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10 Overrated Fashion Trends You Must Drop in 2018

Trends we follow, trends we ditch. What are you dropping off your wardrobe in 2018??? Well, I have a complete list for you. Here are 10 fashion trends which are great but their journey is little too long now. These fashion trends for women came in 2016, survived 2017 but they should put on rest now. After all, when few good things die, even better things turn up. So, get ready to wrap these fancies in a box (of course with a heavy heart) and make space for new, refreshing ones. Are you ready???

by : Manisha. On 24/02/18. 0 Comments.

How long according to you a fashion trend should stay alive in the modern world??? Well, in my opinion, there are many who couldn’t even make it to an year end and there are some great innovations in fashion world which never seem to die out. But I believe it’s time to bid adieu to some of these forever fashion trends which already have ruled for year or two and should now be buried away. What you think??? I am sure once you discover them, you will agree with me and would also think that it’s high time to say goodbye to these awesome dressing hacks of women clothing. This is the only way to innovate new styling tips and dressing trends in 2018 so that we always refreshed and exhilarating. It’s time to give up on few of the forever fashion trends – with a heavy heart. I can hear you – sigh!

Fashion is what we buy, style is what we do to it. And the whole thing later becomes a fashion trend. Every year, we welcome some new trends and give farewell to some. This is how the whole fashion world works. Plus, it’s really hard sometimes to discard few staples out of your wardrobe but then how will you shop more!? This whole process is distressing for any woman and they wish to take help. Well, I am here to lend you an extending hand and brief you about the clothes you need to give away now. Not because they are no more fashionable, but because there are other things waiting for you to catch up before it gets too late. Here are 10 fashion trends which have got huge admiration and love in 2016 and 2017 and are supposed to give a rest in 2018. There may be few of your favourites but girl, you deserve better now. And if you do not let them go, how will you discover something new and enthralling??? Enough of discussing what’s upcoming and the trends you should follow in 2018, let’s take a look back and get ready to dump some of the most popular fashion trends and say goodbye – until next time.

PS – They are not going anywhere; just get them packed for a while to embrace even better things.

Gaudy Choker Bands

Do you know when this trend of wearing choker band (made up of maybe a ribbon or shoelace) started??? Well, we have to give credit to Taylor Swift who encouraged people to adorn this bold accessory in 2016. The trend took immense hype in both 2016 and 2017 but don’t you think it’s high time to stop it and put focus somewhere else. Though it’s fine to flaunt your gorgeous neckline with gaudy choker band but it’s even better to stay focused with your earrings for forever fabulous style and fashion statement.

And what about chic layered neck pieces or long pendant sets??? Aren’t they good enough for cool, casual appeal??? Well, the choice is yours but we really have had enough of chokers.

Traditional Corsets (Belts & Otherwise)

Yes, corsets have got enough of appreciation and love now; it’s time to give this conventional style a rest. There was a time in the 18th century when corset dresses for women were known to be the most royal affairs and exclusive staples. Then, these traditional corsets made a comeback in previous year and become a special part of every woman’s wardrobe. Be it a corset dress, in a belt or bottom wear, we saw it everywhere.

Not anymore, ditch corsets in 2018 and pick classic brown or tan belts to give a desired shape to your individual body and strut like a diva.

Bomber Jackets

I mean I have nothing personal or against this outwear for women but don’t you think it already has lived more than it should??? Take out your bomber jacket from wardrobe now and forgo it with trending trench coats or tweed blazers. After all, everything has a specific age and it is always important to say goodbye to good things to welcome even better things. This is how everything in life should be, and the same applies to fashion also.

Bomber jackets are undoubtedly very appealing and stylish, but you already have made statement in this outer layer. It’s time to change your taste and make peace with oversized blazers and trench coats in 2018.

Embroidered Jeans

I know you agree with me on this. Apart from tiny motifs or minimalistic touch, embroidered jeans are no more stylish and attractive. This is only because they have already received lot of hype among young generation and fashion lovers, it’s time to put them at back of the wardrobe and make more space for boyfriend jeans and flared pants.

After all, embroidery on bottom wears was never a good idea; with the intent of creating something new, the style was invented. Well, I have no aim of hurting anyone’s sentiments who possess deep love with these jeans. But I would recommend you to try other bottom wears in 2018 and upgrade your fashion quotient in the best possible way.

Off Shoulders

This one is hard to let go but it’s better to give it a nap for at least 2018. Off shoulder dresses became the most favourite and adored staple of every fashion lover in 2017 and it was almost everywhere. But don’t you think we have overdone this one or maybe now is the right time to stop holding on it for every upcoming occasion.

We understand that the way it comes flawless over the body while flattering neck and shoulders in perfect manner is undoubtedly entrancing, but there are other ways you can opt to make your wish come true. Well, the single shoulder is the new trend being adopted by fashion experts during the recent fashion run and it would be great if you flaunt it in 2018.

Ponchos & Capes

Another interesting yet long-lived silhouette in women clothing, which needs a little break is poncho. Poncho is basically a long scarf which women like to wear around their neck or as an outerwear with tops during winter season. This cloth looks lovely when rightly paired and is known to flare the overall personality and style statement of the wearer. But it’s time to say bye-bye to this staple since we have already embraced it like hundred times.

I myself have promoted cape style in previous year with loudest scream but this is the time to give rest to this magical women wear. Capes are no longer trendy and fashionable. The flare like structure of capes is outdated now and we need to come out of this dramatic attire.

Crop Tops

No more fashionable and quite boring now!
Crop top was once the hottest trend of the fashion industry but as I said, everything needs to come to an end. So does this short skin-revealing woman wear!? Yes girls, it’s time to take out your fave crop tops from closet and wrap them in box for next year. This time, you must shake hand with loose, baggy tees, long tops, tunics and other upper wears to bring the best out of your stunning personality and become the fashion icon of the season.

And if in any case, you want them badly, make sure to team up with long shirt to invoke a change in forever crop top look.

Oxidised Jewellery

A big no!? Yes, this is because they were not supposed to stay for forever and it’s already next to forever. Oxidised jewellery looks beautiful, sophisticated and captivating. But it’s time to embrace pompom jewellery and other funky styles to reinvent your forever dressing and fashion statement. The oxidised or black metal jewellery was one of the fave styles of 2017, be it ethnic dressing or western style but you don’t need to adorn it in 2018.

It may come back next year or a year after that but you just can’t wear it in 2018. This is not what you need to make a statement and stand apart from crowd.

Baby Backpacks

There was a time when fashion lovers got obsessed with baby backpacks and they can’t seem to resist this love at any time. The major reason behind the revival of these cute women bags was the nostalgic feel which comes evidently with these accessories. But with the passing time, the charm seems to die off soon. So before it gets too late, dump this fashion trend and discover new trendy styles of women handbags and backpacks.

Backpacks with normal size and dimension can be a good alternative to this.

Skinny Leggings

In the world of jogger pants and culottes, there is no more space for forever plain leggings. Yes, I mean what I say. A forever pair of black hued skinny leggings is outdated now and needs to come out of your wardrobe too. In case you don’t know what to pair with designer kurtis or tunics, then make peace with trendy palazzo pants, culotte pants, bell bottoms and other stylish bottom wears and add plenty of charm to your dazzling personality.

It’s always better off adorning something more stylish and comfy to stay in the current fashion run. In the end, the choice is still yours.

We always tell you about the trends to follow, but this time we ask you to dump these forever fashion trends because they also need rest. What you think???

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