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10 Most Alluring Curvy Women Fashion Tips

Every curve is better and has more sassy reasons for every kind of ogling. This time, give your curvy side a tight kick with your fabulous choice and just a few bucks. Here are some tips that can totally transform your old school styles in a jiffy and make you the ‘baawws’ of the occasion or event.

by : Paromita. On 04/09/17. 0 Comments.

C’mmon ladies, we all know that to some extent we just what we have! Be it our round curves at the end of the abdomen or a little bit around the belly button, they happen to increase our worry every time we try to fit our flesh into something favourite we picked.

You call them problems?
Let’s face it, ladies, these are not! You are just trying to getting into another planet when you are made for something more frolic lively planet – Earth. We are not Victoria Secret’s angels or freaking models who go on diet for the whole ******* month; we are simple fashionistas who desire to be fit into something which can fill our heart and eyes! That’s it.

So, here we have brought you some necessary fashion tips to make every curvy girl proud for having and accepting the tough looks.
Let’s scroll down girls...

Concentrate On The Belly Portion

Most of the curvy women go wrong while following a simple mantra - “hide, hide your belly; wear 2-size bigger to cover it up”. This is not exactly the recipe to look up in this fast fashion world.

On the other hand, you can opt for spanx, corset, body shaper (innerwear), to smoothen up the belly portion. Don’t try to get XS figure either while wearing high waist jeans. Sometimes, they don’t deliver you the bombshell look as they seem on other bodies. Distract a little more with long pendants or lockets; don’t over stress your curves with additional numbers.

Try & Try Again For Sizes Before Shopping

Big brands prove that ‘Size ain't nothing, but a number’, and thus they are not available in a consistent manner. So, it is always better to check your right size while shopping and before purchasing. Do not hesitate to experiment with sizes because you never know which larger size embraces your body best and which smaller size make you look like a doll. Your body size range probably encompasses the single digits to the double ones and varies according to the brand names. Don’t fix to any one pattern or fitting because it may look superbly great or down with another brand.

Know Your Shape & Kill The Challenge

The world is not totally different because all curvy girls are not same. There is triangle, inverted triangle, cylindrical, hourglass in them too; it’s just like the definition of the curve is more in them. So, kudos girls! First of all, identify and understand your shape and sort out the best wear for your figure. For instance;
Hourglass Shape – Wear everything with confidence.
Cylindrical Shape – Don’t forget to wear spanx as a necessary element under every dress.
Inverted Triangle – Frocks and midis need to be your darling!

Psssttt...You Can Wear Crop Tops; Here’s A ‘How’

A little bit of exposure at the belle area may feel you under-confident. But now, you can take another way around. You need some hacks to stay sorted to wear these beauties with a frolic array of accessories which are resting deep inside of your wardrobe. Here are they;

1. Over fuller sized girls, they look just amazing and if you feel uncomfortable in showing some extra flesh then go with high waist jeans and a broad belt.
2. Let’s back up your all time favourite crop top with a formal blazer or solid coloured coat or a breezy shrug.
3. Check out long lockets and pendants with platform peep toes to carry on your fave crop top.

What About Some Thigh High Boots

Knee high socks, warmers or boots tend to make your legs look toned and longer. They elongate the look of your legs by adding a certain amount of sass. They are far better than your run-of-the-mill ankle socks which you opt for 5/6 days. Turn the heat one with this new ghetto. Try some with these tips;

1. Catch up ankle boots and mesh thigh length stockings.
2. How about a small polka dotted socks with sneakers!?
3. Don’t wear too flashy when adopting this styling.

OOT Is Not A Solution Every Time

We always emphasize our mind to douse ourselves in accessories and jewellery to suck in the flaws. Is it possible always? Does this seem okay to your heart? Obviously not! And thus we recommend you to not go with other people’s mouth. Here your heart and mood are important; so wear in which you feel more connected.

1. Try wearing a fun, outsized print instead of pool of accessories. Sometimes, they can be treated like additional or accessories!
2. Boot cut jeans and baggy tees are back, wear them with formal coat and just metallic watch. You’re all sorted, babes!
3. Don’t be so kitsch while avoiding accessories and try t maintain a sombre look throughout. Weekends are quite far...

Fabrics Play An Important Role

Everyone has a type of figure and skin texture according to which they are allotted different fabrics. For example – for a lean and dusky body, cotton or mul cotton will be just perfect. Choose it aptly because they can provide you wings with their richness and comfort. Make a list before going for shopping and also jot down the fabrics that you totally hate against your skin. This will make the task even easier.

1. Avoid too many clingy fabrics; they are sometimes revealing too.
2. Avoid too starchy fabrics as well because they will make you look more boxy.

Customise Your Fitting

A difference of an inch can cause trouble some looks and can make you feel under confident. The best way to block these kinds of issues, better you should not skip tailoring when needed. It is the most inexpensive way to look just and perfect in any dress. This little change can make a lot of difference your grumpy look in a baggy outfit and a toned up appeal over all.

1. Avoid too-fit sizes when opting for additional tailoring.
2. Pint inches loose is very necessary – mind this.

Choose Your Patterns Wisely

• Vertical Stripes Are BFF

1. It is perfectly fine to be in love with stripes and zig-zags. But do you know that are amazing shape transformers.
2. Go for the vertical stripes because just horizontal will make look wider.
3. On the other hand you can make a combo of horizontal and vertical stripes.

• Polka Dots Are Really Mysterious

1. Choose small dots instead of gigantic ones.
2. Though monochrome is the best duo when you are in confusion, but, you can always experiment with rainbow spectrum.
3. Make sure they are not oval or tapered at the end, the pattern should be perfect polka dots – complete circle.

• When In Doubt; Opt For Prints & Patches

1. Big patches or prints – should be on the last point of the list.
2. Go for dual tone – the base should be in simple colour or shade to support a preppy patch work or print or doodle.
3. You can go with vertical stripes instead of flat horizontal ones. They are really annoying and make the wearer look wider without any special effects.

Wear What Brings Smile & Confidence On Your Face

Life is too short to wear boring clothes and to walk like other’s wants. You should be more concerned about your mood, attitude and liking of any particular dress. Shun the list of rules that others have set upon you; just wear your class and confidence to garner the real you – the happy you.

What do you think of my last lecture point?

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