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10 Sleeve Patterns You Must Not Skip Out in 2018

We hardly pay attention to sleeve design of any outfit but it's not going to happen now. Get ready to catch with 10 mind-blowing sleeve patterns for women dresses which you can't dare to ditch in 2018. If you love fashion, you are going to love these sassy styling hacks. Plus, if you know something out of this, sound off in the comments and let us know. Hurry up!!!

by : Manisha. On 29/11/17. 0 Comments.

You should really not miss out these sassy sleeve patterns if fashion is important to you. What I mean to say is that now we are approaching 2018, why not we muster the best 2017 fashion trends altogether and take what’s best to the next level?! If anything pops in my mind at once, I have to say that I am truly amazed to know how far we have come in the area of sleeve designs. It truly is unavoidable and one of the most productive styling hacks to reshape one’s gorgeous personality. So, if you are ready to take this amazing journey with me, get ready to stock these 10 incredibly gorgeous types of sleeves into your wardrobe and become your own style goddess.

PS – Exclusively for fashion enthusiasts!!

2018 is going to be full of new fashion trends and styling tips which we just can’t wait to witness. But what we need to do right now is to make sure that the best should not be left behind. For example, if you would like to don the sleeve pattern which you once discovered earlier this year, how you are going to get that. That’s why it’s important to make fashion notes to stay forever ready and stylish. No matter whether you are dressed into formal shirt, casual top or party dress, sleeve has a role to play into every outfit. Plus, it can complete transform the overall look of the attire and wearer as well. Here I have assorted 10 exclusive types of sleeves for modern women which you dare to ditch in 2018. All of them are way beautiful, stylish and outstanding. Add these silhouettes to your darling wardrobe and get ready to come under the league of most iconic fashion experts of the town. Let’s unfold the sleeve trend –

Bell Sleeves – Timeless & Classy

Definition – The structure of bell sleeves is quite similar to the bell bottom pants. A sleeve design that is sleek and straight right at the armhole and till the lower arm, and then flares at the hemline is known as bell sleeve pattern. Such sleeves are swirling and billowy at the bottom end and look extremely graceful and classy.

Styling Tip – Whenever you decide to wear bell sleeved attire, make sure that you take great care of your hair and choice of footwear to achieve desired appeal. It has got some vintage magic so make sure you put justice to that.

Occasions – Bell sleeved tops are perfect choice for office dressing and formal meetings. Try bell sleeve dresses for date nights, social gatherings and farewell parties. Such stylish shirt sleeves can rock your day instantly.

Lantern Sleeves

Definition – What you think by the image??? Lantern sleeves are fabricated with cross wide design, that’s why they seem to be extremely voluminous and fuller in appeal. Perfect choice for lean shoulders and body type!

Styling Tip – Lantern sleeves go well with typical Indian dresses and are the best choice to enhance the overall appeal and personality. Try this sleeve pattern in heavy embroidered or embellished clothes to make heads turn around.

Occasions – Family functions, traditional events, festive occasions and wedding celebrations are the best time to wear stylish lantern sleeve design. College girls should try lantern sleeved kurtis to exhibit their great style statement and fashion sense.

Circular Cap Sleeves

Definition – The extension to small cap sleeves, made possible by adding flares at the end is known as circular cap sleeve pattern. Discover latest top and women shirt sleeve styles to know more about this trending design in the sleeve world.

Styling Tip – To own circular cap sleeve design like a fashion pro, stick to the basic styling rules and fashion game. Wear this sleeve design with party dresses and plush outfits to stand out and look absolutely stunning.

Occasions – Evening balls, special date nights, formal parties and other important ceremonies are best suited for such sleeve style. Make it count, beautiful.

Batwing Sleeves

Definition – The name itself suggests the whole story. Batwing sleeve design is almost similar to how the wings of bat looks like. The design is incorporated with deeper armholes reaching till the waist and is long in length almost till the wrist. Kaftan dresses have batwing sleeve design only. The style adds quirk to the whole dressing and add artistic touch to it.

