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10 Types of Lavish Jewellery to Wear on Wedding Other Than Gold

If you have booked a date for your big day, then I am sure shopping is the next thing in your bucket list. And if you have decided to stick to forever gold jewellery, please stop there. This is because I have brought you an exclusive range of wedding special jewellery (of course, other than gold) to make sure that you look extremely gorgeous and outstanding on your D-day. Here is your take to surprise your guests with your dream wedding look -

by : Manisha. On 15/12/17. 0 Comments.

Indian wedding is a giant affair and you just can’t skip this chapter from your life. Then why not we plan to make the most of it?! Well, I am speaking in complete regards with women. Fashion and women go hand in hand. Apart from lavish outfit, jewellery is the most quintessential element of bride’s dressing. Aren’t you bored with gold bridal jewellery sets??? If the answer is yes & you are hunting for something new and trendy, you have come to the right place. Sneak in to unfold the best bridal jewellery story of the season –

Gold is undoubtedly the most traditional, elegant and rich metal for the making of women jewellery. But as we always heard that there is always something to explore behind the bars of our destination. Why don’t we scratch those doors this time and discover some enchanting and spellbinding types of wedding jewellery rather than just gold??? I am sure you have some great plans for your D-day and don’t want anything to fall out of the place. But trust me; once you check out these royal pieces of ornaments, you will not be able to come out of their mystifying intensity. The ethnicity and enthralling capacity of below mentioned women accessories is matchless and simply unbeatable. Whoever has planned to tie a knot in upcoming year and is totally prepared to get hitched in near future should catch this post to go out of the box in regards to their bridal jewellery. Match these fancy jewels with your attire and complete ensemble to achieve the desired appeal and get ready to live a walk of your life.

PS – Do not share your style with anyone to be the first one to pull it off (Writer’s Tip – this is for everyone to glam up your big day).

Sterling Silver – Unmatched Rawness

Timeless & forever exceptional!
If you are someone like me who always has this urge in heart to be different and experimental when it comes to fashion and dressing, then you are just reading the right thing. Sterling silver is all about raw shine, uniqueness and classic appeal. The glistening ornaments can do wonders to any woman’s beauty and bring her into the main light of any occasion. And when it is supposedly the most beautiful day of your life, it’s your responsibility to grab all the attention and eyes.

Wear light charming outfit to match the glamour of sterling silver jewellery and call it a statement. Sterling silver is the purest form of silver containing almost 90% of it.

Polki – Beauty Personified

If you have kept a big budget for your jewellery shopping, polka jewellery is your take to bring the best out of your bridal charm and make your wish come true. The uncut, unrefined diamonds are known as polki which are used to craft precious ornaments for women. Polki jewellery is the most ideal option to indulge into the essence of rich Indian heritage and traditional values. The shine and royal appeal of these exquisite trinkets is simply unmatched and unavoidable.

Since diamonds here are in their uncut form, it costs real heavy on pocket. This is highly trending in current season and is one of the best picks to replace gold jewellery while looking absolutely breathtaking.

Jadau – Extensive Handwork

Coming from the ancient period and Mughal era, jadau jewellery is the outcome of highly skilled craftsmen and extensive hard work. This type of jewellery is majorly practised in the state of Rajasthan due to its incredible traditional charm and ethnicity. It is actually one of the oldest types in the world of jewellery which has got its origin from Bikaner (place in Rajasthan). If you exhibit deep love for Indian ethnic fashion and wish to live your love on your wedding day, shop for exclusive designs of jadau jewellery online and get ready to make heads turn around.

Make sure to pair it with your attire and other accessories to bring the best out of your ethnic avatar and look like million dollars.

Kundan – Bold & Beautiful

Kundan jewellery is the most trending, fashionable and talk-about type of jewellery of the present fashion world. It looks way beautiful, elegant and charming. The best part is that kundan jewellery exhibits the best of both the worlds and goes with every kind of dressing. That is why; it has become the most favoured and foremost choice of Bollywood divas and other fashion experts. Available in wide variety in terms of pattern, design, colour and style, explore the latest range of kundan jewellery and buy what matches your style and the theme of your celebration.

Flaunt your bridal bliss by slipping into ravishing kundan jewellery sets and accessories and get ready to hold a gaze in a snap.

Meenakari – Colours & their Charm

If you are an avid lover of vibrant hues and frolic patterns, shop meenakari jewellery to embrace your wedding gala in style! The colourful stones and attractive pattern make these traditional jewels the most preferred choice of fashion lovers. Here stones are painted with heat resistant colours and crafted into beautiful shapes to form luxurious women ornaments.

The big jewellery brands offer wide range of meenakari work necklaces, earrings, matha patti, bangles and many more to suit the fashion needs and style statement of every individual. Add the spark of royalty and richness to your wedding by saying ‘No’ to gold and ‘Yes’ to meenakari designed jewels.

Gemstones – Mystifying Stones

Gemstones are for those ladies who wish to look super elegant, classy and captivating. The highly precious sparkling stones can caste their spell on anyone and grab the eyes of the onlookers. Make sure to pick the right kind of gemstone jewellery to go with your personal style and fashion statement. Such jewellery sets are always picked up by royal women to intensify their ethereal charm and beauty. Are you the one???

Ditch artificial gold jewellery for affordable gemstones and get ready to bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion talk. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Pachchikam – Old is Gold

Pachchikam jewellery is actually the revival of vintage ornaments into contemporary fashion. This handcrafted art was once worn by European women in the early century and now it has come back in fashion as the perfect replacement of old gold jewellery. The art was earlier performed in Gujarat and Kutch and it exhibits a lot of resemblance to kundan jewellery. Both involve usage of precious and semi-precious stones for the creation of magnificent jewellery.

What’s your take on this one?! The best part is that Pachchikam jewellery is economical than kundan and polka jewellery.

Diamond – All About Exquisiteness

Pearl – Never Ending Love

Last but not the least, Floral – Blossoming Beauty

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