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10 must have fashionable pants for women

If you feel little blind while choosing perfect bottoms, then pick any one of these ten pants and you will never go wrong!!!

by : Isabel. On 28/04/16. 0 Comments.

Not for the seasons, but for the boss inside you, women of today need basic pants to ensure her comfort level. So, here is a checklist for you to stack up your wardrobe with these 10 essential styles of pants.

Dark Jeans
It’s like a uniform as a daily wear. What else you need except, utter comfort, freedom of movement and sass just defined!? One more plus point is these regular dark jeans go well with anything you have in your closet.

#fashiontips: Wear it with anything available on Earth!
Ripped Jeans or Cargos
Cargos are made for heavy duties, otherwise they suit well when worn during adventurous trips. A plus advantage is, they consists baggy pockets everywhere, so that you can stuff all your essentials in them.

#fashiontips: Wear it with boxy tank top and baggy shirts. Adhere a boho-chic look.
Cigarette Pants
Obviously, they have sleeves like standing cigarettes! (Yes, they do burn from inside to make you look smoking hot XOXO)
They can be worn as semi formals as they offer 24X7 comfort and skin breathability.

#fashiontips: Shirts and then blazers are great fun with them.
Boyfriend Jeans
Do you have a boyfriend?
Then there are online shopping portals where you can find these androgynous jeans. They are generally baggy and look cool when slightly ripped. Have at least 2 or 3 like them to keep ‘too much girly’ at bay.

#fashiontips: Roll them from the bottom of the sleeves.
Woah! They are comfortable like hell!
Mostly seen in tropical countries like India, they can be worn with kurtis, tops & tunics, and as stockings along skirts as well. Due to their lightweight and thin fabrication, they offer optimum air permissibility, making you fly like cotton.

#fashiontips: Grab a pair of ballerinas or gladiator heels.
Grossly wider in shape, palazzo pants are massively adored by Fashionistas because of their spacious feel. They are popular in georgette fabric yet cotton palazzos give a serious look to the wearer.

#fashiontips: Slim cut top or shirt will magnify its wider look.
Leather Pants
Fill your wardrobe with fun-experimented pieces like these extra tight ones. Leather pants are for showcasing your lavish attitude. There is lacking point here that they are very specific with the wearers. So make sure you get a thumbs-up from your girlfriend for them.

#fashiontips: Always pull on contrasts! Wear loose tops or shirts with them.
Wide Leg Trousers
Trust me; they can surprisingly make you look taller. Wide leg trousers are just normal like any other jeans till knees and then they catch up a wider look. This trick works well when you wish to level up with your partner.

#fashiontips: Pull it down over your shoes or platform heels.
These knee length trousers adore flare like a skirt. The trend has re-started very recent but originated from old times. Not necessarily, but they do have roomy pockets and wide waist fitting.

#fashiontips: Brogues are in trend with them.
Shorts Or Hot Pants
These are absolute on when summer siren rings. Shorts or hot pants give you a perfect reason to tone up your legs and thighs. Even if you are kind of shy, then pull them with knee length laced boots. Nowadays, in markets you can find lace worked cotton shorts too. Go with ripped ones in summers and strikingly dark in winters.

#fashiontips: Wear heels to highlight your legs and boots or shoes to give an aggressive attitude.
Stay tuned to get more enthralling fashion updates. And do not forget to share your valuable suggestions and tips. We are waiting...

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