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10 Amazing Lehenga Colour Trends Swaying in Fashion

What's your fave colour for lehenga??? If it is red or pink, then you are missing a lot on the fashion front. Fret not, I have got you 10 fabulous and most popular lehenga colour trends which are just going to make your day. Each of these shades is extremely captivating, breathtaking and divine. So, what you need to do is- pick your fave among these lovely hues and get dressed to slay the befalling wedding season. Let's do it girls.

by : Manisha. On 17/11/17. 0 Comments.

Yes, we are back with the splashing colours. A hue is something you can never avoid while making a purchase, especially in case of clothes. Since it’s wedding era and we all know that lehenga is the most talked women attire of this lovely period, get ready to discover the trendiest and hottest lehenga colours of the season and you know what you have to do after that. Ready ladies!?

Can you define fashion in a finite phrase??? You can’t, neither can I. But yes, there are things which are totally in our hands and can at least lead us to the half way of our destination. What inspires you to adopt fashion hacks and styling game??? A big share of credit goes to the club of incredible fashion experts who just can’t stay calm when it comes to reinventing new dressing trends and styling hacks. Being a woman, your responsibility is to take care of your skin and beauty. How you think of making it possible??? Well, first thing comes first. Let me introduce you to an exquisite range of hottest colours of the town so that you can make the most of this befalling wedding season and create a spellbinding impact on onlookers. Trust me, if the colour is right, nothing can stop you from falling under the spotlight of the event and making heads turn around. Each of these fascinating shades is beyond captivating and charismatic. Pick what matches your personality and style statement to amplify the effect and get ready to strut like a diva. Sneak in...

These 10 lehengas colours are just going to make your day; hold your breath before peeping down. Let’s do it...

Bottle Green – Madly Intriguing

I have to say that I am completely spellbound by this hue and can’t take my eyes off it. The bright rich colour and silky appeal of this shade can make anyone mad and trap in its charm. Bottle green is actually the richest and most captivating hue of green colour palette and it can never let you down for any occasion or gala.

Wear bottle green or emerald coloured lehenga in wedding and exhibit your fabulous fashion sense in an instant. The colour itself is enough to make your wish come true so you can anytime let go of heavy jewellery and accessories. Wear the right hairdo to get the desired appeal and make heads turn around.

Tangerine – Brighter than Sun

If you are on the other side of the fashion run, then you know what tangerine can do for you. Since red, pink and blue are not your type, slip into tangy tangerine and make everyone fall for your phenomenal style and fashion statement. Tangerine coloured lehenga is the perfect choice for functions like mehendi, haldi, sangeet and reception. It can blend perfectly with these occasions’ vibes and make you the style icon of the celebration.

Also, you can be playful in terms of jewellery and other accessories with this hue and give a chance to your beautiful creative mind. Floral jewellery and tangerine coloured lehenga – I must say you are going to roll eyes with this flawless blend.

Marsala – Divinely Red-Kissed

First of all, make a point that it’s not red, not even maroon.

Marsala is the one fine hue of the colour wheel and it has got everything one can ever wish for. This wine-influenced red kissed colour has got a lot of appreciation in recent season and fashion lovers just can’t seem to take their hands off it. Wear it with gold and let the magic fall over in every direction. I have to say – this is simply the best colour for lehenga especially in the wedding season and it doesn’t require any add-ons to intensify the overall appeal of the attire. Keep the look subtle and clean with this shade and get dressed to bring the best out of your flawless self.

Blush Pink – The Proud Pink

If you are really bored of bright colours and sparkling textures, then there is a hope for you. Not just hope, but there is a hue which has got everyone into its spell and doesn’t seem to be fading in long run. Blush pink has overshadowed every other shade of pink and it has garnered the top spot in the league of most scintillating shades of the season. Probably being the lightest in pink group, but the enthralling capacity and royal intensity of blush pink is simply matchless and forever unbeatable.

Blend it with either gold or silver depending on your personal taste and the theme of the occasion and get ready to observe people falling in love with your charm and allure. Hurry up!!!

Aquamarine – Blooming Beauty

Oh my god, my eyes are just struck over this brightest as ever colour! Aqua blue is definitely the shade for a modern bride. Its rich texture and blazing appeal make it almost impossible for fashion lovers to avoid this hue. Pair it up with peach, gold or red to create the best ever combination and get ready to slay the world with your fabulous dressing sense.

Aquamarine is undoubtedly the best colour for women lehenga during fall season and it doesn’t even require heavy embellishments or detailing. Wear it either plain or embroidered depending on the occasion and get ready to grab eyeballs. Don’t forget to pick contrasting dupatta to elevate the overall appeal and make it forever endearing. You go, girl!

Almond – Beautifully Rustic

In simple language, we call it ‘badaami’. Almond colour is not for everyone; the shade has matchless grace and breathtaking appeal which brings it in the top list of most renowned fashion experts. To be true, the colour is the best choice for dusky skin as it blends naturally with the complexion and brightens it to another level. As almonds are known for building up the brain, the colour does the same with the skin. It intensifies the glow and natural charm of the wearer in the miraculous way.

Make sure that you slip into an almond colour lehenga this wedding season and get ready to catch eyes like never before. Now, you know what you need.

Mustard – Soaking Charm

First of all, be clear with the difference between mustard and yellow. Yes, they are not same. Yellow is brighter and shinier than mustard. Also, mustard is very soothing and pleasing to eyes. The hue is sober, subtle and charming. So, mustard is one most trending and attractive colour of the season and it is the best pick to accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer. Blend mustard with green or pink and get dressed in this stunning designer lehenga to behold the gaze of everyone and make your peers envy of your fabulous dressing.

Lehengas for women are very intimate staples as they come with special occasions only. So, it is important to choose the colour wisely and carefully. What’s your pick???

Lavender – Never-Ending Saga

Don’t you want to blossom like lavender flowers??? Well, you can see that in the image shown above.

Lavender colour is for those women who don’t like it light but crave for bright. The bright, glowing hue is one of the best options for wedding season and can be paired with any other hue without worrying about the overall appeal. It blends perfectly with every shade and never loses its shine no matter how rich the other hue is. You can mark my words.

Explore the exclusive lavender coloured designer lehengas for fashion runway and pick what appeals the most to you. After all, how can you let this wedding season go plain!?

Berry Blue – Elegance Proliferated

If not lavender, then berry blue will surely blow your minds with its blazing allure and enthralling capacity. The colour comes in the elite list of colour wheel and it never disappoint no matter what the occasion is. Pick rich berry blue coloured lehenga crafted with intricate detailing and embroidery work and slip into it to become the most iconic face of the ceremony.

Berry blue is truly one of the hottest colours of the season and it has got everything you can ever wish for. Pair it with vintage gold jewellery and accessories to flare the overall personality and Indian avatar. This one is must have in every sense.

Metallic Grey – Bold & Bewitching

Are you a bridesmaid??? And you are hunting for something unconventional and out of the box??? Well, you have come to the right place. I have got you this season’s most dramatic and talk about hue i.e. metallic grey. Yes, this is the lehenga colour you need to slay this wedding season and revamp your ethnic dressing like a pro. Nothing can beat the sparkling essence and bold appeal of this shade at any point of time.

Wear diamond or kundan jewellery with metallic grey coloured lehenga and leave rest of the things to your attire. Fret not; you are going to rule the stage. you have got the list of the season’s hottest colour trends in lehengas; I can imagine your next move. But if there is a shade which I might have missed, fill me in.

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