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10 Ethnic Picks That Every Bong Must Buy During Durga Puja Shoppings

It doesn't matter if you are a Bengali or not but it does matter if you have never attended Durga Pooja celebrations in India. And every special appearance needs special garbs. So, here is your list of ethnic wears during the festive chime. Tame the season babe...

by : Isabel. On 14/09/16. 0 Comments.

Have you sniffed the essence of Kaash phul?
Feeling the rotation of season?
Witnessed puja pandals being decorated?
And markets are flooded with Bong friends?

Then you have definitely entered the magical aura of Durga Puja. This long term celebration is a 10-days festival for Bengalis and they celebrate it in the most pompous way. And with such a luxe drama of the year Bong beauties just can’t miss the show by having anything in their wardrobe list. Basically, 4 days, shashthi, saptami, maha ashtami and navami are the main days in which the embracing of Earth’s darling daughter, Durga is embraced (as stated in ritual stories) by priests and devotees. And in these four days, women select their dresses accordingly; means 4 or more dresses for four days. Isn’t this sound so WoW? Obvio!

Durga Pooja is a well hyped time among the Bollywood stars as well. Actresses such as Bipasha Basu, Kajol, Rani Mukjherjee, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and many more just love to flaunt their charisma in these days. You must have noticed...!

To make your every Durga Puja celebration special and WoW, here is a list of dresses and accessories that every Bengali and festive lover must have in their closet. Roll down for best of surprises...

Red Border White Saree

There are customs and then there are rituals in every religion. Whether you call it typical and old, the vintage glare is something which you cannot attain in modern days anyhow!

Red border white cotton sarees are the most symbolic sarees in Bengalis and traditional terracotta jewellery is their old love. They love red colour which can be easily seen in their choices and selective nature of this hue. And this must be worn in typical Bengali style or as ‘8 paarer saree’.

Golden Border Saree

A broad golden border is another passion of every Bong beauty and they just want this piece with any other colours such as black, white, purple and lots more. Black is the best if you are thinking of high contrast and glare. A broad golden border and Z-black fall is all to allure the audience around. If you choose to wear dark golden saree then better to get on red and black contrasting bindis. They will lighten your complexion and never make you feel so dull or hidden.

Wear golden sandals or heels and show the troop that you’re the hidden gem in the crowd!

Floor Length Anarkali Suit

Though Anarkali is a typical Mughal dynasty’s offer, it is a favourite now of every woman round the globe. No matter what length you choose beside your serious connection to the event and purpose, designer salwar suits such as them always rock the stage like no one else. They are available in many fabrics but the best one and demanded is net and georgette. Wear it with ear cuffs or thread earrings and strut off on the street wearing high stilettos.

After all evening to mid-night ‘adda’ is a must ;)

Kaan Pasha (Ear Cuffs)

Next thing to which every feminine curious mind will get attracted is jewellery. Not only the golden glare or adamant diamond shine takes this place but oxidised jewellery or alloy pieces get a lot of attention these days.

Yes, Kaan Pasha is a 100% Bengali word which means ear cuff in English. Did you know that we Indians have been using them since long back? Now these traditional ear cuffs are a must if love to get that pure Bongo look in tant or Banarasi saree.

Fusion Wear

Bengali women never pressurise their brain to follow old ideologies but madly follow their mood and heart. And this is the reason that they can look as tough as Arnold and sometimes as sweet as ‘rosogolla’.

This Durga Puja, let’s start following your heart and adore ‘out of the box’ look in pandal. Drape your saree on leggings or ripped jeans and wear traditional silver or oxidised jhumkas. Or turn little androgynous by grabbing silk kurti over loose dhoti.

Don’t forget to share your looks girl!

Front Slit Suit

Great for your morning or evening visit at the temple, front slit suit must be your next selection at the day of saptami. It is not that glorious but enough bright to ooze up your simplicity. Try fabricated bangles and hand harness with this type of ethnic wear. You can wear front slit kurti over rugged jeans as well for a changed look and also bandaged leggings are so hot these days, apt for your trial.

Net Ethnic Gown

During festive time, Bengalis can work all day long at the office with throttle-full zeal and show because she/he knows that after evening the time is theirs. Till mid-night or whole night, the festival presents a complete platter of functions and shows which includes dramas, plays, regional concerts and lot more. And for these show-offs, net ethnic gown is just perfect. They give you the royal attitude which you deserve and a little carrying of jewellery looks fine.

Ethnic Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are a great pick when you think of pandal or temple visiting with friends and cousins. They offer a cool look, without any mess. Just slip on sneakers or espadrilles and you are all done.

Assamese Mekhla Saree

Attending Durga Puja and without experimenting with sarees!? It’s a great No-No!

Mekhla saree has a special twist which regular saree lacks. Their pleating is little bit different and pallu ends with pom-poms. Thread work and slightest border work are other specialities of Assamese sarees and can be worn with different types of blouse designs.

Silk Or Tant Saree

It will never happen that you are going inside a Durga Puja Pandal and you can’t see someone in tant saree or traditional silk saree with gorgeous work patterns. The fabrics and works are just like their second love.

If you are beginner, don’t go for Banarasi silk saree as they are quite heavy and little bit unmanageable in rough conditions. Better you can go with cotton silk saree and light gold jewellery. Tant sarees presents the image of typical Kolkata with red as their prime colour. They are lightweight and can be worn throughout the day without any hassle. So saree lovers and beginners, welcome!

Meet here best Durga Puja Ethnic dresses collection and miss not a single opportunity of making your bestie jealous. Doll up in proper and share your best moments with us. We are waiting...

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