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10 Down-The-Lane Bollywood Mistakes In Ethnic Wears Thus Must Be Avoided

Bollywood scandals give us lots of crunchy gossip moments but this one is like a moral story! Check out some famous fashion mistakes by our Indian diva.

by : Paromita. On 28/05/16. 0 Comments.

Bollywood inspires us a lot. Isn’t it? And what if there are some fashion blunders and you don’t know how to correct it? Will you still adhere to that?

Obviously not! Inspiration from the fashion trendsetters is just full and fine. We also love to see their adorable outfits whether ethnic wear or best western wear, their unbeatable make-ups, accessory combinations and self glamour. But Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities are also humans I guess and they can do mistakes. Moving towards positivism, fans and followers can do a lot than only criticisms. No? We can get better ideas from their worst shows. Here our expert team has piled up 10 historical Bollywood mistakes with their ethnic wear that must be avoided by every woman. So, here are some best ethnic couture hacks which will surely prevent you from being the comical centre of attraction.

1. Too Short Blouse

Short blouses, strapless or bustier blouses are in hot trend these days. These over shows can create simple blunders if your body type is not fit for that.
Heavy or small busts are just not okay for these types of blouses as they will make you feel uncomfortable throughout the event. Like once they did to Parineeti Chopra. While adjusting bra straps or cleavage line whole time, you can just avoid the whole trauma by wearing blouses which are also covering your mid waist line. Plump women must avoid these types of sexy blouses as they will badly outline extra fats. Wear your brassieres accordingly.

2. Floor Length & Pencil Heels

Ladies you ought to put a tag of this on your mirror! “Do Not Wear High Heels, If You Are Uncomfortable!”
Yeah it’s right. Most fashion followers do this type of idiotic mistakes and go with floor length gowns, Anarkalis or dresses with high heels or pencil heels. Obviously you don’t want to get tripped in front of your fans and admirers. Instead, you can put club wedges and comfortable accessories to avoid unnecessary comic. ;)

Floor length Anarkalis matches great with block heels and peep toes. Remember to stay light and minimal when wearing any heavy worked Indian ethnic wear.

3. No-No To Too Much Flare

It is always said that at a time show only one thing because your admirer may not know where the beauty is! In this list, third level is crossed by Sonakshi Sinha and her Patiala salwar with Anarkali kurtis.

Too much flare doesn’t look nice and too much showy. One can see those beautiful flares of Patiala salwars neither the princess like down-fall of Anarkali suit. It is highly recommended to wear tight types of bottom wears like churidars, leggings, and straight pants with Anarkali kurtis to display the full charm of Anarkalis.

4. Stop Buying Zero Figure Dress For Plump Body

Girls & Fashionistas, stop purchasing clothes blindly! If it is looking hot and sexy on Kardashian, it doesn’t mean that it will look nice even on Vidya Balan :O

Even when you are selecting your ethnic wears by online shopping, do not forget to choose right size and length according to your body shape. Avoid bodycon dresses or Indian gowns if you are extra with fats and heavy embellishments if you are a petite woman. Always wear one size extra if you are choosing cotton salwar suits because they tend to shrink later. And we know that you know that :P

5. Watch For Your Blouse Sleeves

Indian sarees are loved and admired by the whole mass of women around the globe. Do you know anyone who doesn’t love them!? ‘May god give them wisdom’!

But getting ravishing saree looks is not so easy. With proper pleats and tuck-ins, you need to choose right style of blouse designs and patterns. Different types of blouses will proffer different looks. For example if a woman with flabby arms take sleeveless or strapless blouse, the look can be a fashion bizarre. But a woman with toned shoulders and arms can experiment with different styles of blouses and may try printed sarees. Even if any confusion persists, straight go for quarter sleeved Air Hostess blouses.

6. Stop Over Accessorizing

Undoubtedly women love jewellery and reason behind this in India is incredible. Do you know that in India, jewellery has come into its inception because it has been thought to prevent black omens? Interesting right?

But too much flashiness of ornaments is not good for your natural beauty as well. Being dressed up in real desi style is a topic of great excitement but try not to over-shadow your real beauty then. Over donning with jewellery can hide the charm of your designer sarees, or any other ethnic dress, as they are self bedazzled.

7. Avoid Dupatta With Indian Ethnic Gowns

Styling with dupattas can be quite tricky and funny. Don’t you think so? Sometimes we drape dupatta in a rather unfitted way which we have had never thought of.

Avoid floor touching dupatta as they may cause for your tripping and misbalancing. If you have decided to wear royal Indian gown or long Anarkalis, then it will be better to avoid carrying dupattas all along. A dupatta must be well arranged and shouldn’t be that long to go beyond your knee levels. Take side dupattas if your dress has gorgeous flare to showcase. Of course it mustn’t take the attention which is most deserved by your over-all ethnic dress.

8. Put On Right Undergarments

Undergarments have always taken the back stage while they have greater importance than anything else. And we girls know it better ;) No?

Not only they can affect the appealing of your whole look but even the uneasiness can also reflect on your face. Choose proper bra size and cups size as they afterward set the preposition of your apparel. A nice set of inner wears are them which are chosen according to your apparel such as choose stick-on bras if you are going to wear back less or too deep outfit. Wear hipster panties, for a full coverage under bodycon dresses. Tailor your dresses according to the measurements of your bra as well otherwise you may end up doing these fashion blunders.

9. What? Tunics & Skirts

Tunics look too funny over ghagras or flared skirts. If you are going to do the same we better suggest you ‘DON’T PLEASE’. Our dear Rani Mukherjee did the same fashion blunder with her type of ethnic wear and tops the list at 9 number. Not too bad but yeah too bad!

All you need to do is to be confident enough on your style statements but before heading out the door, try the same in front of the mirror.

10. Don’t Repeat So Often!

They are celebrities and their world states;
1. ‘Do not copy’
2. ‘Do not repeat’

In 2012 & 2015, Genelia D’Souza wore the same lehenga at her brother and brother in law’s weddings. And the same had created fashion buzz in the Bollywood corners.

But don’t think that it may go with us! It may create immeasurable boring environment dear. To avoid such haphazard, you should not repeat the same cloth within a week.

This post was intended to be motivational and like moral story so that our dear readers will not commit such Bollywood fashion mistakes.

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