall look.

Structured Blazer & Blouse

The real corporate chic doesn’t compromise with her style and fashion statement. And she clearly knows what she needs to make a statement and call it forever endearing. For girls like you, pencil skirt is must have for the complete year span. Wear your expensive, crisped pencil skirt, pair it with soft silk or cotton blouse and complete your look with gorgeous structured blazer. The style is just the best for any formal day and you can put your faith on it without blinking.

Kitten heels are undoubtedly the best choice with this classy ensemble and you don’t have to spend more time on dealing with your shoes. What say?!

Party Special

The best thing about any party is – you are not stick to boring norms and can always add your spark to the overall look. I am sure you never have thought of pencil skirt for any party ensemble but this time, you are going to discover some great styling hacks with this classic staple. Are you ready for that?!

Mixed Prints to Go Extra Mile

I am sure that you are not sure about this. HAHAHA...Well, that sounds little weird but it fits well here. Wearing mixed prints has become a new trend in the industry but everybody is not ready to do that. Why don’t you give this one a try with pencil skirt only??? Slip into a sassy printed pencil skirt and get on contrast printed top to own the most striking and fabulous party look. What say?! Mixing prints are going to add feather to your fashion sense no matter where you are heading to.
This is one of the best ways to wear latest styles of pencil skirts and make heads turn around. Let’s party, girls.

Trendy Crop Tops

When it’s about the classiest staple of the skirt world, how you can miss out the boldest top?! Crop tops are the season’s most trending and stylish women wear and these sultry clothes have become the most favoured choice of modern women. Pair crop top and pencil skirt for your next party look and make your friends envy of your chic dressing and style statement. Do not forget to add high boots and perfect pair of earrings to accentuate your overall personality and call it vogue.
Go for closely fitted pencil skirt to revamp your western look and become the fashion icon of the season. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Go Leather Way

How about leather skirt?! Since the occasion is party and you are free to go little over the top, make use of leather pencil skirt to add spark to your complete look and get ready to bring the best out of your flawless self. The bright leather skirt needs a similar matching pair of boots and accessories. Be little subtle in case of your top and take out your best ever clutch to accompany you like a boss.
Party look is meant to be little sassy and stylish. Pencil skirt is what you should have to make your wish come true.

Bold with Bomber Jackets

Whenever in hurry and couldn’t decide on your party clothes, trust bomber jacket and make your way to the celebration. The light hued or pastel colour pencil skirt is the best pick with bold bomber jacket; make sure to wear matching blouse over the skirt to let the jacket take over the stage.
A pair of kitten heels and expensive studs can do wonders for you and are definitely the best essentials to come under the spotlight of the occasion.

Pencil skirt is defined by its closed body hugging structure but it’s time that you define this plush staple in your own fabulous way. Fret not; just sneak in to make it happen.

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