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10 Trendy Ways to Wear Checked Shirt like a Fashion Pro

Love your checked shirt??? Get ready to love more by finding out these awesome ways to wear it like a pro. Either buy it or steal it, but make sure you get the sassy checked shirt this season and get ready to pay with it in these trendy styles. Let’s note down this amazing fashion tips...

by : Manisha. On 24/10/17. 0 Comments.

Yes, it’s the right time to steal your boyfriend’s checked shirt or you can even take from your dad and make it work for your personal style like a true fashion ninja. Well, I am here to help you in doing that. Funny prints, checks, graphic images and everything quirky is in trend and the best way to redefine your style statement and fashion spree. Plus, who doesn’t like to be experimenting with their dressing or looks in current generation. We all love that, right!? Now, I will show you the 10 different ways to wear checked shirt and make a statement while staying pristine to your fabulous fashion sense. Let’s unfold the trendy hacks to become the fashion icon of the season. Peep in...

No matter which age group, work ethic or size club you belong to, if you are a fashion lover, there is something for you. Shirts for women have always been fascinating and adorable as these casual wears offer utmost comfort, style and striking appeal. While you wear them for formal occasion or casual purpose, make sure that you do justice with the type and style of the shirt you are wearing and create your best look. Nowadays, we love wearing same outfit in different styles and ways to give our best shot forever and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. That’s how chequered shirt got our eyes and we couldn’t say that there is anything better than this to experiment for creating various different looks. Let’s not waste any more time and find out those 10 trendy ways to wear checked shirt like a fashion pro. Gear up!!!

Like a Off Shoulder Chic

I have personally tried this and found it the amazing way to transform a simple shirt and of course, my overall looks. And what’s the best thing about this style??? It’s the simplest and quickest way to create and can be tried on any day at any point of time. Take a loose, baggy checked shirt and stretch it from the shoulders down to reach upper arm and there you go. Pair it with high-waist jeans or boyfriend jeans to complete the look and make heads turn around.

Or if you have got something else to experiment, go for it. After all, we have only one life.

One Shoulder Down

Do you watch television??? If yes, then you must be in terms with this bold dressing style created with a plaid shirt. Don’t you want to try this look and come under the spotlight of any occasion??? Plus, you can wear this ravishing outfit with range of bottom wears depending on your personal taste and mood. Take out your sassy checkered shirt and cut it down to form single-shoulder top in an instant. If you don’t have one, find out latest checkered shirts for women online and make purchase to give you look a new twist. Up for it???

Make a Knot

Who do this on Saturdays or Sundays???
Well, now you can try this look for week days also and even for working hours too. Pick your fave checked shirt and button it up till the upper waist. Make a cool looking knot at the centre and pair it with sassy fitted skirt to bring the best out of you. Don’t forget to add the perfect hairdo and some bewitching jewellery to your look and then get ready to strut like a chic. Remember that this world is your ramp and you are supposed to give your best walk. Let’s do it.

Baggy Checked Shirt like a Dress

My personal fave style to feel my skin to the fullest and exhibit the best version of my fabulous personality! Well, you too can feel the same.
Did you ever try to slip into your boyfriend’s shirt??? All women love doing that. So, this time make sure that you don’t do it just for fun while chilling at home but own this look while heading out and call it vogue. This is one of the most fashionable and trendiest dressing styles in the world of women fashion and will never let you down for any event. You can have my word.

Pair With Boyfriend Jeans & Knee High Boots

Show your boyfriend love by dressing like a fashion pro.
If ever you find yourself standing in front of the wardrobe looking for one good outfit to wear, put your dilemma at rest and go for this look without even blinking. Slip into your ravishing plaid shirt and boyfriend jeans and wear gorgeous knee-high boots to complement your overall dressing. Half in, half out is not at all a bad idea to go with. Make sure that whatever you do suits your individual personality and style. Isn’t this what you were looking for a casual day???

Clash Prints Like a Pro

Going ‘out of the box’ is simply the best way to come under the limelight of any occasion and be the fashion icon of the generation. Who would like to bag this title???

It’s definitely not a cherry on the cake to pick two different prints and blend them to make perfect attire. Also, it is important that it goes well with your personal appeal and fashion statement. But being a fashion lover, taking a risk is not a bad idea. Also, when you can get inspiration from this look, what can go wrong!? Wear chequered shirt with differently printed skirt or flared pants and be your own style diva.

Wear with Sequined Skirt for Party

When is the next party in town???
Let’s just ditch forever party dresses and go beyond the boundaries to stand apart and make the most of your stunning personality. What you have to say about this pairing??? Try this fabulous style for befalling party or get together with friends and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion sense. Make sure to get the right pairing otherwise it would look cluttered and you of course don’t want that. Pick sparkling danglers and other fashion accessories to accentuate the overall appeal and grab eyeballs. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Layer it over a Party Dress

Who would like to give it a try???
Slip into slinky short skater dress and layer your simple checked shirt over it to follow the trend and get ready to walk with the flow. Also, you don’t have to get into the hassle of picking the right outfit for your next outing. Make it your go-to dress for every casual appearance and flaunt your phenomenal fashion sense in a snap. If you are blessed with flawless hourglass body shape, don’t forget to add belt to your look and get accolades for your perfectly toned body. Pick ‘No’ jewellery look for this ensemble and flaunt your natural charm like a pro.

Layer with Sheath Dress

I am an office girl, what am I supposed to do??? Put stress at rest and sneak here to find the perfect trick for your gorgeous self. If you are a genuine workaholic damsel as well as serious fashion enthusiast, it becomes requisite to work on your dressing style and fashion sense. Well, you can get your checked shirt at work by layering it beneath your formal sheath dress and make wonders with your fabulous personality in a jiff. Don’t forget to pick the right jewellery and footwear to complete the look and get dressed to hold a gaze at any moment. Let’s go shop checked shirts right away.

Transform it into a Skirt

Who would have thought of that???
The girl standing above is truly an inspiration for all budding fashion enthusiasts who proves that it’s good to discover the trend rather than blindly following someone’s. Well, in this case, you would love to follow her style and make it work for your individual personality to look like style queen. Also, the way she transformed a checked shirt into a sassy skirt is outstanding and treat to watch. Go with cool tee or tank top to complement your checked skirt and call it a statement. Who would like to give it a try???

Are you still sitting holding your checked shirt like that??? Go & give a try to any of your fave styles from above and if you have got any in your hood, please do share. Eagerly waiting!!!

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