Styling Tip – The sleeve patterns looks absolutely lovely with western clothes like tunics, tops and other stylish dresses. Wear this style with old school pants to add old-world charm to your complete personality.

Occasions – You can try this aesthetic sleeve pattern for any occasion. Well, casual events are the right place to don this chic style and make it forever endearing.

Juliet Sleeves

Definition – The pattern got its name from the very popular female character of Shakespeare romantic tale ‘Juliet’. It is long reaching till the wrist and close knitted design, integrated with puff at the top, giving it a rich royal look.

Styling Tip – The best styling hack with Juliet sleeve is to make use of the right colours. Shades like copper, silver and gold are best suited with such vintage style. Be playful with the length of your attire and make heads turn around.

Occasions – Grand parties and royal affairs will go well with this plush sleeve style. It’s time to own this matchless shirt sleeve pattern to strut like a diva.

Bishop Sleeves

Definition – Hailing from the old-world when there were old bishop style dresses, the style has got its place in the current fashion stint. The sleeve design is full in length, gets fitted towards the elbow and then it gives pouch formation which ends at the wrist. There is a cuff formation at the end associated with buttons.

Styling Tip – Try bishop sleeved tops and tunics with cropped jeans and boyfriend jeans to get the best of both the worlds. Do not accessorize too much to maintain the natural charm.

Occasions – Regular college days, friends outing, travel events and other casual occasions. Pick bright colours to ace up the overall appeal of the attire.

Marie Sleeves

Definition – Marie sleeves are not very common type but they look outstanding when worn rightly. A sleeve design incorporated with multiple puffs, tied with a ribbon or fabric is known as Marie sleeve style. The pattern is generally full in length.

Styling Tip – If you are going to a fancy dress party or some theme based gala, Marie sleeve design can save your day and will sure shot turn heads around. Short dresses with boots – the best combination to give a try!

Occasions – Ramp shows, dinner nights, farewell parties and Halloween celebration – get dresses into Marie sleeve design outfit and bring the best out of you instantly.

French Sleeves

Definition – Have you heard of this before??? The design is integrated with wide cuff which is folded back and is secured with a cuff link through all layers. This is what French sleeve pattern is.

Styling Tip – One of the best suited designs for corporate settings and formal occasions! Shirts with French sleeves look extremely classy and sophisticated. Keep the look subtle and sorted here.

Occasions – As discussed, it is must have sleeve design for working women and corporate damsels. Explore online shirt sleeve pattern to discover the style and make purchase to revamp your fashion statement.

Poet Sleeves

Definition – This is my fave sleeve pattern and I urge you to keep it on the top of your 2018 dressing list. The full length sleeve design which is fitted from shoulder to elbow, and then flared till wrist in a dramatic way is known as poet sleeve. Ruffles are the special feature of this sleeve type.

Styling Tip – Style this funky pattern with short skirts and trendy palazzo pants to add colours to your complete look and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion sense. Be smart with the choice of jewellery and accessories.

Occasions – Make it your perfect travel partner to explore the best of the world and become the fashion icon of the season.

Raglan Sleeves

Definition – Raglan sleeves are popular in modern women and they are generally defined by internal seem which extends from underarm to neckline. The sleeve pattern comes in range of various lengths, making you pick what matches your personal style and fashion sense.

Styling Tip – Use this sleeve design for your sportswear and other gym clothes. The pattern looks best in bodycons dresses; try once to feel the glam.

Occasions – Bodycon dresses with raglan sleeves can be a perfect choice for lavish parties and ceremonies. Do not forget to wear the right shoes to look like million bucks and grab eyeballs.

It’s time to wipe off old shabby sleeve designs and make space for these must-have sleeve patterns of the current fashion world. Hurry up; 2018 is one month away!

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