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10 Latest Wedding Dress Trends for 2018 Brides-To-Be

How you always wanted to be the most breathtaking bride of your generation?! Well, we heard you and thought of lending you a hand. Hold your breath & get ready to catch with the 10 most thrilling and amazing wedding dress trends which you need right away to plan your big 2018 wedding. Ladies, time is running and you might miss out something you have always longed for. Hurry up and discover the best bridal dressing hacks to live your forever dream like a true fashion addict.

by : Manisha. On 01/12/17. 0 Comments.

What are your plans for your D-day??? I am sure if it is happening in 2018, you are all set to note down every tiny tit-bit to avoid undesired course of events. Am I right ladies?! Well, what according to me is the major matter of concern for any woman is her wedding attire. This has to be perfect, unique and top notch. But how you are going to do that?! Let’s bring end to your distress and help you find the best wedding dress for 2018 ceremony. Here are some fabulous wedding dressing hacks for upcoming brides-to-be which you should catch right away to make heads turn around on your big day. I am totally thrilled to extend you a helping hand.

Wedding is a pretty giant affair in Indian culture. No matter how modern you become, you just can’t escape this grand celebration as everyone in family has been eagerly waiting for this big day since you have taken birth. The second thing everyone wants to see the most gorgeous bride of the town which in turn becomes your responsibility to fulfil. Well, somewhere down the line you too want to give your best shot on this beautiful day and dream to fall in the list of the most iconic brides of the season. To make that happen, you need to be in touch with latest fashion updates and hacks. Also, make sure that you do what goes with your individual personality and style statement to achieve the desired appeal and call it a statement. Bridal charm is something what separates a woman from crowd. Apart from that, all the extra efforts you make to enhance your look decide the overall grandeur of any wedding. To bring your fashion game on point, I have got you 10 fresh wedding dress trends which are must have for every woman who has planned to get hitched in 2018. Scroll down...

Flare Game On

Trust me; you are going to need a lot more cancan this time. I know it’s your first & hopefully last wedding but you are well familiar with cancan and what it does. Flare is the latest and hottest trend of the season and you can’t avoid it anyway. While picking your wedding outfit, keep this point in mind to make it in the list of most stunning brides of the season and strut like a diva. The extra flare brings more eyes and it looks exceptionally classic and princess-like.

Also, you don’t have to be over conscious about your body shape and overall dimension as the flared outfit will manage everything. Think about it!

Shimmer is everywhere

Shimmer, shimmer & some more shimmer!
How about twinkling like a star on your supposedly the most special day of life?! Yes, there was a time when subtle & simple took over and we bid a happy bye to everything shinier. But the good days are back now and we are all arms open for bright, captivating shimmer. If nothing makes you trust me, put your faith on Anushka Sharma and check out her latest stints on celebrity weddings where she opted for lavish shimmery designer wears.

So if you haven’t booked your exclusive bride dress, go shimmer way to grab eyeballs and look like million dollars.

Go Far with Capes

Cape is the new wing to fairy on the planet. Are you the one???
Well, when nothing impresses you and you are not the one falling for heavy embellishment or other fancies, cape is the right thing for you and it actually can save your day. The latest cape style lehengas and gowns have become the new craze among fashion industry and they are the staples exclusively tailored for modern women.

The second best thing about these ravishing silhouettes is that – you can anytime skip heavy jewellery set and other neck pieces. In other words, cape is the ultimate accessory of 2018.

Colour Trend – Pastels & Neon Love

Aren’t you yet over with dripping red or punchy pink??? I know it’s hard to get off with their mystifying spell but if ever your mind (or heart) demands for a change, I have got you great options. Pastels and neon are the shades of the season and these bewitching hues have every right to be on top. The enthralling capacity and ethnicity of these vibrant shades is simply unparalleled and forever unbeatable.

So, if your aim is to go out of the box and be a bride of your own kind, this is what you need to make your wish come true. Grab the best 2018 wedding dress and break the norms to follow your own fashion journey. You go, girl!

Mash up of Saree & Gown

Why don’t you ditch lehenga and opt something trendier and bold?! If you are in for the thought, try latest saree gown attire to dress like a true 2018 bride and bring people on knees to complement your incredible fashion sense. The best thing about the designer outfit is that it is way comfortable, stylish and elegant. You can explore an array of such outfit style to discover your personal style and book your bridal trousseau like a pro. Make sure that you choose your jewellery and other accessories by keeping your outfit in mind.

Who wants to give this a try??? Well you have time, try it and the make a decision.

Lehengas with Ruffles

Whoever has deep love for fashion and who doesn’t care about the world when it comes to dressing should catch with me to find the right space for them. Ruffles are fun, beautiful and lovely. The style adds charm and beauty not just to your look, but life as well. Do you remember the old school days when we used to long for such outfits and wait for fancy dress competitions to take place??? Well, it’s time to bring those days back on the eve of your wedding. Can there be a better occasion than this?!

Try stunning designer lehengas with ruffles and slip into these exquisite drapes to step in your new beautiful life.

More Floral, More Good

Can I ever get over with floral print??? I am sure you too are on the same page on this.

If you belong to royal background and want to maintain that aura, floral printed attire can save your day. The wedding dress trend of floral print has taken huge rise in this year only and we surely would love to take this further. What’s the steal here is that there would be no embellishment, heavy embroidery or other stuff which enables you to breathe to the fullest and walk freely.

Also, the floral printed dress looks forever beautiful and mesmerizing. What you think about this one?!

Long Princess Trail

Let everyone know that bride is coming...
The long trail gowns and lehengas have become vehemently popular in recent while due to their luxurious and royal appeal. These ethereal silhouettes are the best choice to add volume and glamour to your overall ensemble. Also, you don’t need to put extra efforts on other things as your wedding dress is enough to cast magic and do wonders to your personality. When you have planned to tie a knot with the forever love of your life, why don’t you do it in style?!

Bold with Belts

Being a bride, you are sovereign to go your own way and add a pinch of sass to your wedding look. And that’s what belts are meant for. Wearing bold embellished belts with sarees and designer lehengas have become a trend of the modern fashion industry and you can’t pass on the legacy without giving it a try. Is there a better day than the wedding or any wedding function??? I can’t recall any.

So, get ready to hold a gaze by styling your bridal ensemble with lavish designer belt and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Make sure to do the right pairing to steal the desired appeal and call it a statement. Hurry up, gorgeous!

Go Layer Way

Layer, layer & some more layers! More the layers, more will be the fun!

There was a time when women used to add more cancans to their wedding lehenga to add volume to the attire. But since fashion has always multiple ways to end the curiosity, layering game took the charge. The layered bridal silhouettes have become huge craze among young generation and these weaves look ethereal with matching jewellery and accessories. Also, your dream of fairytale wedding can be easily met with such exquisite trousseau. The light toned lehenga with multiple layers shown here is the best example to paint the real image in your mind. Go layer way, girl!

Promise yourself to bag the spot of most iconic bride of the upcoming year; note these fashion tips to flatten your journey and own 2018 like a boss!

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