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10 Best Ways to Wear Maxi Dresses in 2017

Fashion Trends 2017 are all here, so how can we miss out the most trending maxi dresses for women!? Here are 10 different and fabulous ways to wear maxi dress in 2017 and make heads turn around. It's time to alter the definition of fashion by setting your own benchmark. Let's do it together...

by : Manisha. On 28/09/17. 0 Comments.

Well, there are many but these 10 are enough to scroll eyes. And that’s all you want, right!? Let’s make a point that comfort is not only the reason to pull you towards these long flowy maxi dresses. After all, comfort is not abundant to bring you all the accolades you have always craved for. Catch with me to find out 10 stylish ways to wear maxi dress like a true fashion soul. Can you???

Creativity is what defines any fashion expert so if you want to be a part of the list, you have to start playing with your staples and make them work for your personal style. Maxi dresses are new craze and high in trend so why don’t we apply fashion tricks on these beautiful drapes!? Gone are the days when you just wear these long outfits to escape heavy dressing and tricky attire. It’s time to make a statement with ravishing maxi dresses and be your own style experts in an instant. Be it day or night, you can slip into these long silhouettes at any point of time. What you just need is the right guide of how to style with maxi dress. Plus, what is most important is to know your individual body type and style to make the most of your stunning personality and be the eye-candy of every gala. That’s how you can make heads turn around. Let’s unfold lavish maxi dresses and discover some great style hacks to make the best use of these trending staples.

Do not stop at one, you might get a new surprise in next one. Sneak in...

Layering to Jump One Step Ahead

If you love fashion, you know what layering can do at least in this season. Layer has become a new trend and is undoubtedly the best way to come under the front light at every hour. Maxi dress is one great option to give layering a try; also you can go out of the box with this quirky staple. Here are some tips to make your wish come true –

One of the best styles of maxi dress is to wear it underneath the sweat shirt and beat the harsh shills of winter. Isn’t what you were thinking of???

Secondly, bomber jacket can do the thing and will not let you down with maxi dress in any way, no matter where you are heading to. Layer to impress!!!

Right Length Is Your Goal

No, no, you can’t miss this point at any cost. Right length is very important in case of maxi dress. Here are the reasons for being so vocal about the right length –

First, you definitely don’t want to hide your awesome shoes. Do you!?
After that the problem with the length is that it affects the walk and overall appeal of the wearer. Like if you are going to pick a maxi dress with long floor touching length, you will be conscious about your dress all the time which means you can’t give your best shot. And we don’ want you to fall in bad light at all.

And the third most important reason behind right length is to avoid restricted choice of shoes. Wear anything you like – flip flop, sneakers, platforms, wedges or may be boots.

Drop Heels for White Sneakers

I love what I see. How can you ditch this beautiful pair of essentials??? Plus, they are the perfect rescuers at any given point of time. Out of all these style tips for maxi dress, this one is my personal fave to give a try right away. Why sneakers above everything else –

First thing, this amazing pair of shoes goes with every occasion and season no matter which time frame you follow. Yes, you can even trust them on your wedding day. Not kidding at all!!!

Maxi dresses are known for their fun and frolic appeal (every girl agrees to this) and so does white sneakers. They add charm and style to your overall ensemble and can never go wrong with any type of maxi dress.

What you think about this perfect duo shown in the picture???

Play With Bohemian Prints

Are you a Boho girl??? If not, get ready to be the one coz that is what is trending and a serious call of current fashion season. Bohemian style is a new style of young generation and we can’t deny that it has got some real refreshing vibes. Maxi dress & Boho print – what you think!?

The bold colours and awe-inspiring prints is what bohemian prints are all about. If ever you feel dull in life and low on energy, slip into bohemian printed maxi dress and get ready to slay the world.

Secondly, these prints are the best choice for parties and other chaotic celebrations and you don’t need to worry about your style in any case. Don’t want to give a try???

Blazer for Formal Appeal

I know workaholic women are really upset with me as I am all talking about cool, chic ways to hit with maxi dresses. But fret not; I have got something for you too. Working women know how important it is for them to be always top notch and slaying. Well, this is what you should do to make that happen –

Pick new style of maxi dress in some bold colour and design, layer it with a formal jacket and bring your perfect formal look without even blinking.

You can also add a showy belt to glam up your complete look and make an everlasting impression on your colleagues. Don’t forget to carry your sassy clutch to add cherry on the top.

Lastly, make sure that you play with the colours of your blazer and dress to get the desired appeal. I would suggest going for contrast.

Shirt Style Maxi – A New Thing

Latest maxi dresses are one thing but shirt style maxi dress is matchless and just unbeatable. The sass, glamour and sophistication are all entwined in single outfit. How can you just let go of this. It’s time to discover such online maxi dress to reshape your casual dressing and fashion statement. Why shirt maxi dress???

Buttons enable you to play with your style. Like if you want to be bold and beautiful, let half of the buttons be undone. And if you want to keep it subtle, lock everything till up.

Do I really need to tell you about the perks of pockets or you already know the magic they do!?

Surprise With Accessories

Maxi dress with jewellery and belt can never go wrong but you should be careful with the choice of your trinkets and accessories. Here are the things to keep in mind while slipping into sassy jewels –

Don’t over-do for sure; it never works. Secondly, make sure that whatever you pick goes with your personal style and aura. Cluttered image is never a good option.

Pick jewellery with bold hues and trendy designs to ace up your overall ensemble and call it vogue. Like if you pick olive green for your dress, gold jewellery will be your best choice and can do wonders to your fashionable appeal.

Maxi dresses are known to be sophisticated and subtle. Add a new definition of these women dresses by picking jewellery like a pro.

Bright Colours Do Best Tricks

I mean wearing a maxi dress without bright, radiant hues is just like skipping the icing on the cake. If you really wish to make a statement in a beautiful maxi dress, pick colours like yellow, berry blue, red, tangerine, powder blue, fuchsia and other bright shades from the colour palette and give your best shot in seasonal dressing. Everyone knows what a right hue can do, no matter what the event is.

The fact that the huge length of a maxi dress speaks volume in a bright shade is the trick behind this style hack. A perfect pair of sunglasses can be an added benefit here.

Floral Maxis For Dull Evenings

Whoever loves floral prints can easily join my happy club. A print can make any dull day glowing and any sad person happy. Slip into a stunning floral printed maxi dress and become the star of any boring evening. The best thing about the dress is that it not only lifts up the personality of the wearer but it affects the surroundings too in a positive manner.

Discover the newest range of online maxi dresses in floral print and start shopping to blossom like a fresh bud in this year. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Pop Prints Never Go Wrong

Well, they truly never go wrong.

If you are a true fashionista and experimenting is what you love the most, slip into ravishing pop printed maxi dress and get ready to strut like a chic. The pretty, vibrant prints with a splash of bold colours can do wonders for any woman’s personality and are enough to flare her overall style statement in an instant. Make sure to carry the right kind of accessories and makeup with such an outfit and achieve the desired appeal

It’s time to slay in a stunning maxi dress by checking out these amazing style hacks and let others follow your fashion-filled footsteps.

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