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10 Serious Saree Wearing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Look

Saree has always been a wonder for Indian divas and fashionistas. It's been a piece of beauty, delicacy, feminity and power. But there have been multiple times when a woman does serious mistakes while wearing saree. Wondering!? Check it out peeps!

by : Paromita. On 04/07/17. 0 Comments.

Is it difficult to wear?
This 3-piece attire seems unreliable when in a hurry?
Girls, you’ve landed at a right place to shoo away these cracky confusions!

Undoubtedly, saree is a six-yard wonder which is experimented and revolutionised in many ways by Indian women and world of esteemed fashion designers. The best thing of this attire is that it never demands its wearer go simply lean or trimmed; even it suits perfectly on a wide figure. In India, saree takes a quintessential corner of a fashionista’s wardrobe. Be it any casual show off opportunity or house warming party, festive rush or wedding craze, most of the time saree is the primary choice of a woman with classic taste. It can make you look wondrously magical and sometimes create blunders. We need to rethink of those ways which can down the rate of your saree styling or appeal.

Because it is easier to pick out the bad prunes out of the case!
So, here we have listed out 10 serious mistakes that a woman does while draping a saree. Clink wines because you’re going to rule after this…

Unfit Blouse

Do you know that a blouse is the source code of the complete saree attire? Well, yes! One just can’t deny the fact that - be it a plain saree or a designer saree, we always focus on how to turn that blouse piece into a magnificent one. Because that piece’s designing is in our hands and through that, we can break or make the entire look of ours! So here are some facts revolving around the saree blouses which matters a lot:

1. To stop looking outmoded, you should stop trying old knick knacks and tricks. Wear what complements your saree; if the blouse seems loose and baggy but seems gorgeous with saree then go with this look.
2. Make sure your blouse isn’t too tight which otherwise can reveal extra fat of the body.
3. The making of a blouse is a work of delicacy and this is why the tailors charge such amounts. Do not over accessorise your blouse design(s).

Wearing It Too Low Or High

It all depends upon your belly fat and shape of your body. We are not saying that it will look bad or out of the world but you need to know your figure line and shape while going for any one of these.
After all, it’s all about your waist and curves! You can’t leave it like as it is! Here are some shots for this category:

1. If you’re too lean and trimmed and have a medium height (5’5”), then can go with low waist tying. Women with broad shoulders with wide structure will also look good.
2. If you’re excessively tall like Deepika or Sush (5’7” or above) and have an extremely toned and lean figure line, then you should avoid tying it too low. It will look less elegant than it is supposed to look. These women can try tying it little bit high; it will balance the entire look. (Though it is a style of 60’s, there is no denying in lending something good from the grand’s)

Not Pleated Properly

More or less, it can make you look completely different that what you have imagined. It should not be heaped carelessly at the naval area because it will make you look to extra neither with fewer pleats as it will not give that saree-essence to the onlookers. So here are quick tips that you can follow while making the pleats:

1. If you are below 5’5”, then you should avoid making too many pleats and should settle at 4-5.
2. An ideal pleating should be around 6-7 with 5 inches wide but then it all depends upon your stature.
3. After making the pleats you should maintain their parallel symphony or for that, you can use light ironing over them.

The Way Of Pallu Draping

There are different ways to drape a pallu around but you need to understand which one is complimenting your beauty. ‘It is to cover up your assets’ – Darling, these rules are really old; you should try some new perks:

1. First of all, avoid using too many pins or safety pins. If you are not sure of the holding of the saree, then you can opt for brooches. In markets or online shopping portals, you can find bunches of plain and designer brooches at an affordable range.
2. The main rule is to show off the border work of the pallu (if any), otherwise, you can let it be an open fall.
3. If you have heavy busts then you can make your pallu go from one side only or can cover the complete area with it.
4. Keeping the pallu too narrow is not stylish at all; it makes your bosom look too narrow or bulged on the sideways.

Mind The Length Of Pallu

After getting so many lecture points on pallu, you may have understood the fact why pallus and pleating are so important for a saree loving diva. It is not like that only the front part is important but it should be overall to look stand apart. Here are some quick tips to follow:

1. Never do with a short pallu; it will make you look outmoded.
2. Too much pallu length and shorter height will not go together. Make your pallu short or long according to your height and the design of the saree.
3. If your saree is heavy, a lengthy pallu will add much more volume to your appearance.
4. An ideal length – 5 to 7 inches at the knee level.

Wrong Petticoat

This three piece attire needs to be maintained from all the three sides!
‘It stays under many layers of the saree. Who will look it at it!?’ Of course, no one will look at it if it is rightly managed and chosen but if it went to the wrong side, it can fall to the wrong eyes. Let’s follow some rules to brag off your real style:

1. Don’t wear a bright petticoat under a light saree.
2. Look after the fabric of the petticoat and the saree otherwise the saree won’t stick at one place.
3. Avoid flared petticoats; they will make you look fat and shapeless.
4. If your petticoat is too tight narrow, they will make you feel uncomfortable.

Too Many Pins

We understand that it is next to impossible that without the safety pins you can manage. However, too many pins will destroy the entire look. Keep your saree intact without pins. Check out some more tips:

1. Keep the saree loose and let it flow free.
2. Use fewer pins and try to use brooches which will keep it rigid.
3. Use 1-2 pins or a brooch, not more than that.

Mixing Footwear

Choose your footwear wisely because it can hamper yours over all look. A right accessory can add up to your beauty and a wrong one can turn it into a drastic story. So, this time the story is of your footwear. Check out some important and styling points:

1. Sandals, Peep Toes and ballerinas are just too old fashion for sarees. You can add some quirk with brogues like Kangana Ranaut, spotted once in the airport. Flat brogue shoes, boat shoes or contrasting loafers will add the peppiness.
2. Make sure the height of footwear is just so that it can handle the length and weight of the saree as well.

Wrong Accessories

Additional accessories are the love of every woman and one just can’t say to them when they are available in a bulk at (Okays, no chauvinism!) You can always go without jewellery but without accessory means nothing at all! Try to be on a line with accessories and the tone of the saree. Catch out some important lines on the same:

1. Don’t go too loud or too mismatched or too contrasting with the accessories.
2. A heavy saree needs a wide and weighty accessory like a bold tribal ring or borla maang tikka to complement it.
3. Forget the pre-historic rules and regulations of wearing matching bangles, bindi, earrings or necklace. Nowadays, you can go as much out of the line as the pitch of the apparel allows.

Non-Complementary Jewellery

Heavy jewellery is not always the key to a beautiful saree styling; sometimes no-jewel look can break the taboos as well.

1. Wear light jewellery or no –jewellery with georgette, chiffon or light flowing sarees.
2. A pair of earrings is the most necessary pick among all and here you can ditch the necklace as well.

So, when is your next party? Still, think that this is a much muggle-up business!?
Share with us your thoughts and suggestions or reach us directly by mail. We will be more than happy to speak with another fashionista.

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