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10 different types of stylish collar neck patterns for kurtis

Don’t you think 2017 is all about collars and their quirky styles? Women with fashion sense do love this kind of additions and when it is about their fave daily wear or party wear designer kurtis, collars take a special position. Get detailed information here because you might need them after 30 minutes.

by : Paromita. On 13/04/17. 0 Comments.

We all know that there are some types of dresses which never go faded. You can count on ethnic dresses such as wedding lehengas or designer sarees, classic salwar suits and amazing kurtis. They never go out of style just because, every time, they effortlessly manage to provide you unparallel looks like an Indian diva. Fashion enthusiasts owe a lot to them!

And one such category is ‘kurtis’ where women can roam around heck free. They are effortlessly comfortable, chic in their appeal and are available in vivacious patterns, designs, styles, lengths and colour combinations. They are just simply majestic! The necklines, sleeves and border hems are minute but can add stars to their look in a magical way. Hard to notice but do you know that these pretty factors such as necklines or collars or types of sleeves can spiff up your look according to your body shape and features? Yes, they do!

Here is a list of different types of collar neck designs for kurtis that you need to know before buying or stitching your kind of ethnic wear. Scroll down to explore...


Regular Collar

Regular collar style is very obvious to come at the first point and this need no extra definition to make you understand what it is...
This type of collars is very famous among all fashion enthusiasts and mostly adorned with shirts and jackets. The edges of these kurtis are pointed and take a steep dig at the cleavage point. So, if you are not comfortable, ask your tailor to make the height a shallow one.

Style Tips:
• Wear them with palazzos, jeggings, treggings, leggings, pants and different kinds of salwars because with this kind you have a freedom of choice as well.
• You want a bossy look today? Then this is perfect for the moment.
• Wear light makeup and smoky eyeliner for the drama.

Peter Pan Collar

Though looks very modern and contemporary in styling, this type of collar has taken its inspiration from the retro culture. The flat look of Peter Pan collar will look awesome when tried with frock kurtis. This type of collar features a flat collar with rounded points.

Style Tips:
• They are great to wear during formal events and parties.
• This look is strictly western. So, avoid it to pairing with traditional salwars and dupattas.
• There is no need to wear any kind of lavish or hanging jewellery at the neckline of yours. This may make your kurti lose its charm.
• Wear light blusher on the cheeks and slight liner on the eyes and you are all ready to strut on the street.

Side Shirt Collar

Do you love Angrakhas? If you do, then this style of shirt collared kurtis will definitely spice up your mood. Go for this side shirt collar style for your kurtis and grab oodles of compliments from your peers and friends. These collars are the result of new ideation of contemporary designer working on ethnic. Hats off to them!!!

Style Tips:
• Wear them regular fit pants or denim leggings or jeggings.
• Wear metallic watch on your right wrist and steal the show by wearing stud earrings and high peep toe wedges.


Mandarin Collar

People who love collars but feel a little more hectic when they exist on our nape area can opt for this one. Mandarin collars put an eclectic sophistication to the wearer and they provide a taller appeal when added into the kurtis. This type of kurti collar starts at the neckline and stands up to 3 to 5 centimetres vertically from the regular neckline. This style came from the royal family’s women of China who used to worn western gowns with Mandarin collar.

Style Tips:
• A very good pick if you have a natural high neck.
• This type of neckline makes you look taller.
• You can complement them with jeans, leggings and palazzos.

Turtle Neck Collar

A turtleneck collar is mostly adorned in sweaters and cardigans and features close-fitting, round, and stand-up form. One can fold them over and can wear it as it is; as it covers all your neck. This type of collars is great to be worn with either bright or raw coloured kurtis. The style has come from Europe and sieved into Indian tradition through kurtis only. Nowadays, designers also make turtle-neck blouses, cholis and winter salwar suits as well.

Style Tips:
• Wear them with straight bottom wears and salwars such as churidar or straight pants.
• You don’t need to wear lavish jewellery here; it can hide the beauty of the neckline or design.
• Opt for a sleek necklace or pearl pendants which will hang easily above the cloth.

Sailor Collars

The name of this collar says it all and clearly! This type of collar is typically used in sailor’s or navy men’s dresses. They feature a tapering, deep front V style which also shows broad collar without a stand and a squared-off back. These collars come without a stand which makes the collar lay flat on the back and shoulders of the wearer.

Style Tips:
• You can get it plain or can play a fancier look by attaching lace and ruffles.
• They are comfortable during summers and can be worn with pearl jewellery.
• Wear them with straight pants or stylish stocking and leggings.

Flat Collars

Flat collars are mostly famous for formal shirts of women but nowadays they are also used in women kurtis. The main feature of these kurtis is that they lay flat on the dress line and is quite plain in their look. You might come across with the variations such as dual shades, attachment of laces or appliqué and etc.

Style Tips:
• It is one of the best types of collars to play at any occasion. You don’t need to understand the intensity or mood of the event because this can simply cover up all.
• Accessorise or put a statement neckpiece underneath the collar for that glam effect.


Ruffled Collar

Ruffled collars are the pure love of women who love lace and the retro glam and charm. In this style, the extra ruffles are added on the stand-up fabric which gives a Victorian image to the outlooker. Except in kurtis, ruffled collar shirts or dresses are now available in detached forms as well and women with high fashion standards can wear them with high waist formal pants or trousers.

Style Tips:
• Keep your complete look subtle yet classic by using only primer and blushers in the makeup category.
• Strut off the road by complementing this style kurti with mid-level wedges.

Chelsea Collars

This style was not so famous but come into designing after some quirk experimentation of Indian designers. Now you can see them in designer blouses, lehenga cholis and kurtis. Chelsea collared kurtis feature a low V-neckline, with a stand and long points. This style was more popular in the 1960s and 1970s in Europe.

Style Tips:
• Team these stylish kurtis with denim or ripped jeans.
• Wear style statement jewellery or tribal jewels to get extra attention from the corners.

Kaftan Collar

You can explore this style in kaftans and can also be called as pseudo collars. But here lies the difference; for a kaftan collar, you don’t need to have a kaftan cut kurti but can adorn the same style in different plain kurtis as well. They are hard in a stand-up position around the neckline but seem quite flat.

Style Tips:
• You can wear kaftan collared kurtis with solid jeggings or leggings.
• These stylish kurtis are quite baggy, so, don’t wear anything more like that as bottom wear. You should wear something narrow or bodycon type.

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